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Nikita: Glass Houses

"We don't have to fear the outside world, Jaden. They have to fear us."

While this hour didn't have the most exciting plot (the Dana Winter storyline), it's an undeniably memorable episode as it's home to one of my most favorite endings of a television show ever.

First off, let's discuss Dana. Unfortunately, the storyline as a whole was much too tedious, particularly with irritating little Eddie running around town. I get what they were going for thematically, showing the ramifications of Division agents trying to have normal lives, but it proved monotonous and a chore to sit through. However, I would still like to see Dana again. She has a merciless streak that was on display when she shot all those Division agents dead to protect Eddie. She could definitely prove to be a valuable asset for Nikita in the future.

As for Alex, Nathan finally collides with her world in spectacular fashion. His shooting of Jaden was definitely a shock; I was sure that brat would stick around for a while and I definitely didn't see Alex's boy-toy killing her. Nevertheless, it created a compelling predicament for Alex, and it's always fun to see Roan the cleaner snooping around again with his iconic bleach.

And now we can finally discuss the ending which is the magnificent scene of Amanda finally discovering that Alex is the mole. It starts off simply enough, with us believing Alex has yet again managed to trick Amanda during debriefing with her fake story. Then just before Alex leaves, Amanda mentions the cochlear implants and through a quick flashback and the utter horror on Alex's face, we discover that Amanda heard the Nikita phone call. It's all so very haunting and unexpected, particularly as Alex tries to strike Amanda who has one more trick up her sleeve: she has the physical prowess of an agent! And so, Amanda amazingly evades Alex's blow and knocks her to the floor. And of course the final moments are pure perfection as Amanda hovers above Alex, chokes her with her heel, and reveals the famous watch along with the Alexandra identity. The music, Melinda Clarke's general badassery, it's all so very chilling and outstanding. The scene alone elevates the hour to another level.

Bits & Bullets:

- Loved the on-screen 6 hour countdown.

- I didn't see the twist with Dana Winters having a husband and a kid coming.

- Really enjoying Nikita and Michael playing the newlywed couple over Dana's pot roast dinner. Maggie Q and Shane West looked they were really having fun with it.

- Fantastic Alex-Jaden fight scene culminating with Nathan shooting Jaden dead.

- As annoying as Eddie was, it was nice to see Nikita's motherly instincts for a change.

- Touching moment between Michael and Nikki as he tells her can't make any promises.

Nikki Notables:

Amanda: How much longer did you think you could hide who you really are, Alexandra?

While it has one heck of a killer ending, "Glass Houses" is the weakest episode of Nikita in quite a while.

2.5 out of 5 cochlear implants.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. This theme is much too common is shows like this. Remember how many times this came up in Alias? I've never completely understood the motivations behind the whole "normal life" yearn. These are people, after all, who have never had a normal life and the choices they have made continue to keep them from one.

    I guess there's an element of greener grass, but it never quite rings true for me.

  2. Chris how could you not discuss that epic ending with Amanda and Alex :O Wasn't it PERFECT!?

  3. It was great! As you say, this show does endings well.

  4. The episode was good but that ending was amazing. And Amanda is quite the badass!


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