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True Blood: Somebody That I Used to Know

Eric: "What are you doing?"
Bill: "Evolving."

Am I finally seeing an actual theme for this season? Is it really just supes versus humans? Unfortunately, the vampires and werewolves are all committing crimes that make killing them seem like a pretty good idea. Okay, for that matter, some of the humans are, too.

Our cadre of hilariously stoned Authority vampires have lost all will to mainstream, and even though he showed reluctance to eat the captive, Bill appears to have gotten completely Lilithed, too. Unless that flashback to his dying daughter in 1910 Baton Rouge was supposed to hint that Bill wasn't really on board? Eric appears to be the only vampire in Authority headquarters who isn't ready to eat every human in New Orleans, and that was only because of his vision of Godric. It's sort of sad that he wasn't able to get through to Nora. Not that I care for Nora or anything.

And now they're planning to destroy all the factories where True Blood is made, turning the world's vampires back into killers. Come on, Eric. Stop Authority and save the world, babe.

Poor Sam. How come he's always the one who gets his body stolen? Sam nursing himself was exceedingly weird and I don't think the CGI worked all that well, but it did succeed in creeping me out. Dan was going, no, no, don't kiss yourself, and then he did. And the spell was broken. Okay. (Sam Trammell doing Luna was a hoot. Ttwitching his hips under that hospital gown as he walked away was pretty funny.

Big plot developments in the werewolf department. Alcide and Rikki had hot werewolf sex with body tossing, but she turned against him when it came down to doing the right thing at the challenge. Russell's influence on J.D. is turning that pack into killers. I knew that Alcide wouldn't allow them to kill that teenage track star, but I was surprised that Martha looked upset about it and that she ultimately saved Alcide's life. I'm definitely rethinking my first impression of Martha. Well, there were intestines.

The Sookie and Jason and fairies plot continued to confuse me, and I was disappointed that it actually was the band-aid. I wasn't surprised that Sookie didn't throw away her powers (and even wound up discovering she had more) and I was pleased that Jason was again such a good brother to her. I've always liked it when Sookie and Jason connect.

So Sookie has psychically bonded with the vampire who killed her parents? They were careful not to show us the vamp's face, which makes me think it's someone we already know. Except I don't think we know anyone named Werlo. Or was it Warlo? Any theories? I'm drawing a blank.

Finally, I'm glad that Lafayette got out of that place, and that the spirit of Jesus was there to help him. That final scene in the car was sweet. And I so don't blame Lafayette for charging Arlene for his services. Apparently, either Terry or Patrick has to die, and even though I'm not enjoying this Ifrit plot thingy, I sure don't want to lose Terry.

Way too many plot bits, recapped:

-- Flashback to 1910 Baton Rouge, with Bill visiting his dying daughter, Sarah. I thought that would be the catalyst for Bill refusing to kill that woman in the bed, but no. Are we going to find out what happened afterward to Sarah?

-- The anti-supe haters did indeed capture Jessica for Hoyt as an initiation test or a present, and as I'd hoped, Hoyt wasn't able to kill Jessica. And then he got picked up by a "friendly face." I'm actually worried that something could happen to Hoyt, since there isn't a lot more they can do with him as a character.

-- Pam was again cool, making the racist Tracy into Tara's slave. Pam is good to her progeny.

-- Russell was flirting with Steve Newlin. What a bizarre but cute couple they would make.

Other bits and pieces:

-- There is still blood in the shrine. I thought with that many vampires that they would have drunk it all. Unless it magically regenerates? Maybe I missed that.

-- I think the producers wanted us to see a lot more of Joe Manganiello without pairing him with Sookie.

-- Did we need to know that Mike Spencer wants to suck Sookie's toes?

-- And speaking of clothes, Pam apparently has a lot of hot outfits and we got another incredible outfit for Tara. Lafayette's new look for his first gig as a medium was also spectacular. The two of them should go paint the town red in those outfits.

-- Stephen Moyer directed this episode. He did just fine, didn't he?


Bill: "We were in the presence of God."
Eric: "We were high as fucking kites."

Jason: "I'm fine. You got me in the head."

Sookie: "I want to be normal."
Jason: "The hell you do."

Russell: "May I say God has the most beautiful tits I've ever seen."
What exactly did he say about Moses?

Andy: "My taser's gonna ask your nuts to the big dance."

Jason: "I don't give a twirly fuck about your elders."
Elders? Fairies have elders? Did we know that?

Tracy: "You're a vampire. That's crazy. Now you're a member of two minorities."

Pam: "You don't know me that well. My mad face and my happy face are the same."

Enjoyable, fun. How many incredible black outfits out of four?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. At least three incredible outfits just for that line about God having amazing tits :) Only True Blood could come up with that.

    Maybe they only took a tiny drop of Lilith's blood each? (Which is what you're supposed to do at Catholic communion as well, as it happens). I'm still hoping it turns out to be fairy blood.

    Also hoping Bill's playing the long game and not really a fundamentalist - he always has been a better actor than Eric.

    I LOVE Russell and Steve as a couple. I hope they'll both still be alive next season, though you can never tell.

    Sookie making contact with the vamp parent-killer makes it more and more likely that it's either Eric or Bill (I'd prefer Bill to Eric). But the mirror vision thing wouldn't fit either of them, so there's still hope.

    Sounds like Hoyt's mama is in charge of the Point Break killers (big, eats cheetos etc). Should be interesting/crazy/fun!

  2. I think True Blood really needs to get a handle on its mythology. If Sookie is part fairy, then Jason is part fairy and one of her parents is as well (Daddy). The only way her fairy blood is stronger after being watered down by 3 generations, is if both parents were part fairy and she got the genetic full dose. This really needs to be cleared up before I can go much further with this silly story line.

  3. I´m not sure what to make out of Bill´s behaviour. Would it be believable if he so sudden joins the sanguinistas?

    Seeing Eric so sad with Nora broke my heart.

    I wondered if the fact that Sookie has drunken quite a lot of vampire blood over the seasons made her see the event with her parent´s death through the vampire´s eyes. She only has the blood bond with Eric and I don´t think that the writers would be so stupid to throw a fan favourite like Eric under the bus. And the vamp´s jaw line didn´t fit any jaw line of the already known vamps.

    I have a feeling that Patrick will kill Terry. He is so selfish that I could see this happen.

    I also think that Hoyt´s mum is with the hate group.

    Regarding the point with Lilith´s blood: Salome did just dip her finger in the blood, so if the others did the same there would be enough left for a billion trips.

    What I don´t understand: The burned vamp - why doesn´t he heal?

  4. I don´t know what to make of this anymore. It wasn´t a bad episode, I just don´t care anymore.

  5. I wonder what is up with "Lilith's" blood also. Is it just too old and powerful or was it switched for fairy blood as suggested.
    I hope Bill has a plan and is not turning against his previous beliefs. I can see him trying to keep Eric in the dark until he needs the backup.
    I also felt sorry for Hoyt. I agree though, there isn't too much they can do with his storyline. He & Jessica are done. I also thought of his mother when Luna & Sam were describing the big cheeto-eating woman.
    I would like to see more scenes with Jason and Sookie. Just loving them together this season

  6. There's a comment thread on this same review which I cross-posted on True-Blood.net where someone has theorized that Maxine Fortenberry is a red herring and former Sheriff Dearborne and his unseen hottub honey are the ones behind the vigilantes. That would explain why we got that mini-scene when Andy dropped by out of the blue. I think that makes sense.

  7. Kevin is my guess for Dragon. He was attacked by a shifter so he has motive and would've had the inside knowledge to inform the gang about the stake shop killing and Luna's whereabouts.

    I'm truly confused about Sookie's genetics. Claude said they've been watching the family for centuries and Sookie is half fae. Doesn't make sense to me.

  8. "Maxine Fortenberry is a red herring and former Sheriff Dearborne and his unseen hottub honey are the ones behind the vigilantes."

    Gross as it sounds, could Maxine and the "hottub honey" be one and the same?

  9. Gross as it sounds, could Maxine and the "hottub honey" be one and the same? *shudder*

  10. I wondered that too (about Maxine). I also wondered if Sheriff Dearborne is behind it all, after he said he was fed up of weird stuff and quite in s3.

  11. This episode could have been called " A series I used to know". Although this episode was fun and better than the last two episodes, I still don't care for where the story is headed to. Aside from fun bits and bites, the Lilith plot and the fae one are just dull. The story is also predictable. There is a difference between hinting and whowing. Maxine is definetly behind the hate group, as it was obvious Salome had been the one to free Russell. Two more episodes to go and I hope they save this season...

  12. Maybe the Mendelian Inheritance can explain why Sookie has fairy powers and Jason has not; because fairy powers are on the recessive allele. Which would explain why they are so rare too.


    And I won't take half fae literally for I have the impression that every human with a bit of fairy inside is called "half fae".

    So far I really enjoy this season for having no clue what happens next. I consider that a good thing.

  13. Am I the only one seeing Sharon Osborne on the authority? Maybe Roman is Simon Cowell.


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