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Teen Wolf: Abomination

“Nobody trusts anyone.”

The best thing for a fantasy show to do after it’s established its roots is to expand its “universe” by adding new layers and depth to its basic formula. I’ve already mentioned that Teen Wolf has given this a try by adding in new plot pieces, like this new monster that’s terrorizing Beacon Hills. 'Abomination' was all about shedding light on this new addition to the show’s mythology. It may not have been the season’s most exciting episode, but the show capitalised on this exposition by bringing even more new information to light, broadening its story field immensely.

I’ve always been accepting of any series that forgoes excessive plot twists in favour of some good, hard exposition. 'Abomination' was all about the exploration of its newly developed monster world by giving us some desperately needed info on this reptilian creature. Turns out its actual name is Kanima, a shape-shifting “abomination”. I sort of liked that it’s more than your typical hunt and eat monster type; this idea that it’s not even aware that it regularly turns into a lizard and kills a bunch of people puts an interesting spin on things. It also leaves the table for Reptilian suspects wide open, with more new faces surfacing every week. I honestly couldn’t peg down who the hell it’s gonna be.

I really love the attention that the writers have been lavishing on the females these days. It goes without saying that Lydia was some serious dead weight last season, and now she’s this multi-layered young girl with more than a few issues to deal with. Allison was always the show’s standout since the first episode, and that hasn’t changed as the rest of the cast have matured around her. A lot of that is down to Crystal Reed’s serious camera stealing ability, but it’s also got a lot to do with the show side stepping the cliques, and giving the romantic lead more of a say.

I don’t think it’s possible for Michael Hogan to ever play a character that’s any way likable, and he never should; evil bastard is what he does best. Gerard’s role as the thorn in Scott and Allison’s side has been one of the best parts of seeing the Hunters show their dark side. He also takes the predictability out of their West Side Story romance. That run-in outside the hospital was one of the wackiest and greatest scenes of the season so far, and the show could stand to use more of that craziness.

It’s weird to think that this season is already a third over, and we’re only 4 episodes in. It’s a testament to the fact that, in most cases, a shorter season is best. Less filler, more fun to be had.

3.5 out of 5 Kanimas


It was nice to see Bianca Lawson (The Vampire Diaries, Buffy, every other single teen genre show) pop up here, even if it was for 100 seconds of screen-time.

It’s a little frustrating that Dr. Deaton revealed a lot, but very little at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m happy to see the show really embellish on all of its B-plots.

He Said, She Said

Scott: “How do you know all this, actually how do you know anything?!
Dr. Deaton: “That’s a longer story. What I can tell you is that I know about your kind. I can help.”

Stiles: “You shouldn’t care if people see you cry, all right? Especially you.”
Lydia: “Why?”
Stiles: “’Cause I think you look really beautiful when you cry.”
Kinda creepy, but kinda sweet also.

Scott: “Nobody trusts anyone; that’s the problem. While we’re here arguing about who’s on what side there’s something scarier, stronger and faster than any of us and its killing people."

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  1. The dinner was really tense.

    And I loved that Derek stepped between the Kanima and Stiles.

    I got very pissed at Gerard at the end when he threatened Melissa. Follow the code old man.

    The Hunters have become the evil they hunt.

  2. Is Michael Hogan awesome, or what?

    I'm very fond of Stiles and oddly proud that he saved Derek's life by holding him above water for *two hours*. That was impressive.


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