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Supernatural: There Will Be Blood

Dean: "You got Pac-Man and True Blood in the same room, and that's bad news."

This felt like the first part of a two part finale. Probably because it was.

How nice to have so many beloved, creepy guest stars returning to the show! Rick Worthy rocks as the Alpha Vamp, and I loved him saying to the Winchesters, "See you next season." Was that a promise that Rick Worthy will return? The vamps on this show have always been a bit funky and underused. A good vampire plot could be cool.

Although the Leviathan plot has been meh, there was something fun about Dean and Sam allying with Alpha Vamp and Crowley, everyone's favorite King of Hell. I'm actually a little worried about Crowley. He's a slimy double-crossing demon, but he's our slimy double-crossing demon. Are the boys going to end up rescuing him from Dick? Maybe Ghost Bobby is the one who will rescue Crowley, which is hilarious, under the circumstances. I somehow doubt Crowley will give up a bit of blood all that easily. Plus, where are they going to find the bone that they need? Does that mean the boys have to kill someone good?

I liked that, even with the fate of seven billion people in their hands, Dean and Sam still refused to leave the little boy with Alpha Vamp. But it bothered me that they left Emily. (It was pretty obvious throughout that Emily was lying. The boys have no excuse. They've certainly encountered creepy little girls before.) Yes, she might be too far gone to save, but there shouldn't have been a little boy in the story at all. They should have saved Emily. What is it with females on this show, really?

Bobby is going bonkers, as predicted. He's haunting the cabin bathroom, breaking a lot of glass, and is frustrated enough to try possession. This can't be good. At least Kevin is still alive, and I wasn't expecting that. Kevin didn't tell Dick that he'd already given a translation to the Winchesters. Good for him. I hope he gets the chance to go to Princeton.

The high fructose corn syrup obesity epidemic thing was wonderful tongue-in-cheek social commentary. Dean living on fruit, raw veggies and water? His body will go into shock. Or it'll thank him.

Bits and pieces:

— So much for Edgar. I wasn't expecting that.

— Dick's high tech devil's trap was awesome. But probably easier to break than paint on a ceiling.

— All those dick jokes, and now we're getting prick jokes.

How to Serve Man was the title of a book on the bookshelf in Hoople. Actually, it's a famous short story.

— The guy Sam jabbed was wearing a Plucky Pennywhistle tee shirt and sitting on a bench with a Biggerson's ad on it.

— Dean bled on the table at the monastery. Was that just so that Edgar would know they were there?

— This week: Television interview with Dick in Seattle; Hoople, North Dakota; Missoula, Montana. There really is a Hoople, North Dakota. Delightful name. The Missoula motel they stashed Emily in had a buffalo and plains theme.


Dean: "I have read this more times than the Playboy I found in Dad's duffel."
Sam: "Anna Nicole?"
Dean: "Anna Nicole. The good, they die young, huh?"

Dean: "You don't look so hot."
Bobby: "I'm in the veil. My Brad Pitt days are over."

Dean: "I can't live on rabbit food. I'm a warrior."

Sam: "Could have been a monastery. Monks get up at four a.m. to pray."
Dean: "Whoah. Can't get laid, can't sleep in? It's a freakin' tragedy. (pause while thinking of his next quip) So Alpha's camping next to a monk-y house?"

Emily: "What's a Kardashian?"
Dean: "Just another bloodsucker."

Dean: "You get a trophy in Stockholm Syndrome."

Dean: "Did he mention that he was going to Maui Wowie the human population?"

Sam: "We gave up all our vamptonite."

Alpha: "You don't call, you don't write, you don't send cookies..."

Very much looking forward to the finale. Especially now that we know we're getting another season. Three out of four grocery bags of rabbit food,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I've only seen this ep once, Billie, and it seemed very disjointed to me. I get that Bobby is going bonkers, which is a tragedy, and I'm still hoping Cas will bring him back to life and end this tormented ghost madness for good. It was cruel to kill Bobby off in the first place. That being said, Crowley needs rescuing now, the Alpha vamp will be around with his daughter next season to be a problem next season, and the Winchesters, along with Cas, Bobby, Kevin, and Crowley, will have to get rid of Dick and his associates. How that will happen should make for an exciting finale, and God knows what the cliffhanger will look like!

  2. Wow I missed all the references you mentioned - Plucky t-shirt, Biggersons bench, "How to Serve Man" - I especially like the last one since the Twilight Zone episode was the first thing I thought of the when the Leviathan mentioned curing cancer. I still think they could run with that next year but I'm less hopeful than ever that the Leviathan will survive past the finale.

    I'm not too upset that they left the Alpha's "daughter" but rescued the "son". Yeah she's suffering Stockholm Syndrome but she's technically an adult and she didn't want to go with them. They needed to get back to collecting ingredients for their recipe and didn't have time to dick around (*snicker*) arguing with her. I love that they at least try to save any wayward orphan they come across, even though it so often bites them in the butt when they do. They just can't help themselves.

    I think it was a bit better than last week so I'm giving it an 8.5. I liked it, didn't love it and I agree it felt like half of a 2 parter. Very much looking forward to next week.


  3. I loved all the Dick jokes and how Dean is living without his burgers and road trip, poor baby!
    But the episode was weird. It was uneven and a bit dull.


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