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Lost Girl: Fae-nted Love

Kenzi: "I need your help. I lost Bo. Well, she ran away. Her Bo-dacious brain went kerplooey."

I liked this episode a lot. We got Kenzi saving the day and an amnesia plot. Good stuff all around... well, except for the Dyson subplot. I get it, he lost his love, but seriously, Dyson needs to get the stick surgically removed already. Or he needs to beat down the Norn that stole his love. Ah, I get the title now... tainted love, indeed.

I think I laughed out loud a half dozen times throughout the first half of this episode. I really loved Trick and Kenzi's mad dash to save Bo from a thousand year marriage. Do Fae really have to stay married for a thousand years before divorce is possible, or was Trick being silly? The Fae fake faith minister water plot was okay. It created just the right wacky power for plot purposes. I liked the amnesia stuff too, and the sewer water remedy was fun. I just thought the Adunk was a little one-note. Of course, I might be asking a bit too much, since a lot of the Fae are convenient plot contrivances, anyway. Still, I think that if they wanted to do a sham minster plot right, they should've devoted most of the episode to it.

Bo and Ryan are fun as a couple, but this episode really demonstrates why they are totally wrong for each other and I'm glad it's finally over. Bo needs to fix Dyson already, or she needs to shove Nadia aside and claim Lauren as hers (because the Fae do that). I'm not really full on attached to either ship, but Bo works better as a character when she's interacting with Lauren and Dyson. Speaking of interacting with characters, I've noticed that Kenzi and Bo haven't been attached at the hip quite so much in recent episodes. I get that the characters have obligations and such, but the dynamic between the two is the primary reason I love this show.

So I guess I should talk about Dyson. Is the stick comment enough? If they wanted to push Dyson's character aside so that Lauren could move in as Bo's primary love interest, that's great. I even liked it when he was with Ciara; I thought that story was sweet. Then we got the truth about how his people mate for life and he gave that singular love to Bo... wow, tragic. So I get why he's angry. But how does having his love removed mean that he can't care about anything? Did the Norn remove all his emotions, except anger? I feel like the writers have missed an opportunity to redefine Dyson as a character, because adversity can provide some wonderful character growth. I just don't understand why the they've made him such an arrogant, mean, unlikable prick? I am getting to the point where I want them to kill him off. Which is a shame, because I really liked him in the first season.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make about Dyson's part in this episode. I had a problem with how much time was devoted to the interrogation plot with a one-shot Fae. It felt like a waste. Especially since we already knew what Dyson apparently didn't know, that he's having issues dealing with the no love thing. Also, the plot didn't work on a bunch of levels. If we had seen the crimes the Ash wanted answers about, then the information Dyson was after might've made more sense. That little bit of connection to something tangible might've made the plot work. As is, it didn't mesh with anything else in the episode, which was mostly light-hearted and fun. Okay, rant over.


They brought up the bracelet again, read the numbers out loud (Rel 12342), and Ryan mentioned there was a tracking chip in it. Methinks this object might be a MacGuffin.

Trick loves to be vague, especially when it comes to Bo's past. The blood stuff was interesting and new. I wonder what it means, and why does her blood have mystical properties all of a sudden?

Something occurred to me as I was watching this one. All these Fae that consider themselves greater than human tend to listen and follow Kenzi's lead a lot. Which means either there is more to her than we realize, or Bo is extremely important. Of course Bo is important, but maybe she's realllllly important. Of course I might be reading into it, since Kenzi is my favorite character.

As Bo and Kenzi were raiding the faux-church, I kept thinking, don't drink the Kool-aid! I guess they didn't need to drink it.

The Order of Dougallerian Sodality... talk about ego, the guy isn't even an important Fae.

I loved the scene in the bridal shop, where Bo kept flirting with the shop girl who was swooning over her.


Ryan: "Wow, you really know how to make a guy feel wanted."
Bo: "Oh, come on. You are always happy to skip cuddly spoon hour. Besides, you're the one that told me that post-orgasm claustrophobia was a medical condition."

Kenzi: "There's a guy dressed like a bellhop crying in our hallway."

Trist: "I need help, and I know you all be private girl dicks."

Trist: "Street art don't pay, so can we do this for free? You know whatdoyoucallit, pro-boner?"

Kenzi: "There's got to be a loophole! One thousand years, Trick. One thousand years of marriage to an oversexed, poofy haired, seven year old boy."

Ryan: "She's mine!"
Kenzi: "I had her first!"
Ryan: "Pets can't marry their owners."

Overall, I thought there was some really great parts to this episode, even though the stuff with Dyson made it feel uneven.

3 out of 4 Puffy marshmallow wedding dresses that look good on Bo.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. Yahoo! Lost Girl reviews!

    I really enjoyed this one. Just as you did, J.D., I laughed out loud a half a dozen times, and it was fun seeing Bo as a girly girl. For some reason, Ryan calling Kenzi Bo's pet really made me giggle. And I agree about the love triangle. I like Bo with Dyson, and I like Bo with Lauren. It's sort of frustrating that she's not with either of them now and I most certainly don't want her with Ryan since he is such a fae jerk.

    I also liked that Bo automatically trusted Trick, even though she didn't remember him. Nice.

  2. I'm Team Bo & Doctor HotPants all the way. I really don't care for Dyson this season at all, except when he was with Ciara...oh, and the body switch ep where Kenzi had switched into Dyson's body.

    Look foward to more reviews. BTW, you can buy S1 LG DVDs in the Canadian Amazon store.

  3. Woohoo for Lost Girl reviews!

    You hit the nail on the head when it comes to the Dyson problem, J.D. Although I never shipped him with Bo (I'm Team Lauren all the way), he was a likeable character in season 1. But this season I just found him unbearable, even when he was with Ciara.

  4. "oh, and the body switch ep where Kenzi had switched into Dyson's body."

    I absolutely LOVED that episode!! To see Kris Holden-Ried playing Kenzi in Dyson's body was beyond words.

    I really, really love Dyson but I wish we would go somewhere with his character/storyline. Are we supposed to believe that he got on his bike and drove off into the sunset??

    I'm really anxious to see where the bit about Bo's blood goes. Does this mean she's descendent from royalty?


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