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Alphas: Alphaville

It was so nice to see Skylar back this week not just because I am a Summer Glau fan but also because I like her character. Nina and Rachel both have fairly “feminine” powers but Skylar is a gadget wizard and her daughter is not only a girl who likes math, but probably the best mathematician in the world. Unfortunately, being found again is not a good thing for Skylar and Zoe. It is sad that Dr. Rosen, in his pursuit of what he thinks is right, endangers, and even stoops to use those he claims to care for. To quote an old saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

It was interesting to see the Alpha village. I hadn’t really thought about the negative consequences of Rosen’s “outings” of the Alphas but it makes sense. People would not want to believe that Alphas existed but of course family members would clue in and neighbours would become suspicious. I’m not sure what else Rosen could have done. Real life is quite messy and complicated and I appreciate that this show tries to reflect that.

This Week’s Superpower

In a village of Alphas you would expect to see many different powers and we did see a few. Gower can “kill” the power in an engine and claims to be able to do the same thing with people although he restrains himself with Rosen. Claude, the founder of the village, can talk to bees and probably other things in nature. We also met two anti-Alphas, one who is so quiet you don’t know he is there unless you look at him and a female version of Hicks whose sister was at the battle of Highland Mills last season.

Our Alpha Team

The team is still brittle with Nina feeling like an outsider and Gary ready to jump ship at the first opportunity. Rosen is seeming more desperate and less collected each week. I continue to worry about his judgement. Was all that destruction worth that machine? What is he going to do with it? Even if he finds out what it does can he do anything about it? The whole Stanton Parrish issue is spiraling out of control and the things that used to be important, making sure his team was okay, working to ensure Alphas were safe, helping new Alphas live with their abilities, are going by the wayside. He is going to completely lose it when he finds out Dani is the spy in their midst.

John and Rachel are adorable. It was lovely to see Rachel flirt and John being thoughtful enough to bring a crane instead of flowers. I hope it will be fun to watch them blossom. Nina is trying very hard to fit back in and make amends. The team is not being very forgiving.

The Anti-Alpha Team

We got to meet some new anti-Alphas and see some of the anti team in action. Scipio is back and stronger now, thanks to Dr. Rosen. Parrish has found Skylar and is going to make her an offer. I wonder what team she will end up on? If Parrish could convince her to join him I would imagine he would have a very powerful argument. It will be interesting to see which way Skylar goes. Parrish is still obviously a means justifies the ends kind of guy especially if he is willing to work with people who would kill little children. That puts his team smack dab in the evil camp for me but I know it isn’t going to be that easy on this show.

Bits and Pieces

Very clever to put the chips right into the wires. Of course Skylar couldn’t help herself. She had to fix it and make it work even better. I wonder if the “mistakes” were on purpose?

John Pyper-Ferguson (Stanton Parrish) was also the bad guy this week on another show, Grimm.

I enjoyed watching Gary find the signals that nature produces not to mention the sounds that food makes. I wonder how that will change his interactions in the city.

Skylar had a new “mom” look. Loved the tattoos that she could turn off and on.

The bees had evil intent. Most bees don’t actually, but I’m not so sure about wasps.

Skylar took apart her family’s Nissan to make an air cannon. Imagine waking up to that.

Rosen was really great with Zoe. That somewhat redeemed him in my eyes (and Skylar’s).


Gary: “There’s trees everywhere at least on Mapquest and Google map.”

Rosen: “Refugees from what?”
Skylar: “Refugees from the neurotypical world. From you.”

Skylar: “At least a computer comes with a manual and an off-switch.”

Skylar: “Trouble in the Justice League?”

Claude: “We did not elect you to be our spokesman. You’re not one of us, you never will be. You’re just an outsider looking in.”

Skylar: “Sneaky ass clever bastards.”

Gary: “You look like one of the faces on my expressions chart, joyless.”

Hicks: “Will it work?”
Zoe: “Do you know my mommy?”

Bill: “One of these days Doc, crap is going to come back and bite you in the ass.”


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  2. Excellent point. Perhaps he is doing just that but in the shadows until he is powerful enough to take over the world.

  3. I was disappointed with this one, but mostly for the confusing editing. From the moment Zoe runs off into the woods to the time the camp burns down we get a series of inconsistencies that at best feel like choppy editing. One minute Gary is in the car, the next they just found him at the camp; Zoe gets lost in the woods, Skylar chases after her and has to deliver the machine to an out of the way location, but of course Rosen finds them right away. The stair case is on fire but of course the fire does not spread up or down, just stays there not burning the actual stairs either. Usually the editing and plot devices are a bit better on this show, but this time...

  4. I kept thinking that while Rosen was keeping the investigation for a mole a secret, he's bound to tell his daughter.

    Really liked Rachel's romance. He's being so considerate and sweet to her and she needs it so badly.

    I liked Skylar's disappearing tatts, too.

  5. Anonymous, I worked really hard to suspend disbelief with this one but I agree that not just the editing but the writing is a bit sloppy this year. I really hope things tighten up soon.

  6. Anything that brings Summer Glau back to my screen is guaranteed to make me happy! I wish she got a "recurring" role instead of guest star... I love her character!

    Rosen's good intentions make me nervous. We just discussed the risks of his using Nina last week, good to see someone brought it up on the show this week!


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