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What Are You Doing During the Hiatus?

When April, with its showers sweet with fruit,
Hath pierced the drought of March to the root,
And bathed every vein in such liquor,
That we must scramble to find the clicker—

When TV has also, with his sweet glow,
Quickened again: to our couches we must go.
So tender plots and twists, in the night hours,
Make us feel so much less dour,
And many little bloggers make melody,
That sleep through all the night with open eye,
(Since Nature makes them feel so bold)
Yet now folks long for TV that is not old.

April may be the time for pilgrimages and palmers, but we’re still stuck in the Lenten purgatory of the March hiatus. There’s much to look forward to in April: new show, the return of old friends, the Easter Bunny. What are you most looking forward to when TV comes to its senses and starts showing new episodes?

Brand-new shows include: Game of Thrones, Camelot, and The Killing.

Returning favorites include: Doctor Who, Glee, Supernatural, and the Vampire Diaries.

In the meantime, however, we're miserable and alone without TV. What are you doing with the spare time that re-runs of Outsourced and episodes of Wipeout have given you?

Let us know in the comments!


  1. Josie, you are awesome. How many television critics do you know who can parody Chaucer?

    I'm counting the hours until Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries return. Not *literally*, but you know what I mean. This summer could be great, too; I'm looking forward to True Blood, Torchwood, and Eureka.

    What are we watching right now? Justified is terrific this season and they have two Lost actors guest starring as brothers. We're in season three of Eureka and I'm so happy that Jess started reviewing it.

    And we just finished blitzing through the last four seasons of 24; we'd stopped watching in the middle of its run. And I really mean blitzing; we've been getting a disk and watching the entire four episodes in one sitting. Not intentionally. It just seems to happen. They have totally mastered the cliffhanger; it's so hard to stop watching on DVD when you don't have to wait a week to see what happens next. And they had a gift for casting actors I like. The final season had Katee Sackhoff, David Anders, Paul Wesley (briefly), and Buffy's husband.

  2. I caught up on Glee and Grey's Anatomy, watched the entirety of Being Human (sob!) and am now on season two of Friday Night Lights. Supernatural I'm saving for summer- just in case it's not renewed and it's the last season I ever have, I want to savour it. But am very impatient for more Vampire Diaries!

  3. Just got hooked on Supernatural and bought the first five seasons on DVD...so I'm set for at least the next week. Maybe two.

    I'm also doing a re-watch/review of Sanctuary in anticipation of its April 15th return.

  4. Watched "Party Down" (co-created by "Veronica Mars's" Rob Thomas) over the last few days. It is just incredibly good: probably the funniest thing I've seen since "Arrested Development". Well worth checking out, particularly for "VM" fans as there are numerous guest appearance by actors who were on that show.

    New seasons of "Mad Men" and "FNL" are out very soon. Can't wait for that, although I'll be sorry to say goodbye to the latter.

    Seriously, "Party Down" is amazing. Pity it didn't even last half as long as "Veronica Mars".

  5. I filled a week of hiatus with vacation, and am now struggling to keep up with the shows I review for the site! I've gotten woefully behind on Farscape and Eureka, and hope to get back to watching and writing about those soon. I did just finish watching this week's SGU, so hopefully I'll be able to get a review posted in the next few days!

    I've been watching the Breaking Bad reruns on AMC and will soon be caught up with that show. We also finally caught up with Season 4 of Sanctuary, just in time for the new episodes to start in three weeks. I've also been enjoying Season 3 Parks and Recreation tremendously.

    In April, I'm most looking forward to Game of Thrones and the final season of Friday Night Lights on DVD (or Netflix streaming, if available).

  6. What am I doing? What am I NOT doing! I hadn't even noticed the hiatus yet, because I have a backlog of Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Californication and The Office.

    Plus, I'm watching Six Feet Under (just finished season 1), Chuck (just started season 3), X-Men, The Twilight Zone (the old one), Modern Family, The Nanny and South Park.

    Old stuff on the horizon for the remainder of the year includes the Korean drama Beethoven Virus, Invasion, Supernatural, Rome and maybe even some The Pretender.

    Just finished (this year): The 4400, The West Wing and The Unit. I've recently given up on Numb3rs and the new Nikita (gah) so that frees up some much needed time slots.

    That's 21 shows. Somehow it always looks ridiculous when I list these things, but it's really not that much. ;)

  7. Really excited about Games of Thrones and the return of Doctor Who (if you haven’t seen the prequel to Episode 1 yet, do so now).

    Billie, you’re not the only loving Justified at the moment. This season has been terrific and it looks very likely that we’ll be getting a third season as well.

    With The Killing sadly ending tonight (the Danish original, not the AMC remake) I’ll be getting my Euro crime thriller fix from the third season of Spiral, which finally starts on BBC4 next week after almost a two year wait. And then there’s the small matter of the fifth season of Dexter I still haven’t got around to watching yet. I’m always tardy when it comes to that show.

  8. Yeah, Justified is awesome. I really liked Season 1, but Season 2 is more focused and less centered in Givens (though he is an interesting character).

  9. For anyone interested, I'll be using the hiatus to write some Chuck reviews.

    Also, I've been on a Full Moon kick and have decided to go through all the Puppet Master movies and their spinoffs. I know that's not really TV, but it might as well be, what with their being 10 entries in the series, plus the spinoffs. That's at least twice as many instalments as there are episodes of the Walking Dead.

  10. I'm incredibly excited about Game of Thrones :) Camelot looks good but not comparable.

    I'm ashamed to say my hiatus has been filled with 3 seasons on Secret Diary of a Call Girl (actually I'm not that ashamed, Billie Piper is amazing in it), I discovered it after getting smitten by Iddo Goldberg in Christopher and His Kind. It is a biopic of Christopher Isherwood during his time in Berlin. Matt Smith, the current Doctor Who is the star and he put in a great performance. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen it check it out - Christopher and His Kind.

  11. Also, I am missing Glee a lot though it is nice to have a little break from reviewing. Also can't wait for Vampire Diaries to return. Also far off in the summer, True Blood and even further off, Dexter!

  12. The Killing, the American version of the Danish uberhit Forbrydelsen that airs on AMC, is wonderful.

  13. Have you seen the original Danish version, Josie? It just finished over here in the UK last week. The knitwear was simply astounding. I watched the first two episodes of the US remake last night and... surprise surprise... I can't get into it because it's too similar to the original. So far, it's virtually a scene for scene remake. I hear they plan to deviate at some point. But, it has none of the charm of its Scandanavian cousin. And did I mention the jumpers?

  14. Being another devoted jumper acolyte I also struggled to get into AMC’s remake. It is a well made and strongly acted series (Michelle Forbes being as brilliant as ever) but Paul is right, it’s virtually identical to the original right down to the music. Much as I would like to I can’t stop myself thinking that this was all done a lot better when it was in Danish.

    I just didn’t instantly connect with any of the characters the same way I did with the original. I feel in love with Sofie Gråbøl as Sarah Lund pretty much from the beginning. But every time I see Sarah Linden I want to rush out and get the poor woman some laxatives (and tell her not to marry the creepy Cylon).

  15. Not being tainted by the Danish original, I really enjoyed the AMC premiere. I found the characters compelling, especially Sarah and Rosie's parents. Most importantly, it made me feel. I was absolutely soul-crushed by Rosie's family's pain. I cried repeatedly during the two hours. Not just light passing tears, either. It must be the mother in me. But the scene at the end of the pilot had me shaking with grief. This one's a keeper for me.


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