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Nikita: Dead Drop

"It appears my default setting is attack."

I can't stress how much I love SpyFam (or Team Nikita, as Percy so aptly coined the group). This was another outstanding hour of Nikita that further cemented just how much the show deserves a third season.

First off, I'm very intrigued by Percy's endgame. If he's not building a bomb with all that plutonium, then what is he building? Color me curious, it better not be anticlimactic.

As for the Kendrick stuff, it was pretty darn exciting all throughout. I enjoyed Michael (and Ryan) going beyond Nikita's orders and her helping them out, anyway. She's really such a fantastic heroine and one you can't help but always root for. The fact that she's found her comedic side this season only makes her more lovable.

And can I just say Sean & Alex have finally won me over? They're actually a very charming couple and of course Sean's highness in this episode had a lot to do with making them even more endearing. I really hope this doesn't mean the writers intend on killing Sean off any time soon. There's real chemistry here and I really enjoyed Sean's speech to Alex (while teasing her family name) and of course the couple's first kiss in the back of Birkhoff's car.

Bits & Bullets:

- Loved Maggie Q pulling off the alias with the accent as she berates the bodyguard for "dating" her sister. Hilarious.

- Cool visual with Nikki in her blue dress picking up the badass sniper rifle.

- Michael is pretty damn awesome breaking his ex-student's neck after a brutal fight.

- Chilling moment as we realize the Team Nikita safe house is surrounded, only for it to blow up.

- Still no Amanda. This is getting old.

- Amazing ending with "home-quarters." Team Nikita could not rock more.

Nikki Notables:

Nikita: This government has always treated me like I'm expendable. And I'm gonna save it, anyway.

Birkhoff: You're buying the next house.
Alex: Deal.

- A thrillingly enjoyable hour from a stunning sophomore season that just won't quit.

4 out of 5 Spyfamilies.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Congratulations on finishing your Nikita reviews, Nadim. I heep you're going to treat yourself to a nice long break as a reward. You deserve it.

  2. Hahah thanks Mark but I still to have rewatch Revenge and review the first 15 episodes Billie Doux style which I never did! Ahhhh and I have until Sept 30 to do that! Should have started with Revenge first since Nikita returns in October.
    Oh well, I'm always up for the challenge :P

  3. I liked that Michael disagreed with Nikita and finally not just nodded to everything she says. Michael and Ryan were a great team and Michael was pretty badass.

    Alex and Sean were really cute. I like him so much more than Nathan. They are a likeable couple.

    And I like that Alex compensated Birkhoff and will buy the next house. He financed the team enough for some while.

  4. What another amazing episode! It was full of action but also full of heart. I love how they come together as a family.


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