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True Blood: Gone, Gone, Gone

Tara: "Please, you gotta help me. I don't know nothin' about birthin' no baby vampires."

Home run. If you're going to write out a long-running character, this is how you do it.

With the possible exception of turning him into a vampire (and I'd hate that), there really was nowhere else for Hoyt as a character to go. As he himself recounted, his mama smothered him, his "Cheeto-headed tramp" of a girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, and there was nothing for him in Bon Temps any more. I completely get why he chose to do what he did. But when Jessica was glamouring Hoyt while telling him so very gently what a terrific guy he was, as an upset Jason looked on, I could not stop crying. Jason crying in Sookie's arms later on got to me, too. Fare thee well, Hoyt Fortenberry.

I am also loving Sam and Luna running around on Emma's trail in a variety of animal forms – this time, as white mice. They're closing in. It's only a matter of time now that they've infiltrated Authority.

And I hope they still have allies there. Jessica is certainly an ally (and she's still welcome at Merlotte's), but something happened with Eric and Nora and their vision of Godric getting torn to pieces by Lilith. This whole Authority take-over-the-world plot has gone on too long and is starting to bum me the heck out. I really wanted Bill to be faking it, but he's not, is he? And Eric is now under Lilith's spell, too, isn't he? Did he really, really, really forgive Russell for killing his family? Is that even possible? Is Jessica next with the Lilith brainwashing? And why did Molly have to die? I liked Molly, and how unfair that she got it with one of her very own iStakes. Aww.

Maybe I just hate how long Sookie and Eric have been separated, which has been pretty much the entire season. Although I am indeed enjoying Sookie finally connecting so strongly with Jason. The murder plot is sort of lame, but I loved that Jason has gotten so good as a detective that he realized there had to be more under the bed. Apparently, back in 1702, one of the Stackhouses sold their first fae-bearing female heir to M. Warlow, whoever that it is, and that heir turned out to be Sookie. That sort of makes sens... well, not really, but this is a show about vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and fairies, after all, so it does make show sense.

And Russell is finally showing his true colors. It's still all about the daywalking. He wants to synthesize fairy blood. The striptease fairies have been right all along.

Finally, who freaking knew I would love Tara and Pam together so much? Tara using Ginger to trick and behead the new sheriff was my second favorite scene in the episode (after the one with Jessica glamouring Hoyt). Pam is now ready to take Tara and leave Fangtasia forever, and how cool is that? I think that now that she's adjusted, Tara has become someone Pam can actually live with and care about. Cool.

Lots of bits and pieces:

-- The episode title, "Gone, Gone, Gone," reminds me just a little of the season premiere, "Turn! Turn! Turn!" Gee, I don't know why.

-- Loved the news flash on TBBN labeled "Vampire Crisis – Night 3!"

-- Mike Spencer was turned by vampires unknown and turned up to suck more than Sookie's toes. Good thing she'd ordered Chinese food instead of pizza. That scene, ending with Sookie sitting in a pile of grue, just struck me funny. Alas for poor Mike Spencer.

-- Jason looked under a teddy bear's skirt. :)

-- Very nice that Sookie and Jason found a linguistics expert, even though he proved unable to decipher fairy code.

-- Andy Bellefleur has gotten cool. This is the cool Andy season. I like him with Holly, too; they're a cute couple. Unfortunately, Marella the 500 year old fairy seduced him last season and now she's very pregnant.

-- Russell's speech to the Authority was so impassioned that old, weird accents started creeping in. Nice touch.

-- Claude and his many sisters are 130 years old.


Steve: "Oh my fucking God, I've never actually seen a vampire get staked before! That was awesome!"

Andy: (about the chopsticks) "Well, that's a stroke of luck. Good thing you didn't order pizza."

Andy: (re: Mike) "Man loved his job."
Sookie: "He wanted to suck on my toes."
Andy: "He kept autopsy photos on his computers same place he kept his porn."
Sookie: "Ooh, no."
Andy: "Yep."
Sookie: "Suddenly I don't feel so bad."
What an epitaph for Mike, huh?

Pam: "No. We procreate because we want to. Not because some dickhead dipped in afterbirth told us to."

Sookie: "If it doesn't mean anything, why would anyone bother writing it down?"
Prof: "Why does my ex-wife name her toes? Maybe it's a joke. Maybe 'cause she's nuts."

Andy: "I don't say this to many men, but I love you."

Loved it. Three out of four Butterfly McQueens,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. You're always right on with the review!
    i was okay throughout the Hoyt/Jessica/Jason scene, but i lost it when Jason started crying w/ Sookie after seeing Hoyt drive off.
    As always, not enough Sam. And where was Alcide? i'd think he'd be a part of Emma's rescue in some way.
    i too am ready for the Authority storyline to close out.
    Pam and Tara will be interesting to see. i like how not every story revolves around Sookie, but the poor girl does need to have something good happen occasionally, lol.

    Keep up the great work Billie!

  2. I honestly think that Eric is faking it after the Lilith/Godric hallucination. I also think that now Nora is in on it after she watched Lilith destroy Godric.

    Dennis O'Hare sounded like the Terminator in his speech and I loved it. Also Steve scolding Emma. And just Russell/Steve slow dancing to Katy Perry was hilarious.

    Anna is so clearly pregnant in this episode. As you would be if you were expecting twins.

    Can we have more Claude, please? I love Claude.

  3. Pam and Tara steal it again, even if they are seen for about 3 minutes. Pam willing to give up the bar to protect Tara shows how much she cares for her offspring, but I do think there will be consequence for Tara's actions. Tara killing that asshole sheriff was the best thing she's ever done. Russell, Jessica, and Jason were also great.

  4. I really do love how the relationships between characters (especially the people of Bon Temps) have developed over the course of the show. Character development is important to me in any story, and I don't think True Blood would have won me over if it was only black comedy and sexiness. Though, that doesn't hurt.

    The opening with Sookie was hilarious in that sick sort of way. I'd be like "Fuck!" too if yet another corpse got splattered all over the home I grew up in.

    Don't by Eric's 'conversion.' Knowing him, seeing Godric ripped apart won't make him believe in something other than himself (even I was sad when that happened). I can get Bill converting; he always has been pretty lost. And yeah, Molly dying was a shame, but I'm glad she at least told them off.

    I agree, Pam and Tara make an excellent pair. One of the more interesting parts about this season.

    Am seriously still amazed that Jason and Andy are my favorite characters. I always got a kick out of them, but now their both just so damn mature and lovable.

    If I was Jessica, I would have made Hoyt not remember his mother existed.

    Steve's funny as hell but he's gotta die.

    Don't know if it's true or in the books but I think Warlow is Russell. Did he ever explain in season three how he knew about fairies? Maybe its too obvious...

    I really dig Sam and Luna's shapeshifter hero storyline this season. But Sam's always cool. All we need is Alcide to band the wolves together. Wonder if it will really be all out war soon.

  5. Hoyt´s exit was so incredible emotional. Maybe one of the greatest scenes on TB ever.

    Well, the fact that Luna is a skinwalker could be very helpful in dealing with the authority. Maybe they can save Bill this way.

    Billie I can´t believe you didn´t get the hints that Eric is clearly faking his sumbmission. As if seeing Gordic being ripped apart would Eric make a believer. Knowing what they did to Molly he has no other choice, because Bill in his current state of mind would not hesitate to kill him. The Godric vision just is an opportinity for him to fake-justify his sumbmission. Further there is the parallel between season 3 (green sweater) and now (black sweater). Eric played his submission to Russel before, forgave him, kissed his ring etc. I´m sure Russel remembered that too. I loves his changing accents during his rant.

    Steve and Russel are a hoot. And the scene with Steve and Emma was great.

    I like how Pam embraces her maternal side more and more. Although she plays the tough one, she (secretly) cares for Tara. I hope we get a Pam/Eric moment this season.

  6. I'm also in the 'Eric was faking it' camp and now Nora might also be too. Godric said he didn't need to fight Lillith, he wasn't concerned by her 'killing' him. Interesting parallels between Bill claiming he was evolving a few episodes back and Godric telling Eric and Nora that they need to evolve this week.

    I really hope Tara and Pam don't just run off into the night (also, how wrong was I last week, saying Tara would be useless in a fight with the new sheriff?) as the show needs them. I'm still hoping for a reconciliation between Tara and Lafayette: they would be so good together.

    They need to sort out the Sookie storyline asap, it's just plain boring. Super detective Jason was cool though, him and Andy have been great this series.

    There have been a couple of really great goodbyes this series, first between Eric and Pam and now Jessica and Hoyt. Again, it's hard to believe that Jessica has become one of my favourite characters when she was so annoying to begin with.

  7. I think Eric's faking it too - in that conversation between him and Russell, I thought both were lying and putting on a show. But then, I thought that about Bill, and he seems sincere. Not happy that he killed Molly. Not cool, Bill.

    Pam's line is kind of ironic given she was coerced into making Tara and she pretty much forced Eric to make her, but I get her point.

    I did enjoy the 'oh f*ck' looks on Eric and Bill's faces when Russell brought up Sookie. But I really hope Eric (and Jessica) get out of there next week, they're been stuck in that 1500-year-old (not 2000 Bill, that would be Roman) Byzantine chamber forever.

  8. Again, a great review, and surprisingly, a good episode. They have been few and far between this season. Loved Jason looking up the teddy bear's skirt. That is so Jason. And Tara playing her Southern roots to a t with "I don't know nothing bout birthing no vampire babies." I remember her commenting on her name when she first met Eggs. I like this line of continuity. Love Pam as always. Love her with Tara. Was so glad to see Ginger again. I know how much Ginger loves Pam. I wonder if she will turn her. I'm surprised it took dim witted Jason to think to look under the bed. And why did he have to move the bed just to pull out an old box? (The one with the pictures and things in it.) Laughed out loud at Steve and Russell. And I think Eric is definitely faking but Nora is bat shit crazy.

  9. I agree – Hoyt's departure was perfect.

    I knew Tara being made a vamp would be awesome!

    I'm probably the only one, but I really can't stand Russell – I don't like the character or the things he does. I want Eric to kill Russell big time!

    How are Luna and Sam going to grab Emma and get out of there? (Maybe Emma is part werewolf, part shifter and they'll have Emma shift to a mouse too....) I think Luna will have to "skinwalk" to get the three of them out.

    This episode seemed too calm before the storm for Holly, Andy and Lala. Lala has gone full tilt boogie gay!

  10. Apart from the silly way Sookie killed vampire Mike - for Lilith's saek (LOL) - Chopsticks! - this episode made me happy about seeing TB again. I'm relieved to see boring subplots gone and thrilled to see more interesting ones appearing. Too bad it's coming to an end - why did they have to linger wo much onm boring stuff and save what seems to be the best for the last 3 episodes? That sucks.
    On the quote front, I loved how Newlin turned to poor Emma and said: Do you want Cole to eat you? That was fun, and pretty scarier than any story I've heard as a child. It takes boogie man to a whole new level.
    And I loved how Russell came out and this time put everyone in their legitimate places. It was great. What now Salome? What are you going to do, uh?
    And by the exchange of looks between Eric, Nora and Bill (as well as Jessica) I dare to risk saying they're all faking the Lilith submission thing. I must confess I almost felt sorry for Jessica, leaving religious fanatic parents to a more fanatic maker... But that's a hope. We all know who Russell will be after. But would he be Warlow? (too obvious...) Anyway, I can finally say I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode, which is VERY rare feeling of mine towards this season. Thanks Billie, once again.

  11. Didn´t Steve say: Do you want Nigel to eat you?

  12. I still wonder what happened to Sarah Newlin..Would be cool if she took Steve down at the end.
    Poor Molly..I'll miss her. I think Eric is faking it. Some vamp has to be on the human's side in this..
    Andy has a fae baby? Oh no..I hate plots like that. Still, great season for Andy up til now.

  13. Really good episode. And Hoyt´s departure was really well-done and one of my favorite scenes along with Jason in the car.

    Eric is faking but so is Bill. I still believe that he plans to destroy the Authority from within and is just acting really well.


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