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True Blood: Soul of Fire

Marnie: "No one lives forever. Not even you."

Wow. That was not the cliffhanger I expected. Of course I knew that Lafayette's gift was going to be important, but this episode was so edge-of-your-seat that it completely slipped my mind until the last couple of minutes. Damn!

The Battle of the Moon Goddess Emporium

When did Marnie cross the line? When she didn't care about innocent people getting hurt at the Festival of Tolerance, or when she killed Casey and crowed about it being self-defense? Certainly long before she was actually laughing when Sookie was about to burn.

Jesus was awesome, definitely the toughest nurse in town. He went to a very dark place to save his friends, and I hope he won't have to pay a price for that. The past few episodes have made me like Jesus, a lot. I hope that doesn't mean he's about to die horribly. Especially since he might be the key to de-Marnie-ing Lafayette.

Jason was also awesome. He saved Sookie's life by standing up to Bill and company, and then he saved the vamps from being turned into bloody goo. Seeing Jason burned and lying on the street really upset me. And now he's drunk Jessica's blood twice. I seem to remember something about three times being important, although that might have just been in the books. Is Jason in danger of turning?

I knew someone would use the rocket launcher because you don't introduce a rocket launcher and not use it. And honestly, I couldn't blame Pam for disobeying Eric under the circumstances. Jessica might have done the same thing to save Bill. It's sad that Pam can't handle Eric's obsession with Sookie. The Eric/Pam relationship is one of my favorite things about True Blood. Let's hope it's not over forever.

The best scene, without a doubt, was Eric ripping Roy's heart out of his body and using it as a sipper cup. Bad ass Eric is back. I really enjoyed seeing Eric and Bill working as a team. Maybe they'll stop trying to kill each other now.

Meanwhile, across town...

Sam defeated his own demons, and I'm glad. I wouldn't have felt good about Sam killing Marcus in cold blood. Marcus could have walked out of there and continued to stalk Luna forever if he hadn't gone for the gun. And hallelujah, Alcide just divorced Debbie, werewolf style. I'm sure Debbie is going to take it well.

What about the pack? Alcide just killed their leader. Will he have to leave town in a hurry?

Meanwhile, somewhere near Fort Bellefleur...

I'm not sure what to make of Andy's sexual liaison and glowing pinkie swear with Maurella the fairy. Set-up for season five, I suppose. It was a bit out of place with all the fire and blood and violence.

Bits and pieces:

-- Now that Marnie is dead and Antonia is gone, is Pam free of her zombie spell?


Jessica: "I am so sick of silvering myself all day every day. I'm pissed off all the time. This is what PMS used to feel like."

Pam: "Let's blow up these Wiccan dipshits already. I got a mani-pedi at four."
Four a.m.? Really? Must be a nail shop catering to the undead, huh?

Lafayette: "Marnie just puked a bitch out."

Alcide: "Debbie Pelt, I abjure you. I see you no longer. I hunt with you no longer. I share flesh with you no longer." Cheaper than a lawyer.

Jessica: "I am so sick of this necromancy shit!"

Arlene: "Andy, you remember when Terry went off his meds and he was telling everybody he was King Zignats?"
Who is King Zignats?

If it weren't for the last couple of minutes, this could have been an outstanding season finale. It sure makes me wonder what they have in store for us next week. Four out of four leather-clad vampires,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I laughed hard at Eric drinking from Roy's heart; then laughed hard again at you describing it as a "sipper cup". It was one of those scenes which almost made you want to cheer.

    I got mixed up with my numbers and thought tonight's episode was the finale. I think it would have worked as one, too. I've loved Lafayette this season. He's had some bewildering dialogue.

    I've been a little ambivalent about TB of late -- mainly because season three was so weak -- but tonight's episode dragged me back into the fold. Now Eric's back, Bill's likeable again, Tommy's dead, Jess is semi-stripping off, and Roy's dead, all's good with the world.

    Sipper cup?

    *bursts out laughing again*

  2. And now that Antonia has left Marnie's body, will she be back next week to help out? Poor Lafayette, I've often heard being a medium is hard, but that sounds an understatement for what Lafayette's been through: first he kidnapped a baby and had to do that "Cold Case" uncovering, and now Marnie?! I hope Jesus does that mojo again to un-marnie him, but I fear it will be too much for him - that demon face is really freaky. I loved Eric being the usual bad-ass again, but doubt the "sipper cup" scene will not help out his relationship with Sookie again. Fantastic episode, one I'll watch again and again till next week - have you seen the promo HBO released with the city inhabitants numbers decreasing as time goes by, pretty scary, can't wait till next week! Thanks again for reviewing Billie. True Blood is always followed by your reviews!

  3. I actually DID cheer at the sipper cup scene. That was awesome, and "Uncle Sam" Got his just desserts. :)

  4. It kills me to write this, but for the first time in my TRUE BLOOD viewing experience, I rolled my eyes a couple of times during this episode – when the vamps were THRILLER walking to the force field and when Sookie was in the ring of fire.

    Overall, I enjoyed it, but the decompression in this series is starting to irk me.

    I was not expecting what happened when Bill and Eric entered the Emporium and that did kick ass.

    I hope Alcide takes over the pack and I loved how the B story didn't intersect with the A story.

    What I'd like to see is Alcide take over the pack and bring Sam, Luna and Emma in under his protection, within the pack.

    We were shown over the last couple of episodes that there's no reason weres and shifters can't be on the same team, for lack of a better phrase.

    The season finale looks like it's set to be packed. I can't wait!

  5. Anyone else get the feeling there's gonna b a major body count next episode, including one or two belove characters? :(

  6. So since we already know there's gonna be some killing next week, I hope it's Debbie, lol. She sucks. I'd really hate to lose Jesus, Jess, or Luna. They're just side characters but really good ones. Oh n crystal could easily be killed off too. Great episode. The ending was totally unexpected. This season has been great - way better than last.

  7. Does anyone know how a human gets turned into a vampire on True Blood? On Buffy, a human can get turned by drinking vampire blood after a vampire drank their blood and on The Vampire Diaries, it's drinking vampire blood when you're dying.

  8. Is it only me, or have you also noticed a certain tendency of showing Bill in this ep as the one Sookie will feel inclined towards? I mean, Eric was the first to say "fucking Sookie", and Bill was the first one to declare that he would die for her, she shouted his name, in order to stop the execution, she kept referring to both vamps as "Bill and Eric" not the other way round... It might have been because she feels he is in charge being the King, but I have a feeling that's not all what it is. Of course, her choice between the two vamps does not have to be - and will most probably not be made in the season finale, but still... S&B definitely not over. Also, have you noticed the smirk on Bill's face whet he was about to shoot Eric? Some food for though there, too. Was it just going to be Eric who would die and Bill would wiggle himself out of it? Was he going to fake-shoot Eric? Was he just happy that no one else was gonna be with Sookie if he couldn't have her? And another thing, why choose such a method of suicide? I thought the most logical and straightforward way in the circumstances would be just to run through the curtain-of-sun thing, that's why the whole plan seems fishy.
    Looking forward to the last episode and already dreading all those months without southern vampire stories

  9. Jesus is awesome and I love him and he is absolutely going to die horribly :( (I don't know any spoilers or anything, I'm just guessing!)

    When they were all standing around the Moon Goddess after killing Marnie, looking shell-shocked, I swear I expected everyone to burst into a rendition of 'Where Do We Go From Here?'

    The one thing that didn't quite ring true was Eric and Bill jumping to kill themselves so quickly. I'm with Pam on that one (and yay rocket launcher!) I always liked the way Book Eric would always draw the line at actually dying for Sookie - after 1,000 years, you wouldn't give it up that easily!

  10. I think my favorite part of this season has been Lafayette and his wicked tongue. His storyline has also given Ellis a chance to shine. What a loss it would have been if the show followed the books.

    I was not a big fan of the Jesus character, but really like the actor, Kevin Alejandro. I hope his character does not end the same way he did on Southland.

    It was like Eric 2.0. Is it wrong that I liked the way he and Bill handled Marnie. If not for the Sookie factor, they make a good team.

    Once again, your review was spot on and perfect. Next to the show, your posts are the highlight of my True Blood week.

  11. Well when Bill made Jessica he had to lay with her underground for 3 days, if I remember correctly.

    Okay to the suicides - um wouldn't their Guns be armed with REGULAR bullets? They definitely would be since they came to kill humans so even if bill shot Eric in the head he would quickly heal. It was definitely all a show for Sookie which I think is why she didn't object.

    @marta: excellent observation. I think all of us fans are sick of being forced to root for bill and sookie together. If u read the new companion novel Charlaine Harris just came out with there is a great Q and A with AB and he says that no way is he making bill the good guy n Eric the bad guy. Not quite sure if I agree with that or not.

  12. @anonymous (about Lafayette): amen to that, hooka! LAfayette's lines are always a high point of the show.
    And, sorry if I sound stupid but I just couldn't make out the last comment: "there is a great Q and A with AB and he says.."LOL
    Anyways, I just think we're yet to see Sookie and Alcide together. It wouldn't be hard on the yes, that's for sure!
    And now that someone has mentioned Crystal, wouldn't there supposed to be a few pregnant women around? Or was that storyline totally forgotten?

  13. I love Eric and Bill as a team. And I love that old Eric is back (I really couldn't take much more of soap-opera Eric)! Even if he drinks out of hearts as if they were juice boxes! Can Sookie forgive him and Bill for cold-blooded (self defense) murder? Eric+Bill and Sam+Alcide. Can we call them the dream teams? Billic and Samcide?

    I hope Jesus does not die in the finale. I was kind of bummed when Marnie returned. It is starting to drag too long, kind of like it did with Maryanne. Lala needs to find a way to keep the spirits out. How long can he keep on swallowing and puking out bitches before he goes crazy?

    Eric and Pam need to make up, she and Lala are the best supporting characters. I would love to see a verbal fight between those two!

    I can't believe the season is coming to an end. With all of the unresolved stories we are going to have way too many cliffhangers.

  14. I've loved nearly everything this season, and I've loved this episode. The one thing I really haven't enjoyed though are the hockey special effects which became more frequent as the Marnie storyline developed.

  15. Hi Samantha,

    It's a Question and Answer with Alan Ball.

    (I hope you were serious--otherwise I look stupid!)

  16. Hi Josie, I was, thank you, sometimes modern languages are such letter soups it's hard to follow... hahahaha

    Either way, I rewatched the episode yesterday and really don't think Bill's smile when about to shoot Eric was an ironic one, like "now I'll get to kill you", I think it was more of a sad one, like how life is ironic.

    I also wonder what will happen when Sookie gets to come back home and have time to think over what has happened recently. I mean, will she miss Eric? Will she turn to Bill? So many questions and I think next episode will be too much of a chaos and mayhem for her to think it over.

  17. @lisam...I've read all the books and don't specifically remember anyone ever getting turned but drinking blood is significant. If a human drinks the same vamps blood 3 times it creates a blood bond. This allows the vamp to feel every emotion the human has on a much higher level than when he/she drinks the blood once or twice and it can be felt from miles away. It's a very strong bond.

  18. Like a few people above, I was disappointed/didn't want to believe our two leading vamps would truly kill themselves for Snookie, but I think they weren't bluffing. The guns could have had wooden bullets in them because they knew they'd be facing zombie vamps. I find it hard to believe they would actually have gone through with it for a mere promise of Sookie's release though.

  19. When Casey was acting up, I half expected Marnie to bellow at her, "YOU: friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless! Do you want me to send you back to where you were? Unemployed, in Greenland?"

  20. It was good but that´s all. I mean, there is no suspense at all. I mean, Sookie was not gonna die neither was Eric and Bill.
    And the Andy plot is just weird. The rest with Marcus and Marnie, Jessica and Jason and Pam was the most worth watching.


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