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Being Human: There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 2

Josh: "What's the point of any of this? Of playing house, of drinking beers, of joining Costco, if you're just going to kill all of our friends?"

Much of this one was a rehash of BH/UK. I want new stuff, but it's probably too soon. At least the house isn't pink. I rather like the house. And I love Sam Witwer and Mark Pellegrino. I rather like Sam Huntington. Not sure about Meghan Rath.

This week we got gory flashbacks to each of our three as humans becoming supernatural: the Civil War for Aidan, an attack of some sort for Josh, a fall down the stairs for Sally. And all three tried unsuccessfully to connect to a human being, too: Aidan with the idiotic Kara, Josh with his sister Emily, Sally with her fiance Danny. The results included death, as well as exploding plumbing. At least Emily and her honey are still intact.

Aidan rescued Josh from killing his sister. Josh rescued Aidan from killing Kara, except Rebecca got her, anyway. Biting Rebecca is turning out to be a huge mistake, since she's ready to go eat her entire family, including the babies. (How very Angel. They taste just like chicken.) Bishop is using her to push Aidan into coming back into the vampire fold at Sapp & Sons. How often does this happen? Are there a lot of Karas and Rebeccas out there for Aidan, or was Rebecca an isolated incident? Bishop just exudes menace with a sexual flavor. Is he in love with Aidan? Does he hate him? Want to control him? All of the above? Whatever it is, it works.

I gotta say I like the softer side of Aidan. Since vampires appear to have nothing but disdain for the fuzzy ones, Aidan's affection for Josh says a lot about him. Aidan also said nice things about Sally while she was listening on the stairs ("nice echo") and kept taking her side when Josh was freaking. Actually, I like how Aidan likes Sally more than I like Sally, because she's still not doing it for me. While Aidan and Josh feel different than Mitchell and George, I keep feeling like Sally is an inferior knock-off of Annie. It's probably worsened by them giving her much the same outfit. When is she going to start making tea?

Bits and pieces:

— Kara just got killed because she asked Aidan out for a drink. A drink. Joke.

— Sally's relationship with her fiance seemed pretty darned perfect. Boring.

— Should have mentioned this last week, but the creators/executive producers of this series are Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke. Jeremy Carver wrote some of the best Supernatural scripts ever.

— Should also have mentioned last week that Aidan has a tatt over his left breast with the name "Colette." Or does Sam Witwer?

— Josh had a fiance named Julia. Bet we'll meet her at some point.

— Sally: "Danny's pretty open. He voted for Hillary."

I've committed to reviewing the pilot, and since it was in two parts, I did two reviews. I'm definitely going to keep watching, but unless next week's blows me away, I'm not planning to keep reviewing. At least for now. Anyone for feedback?

Three out of four votes for Hillary,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Great job on reviewing this, Billie.

    I got a lot of déjà vu from BH/US. The pilot basically reworked elements from the original (now lost) pilot and the first regular episode into a single story.

    It’s a good effort, certainly one of the better US remakes, but I’ve seen all this before and done better so I’ve little motivation to keep watching, especially now that the original version is back on and as brilliant as ever.

    With any luck BH/US will break away from its Bristol origins and find its own identity. The ratings have actually gone up from last week so it looks like it will have time to try.

  2. I agree that they need to break away from the original, and I believe that's their intent; I'm just hoping it's sooner rather than later. One of the very few successful UK-to-US transplants was The Office and they too remained very devoted to the source material in the first season. That worked okay, but once they broke away they became much stronger. For now I remain cautiously optimistic.

  3. This one lost me a little. I agree it needs to follow it's own path. At the moment it's like watching an average tribute band.


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