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True Blood: Sunset

Pam: "Since when did I become a halfway house for wayward baby vamps?"

Wow. Do you think there were enough stakings in this episode? It was nuts!

I'm soooooo disappointed in Bill. Eric managed to shake off the power of Lilith, and so did Nora, but Bill is turning into Lilith's number one fan. He thinks he's the chosen one, and since she's recruiting pretty much everyone in the building, he is SO not. Lilith is eventually going to get some idiot to drink that blood, and when they do, wackiness will inevitably ensue. Let's hope Bill wakes up and smells the coffee before that happens.

(What is Lilith, really? I hope they answer that. That poor actress who plays her is a trooper because standing around naked in that makeup has to be miserable. It looks like they are smearing her with tomato chutney or raspberry jam. Or possibly something even less appealing, and I'll shut up now.)

Anyway, I hated seeing Bill treat Jessica like a possession. Or more accurately, in much the same way as her horrible, smothering, fundamentalist parents. Instead of acting out, Jessica showed bravery and smarts and managed to keep Jason from getting turned. (Awesome double wooden bullet staking.) And then she was smart enough to go to Pam. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out and now half the cast is in the underground Authority prison, and Sam is about to be Bill's breakfast. Will Sam be able to talk sense into Bill? I hope so, but it seems unlikely.

At least Eric, with Nora in tow, is finally out of Authority HQ. (Just as everyone else was dragged in.) They were even flying. Good times. Whatever Godric's spirit did, it worked, and yay for that. The double staking in the car was awesome.

Finally, fairy elder? Loved her. She was freaking nuts, and reminded me of Lafayette's mother. "John Cougar Mellencamp! For or against!" I was bummed that she was almost immediately dinner for Russell Edgington. I liked General Cavanaugh, too; he arrived at Authority HQ complete with blackmail and profuse profanity, but unfortunately, he lasted about as long as the Elder did. I bet Cavanaugh wasn't bluffing about the military being prepared to obliterate "vampirekind."

Plus there's his blackmail video. I somehow doubt that Eric is planning to cover up Russell's crimes.

But wait! There's more:

-- Morella is very pregnant, and Andy refuting Morella's "light" apparently means war. If there is also a human/vampire conflict, it's going to be a mess.

-- Jessica asked Tara if she "liked" Pam. Tara said no, but you know, I think she does. And Pam just fell on her sword to protect Tara. Tara and Pam as a couple? Now that would be interesting. Talk about sparks flying.

-- Holly forced her sons to apologize to Andy, with mixed results. Why are teenagers such asses?

-- You know, I like Alcide and he definitely should be leader of the Shreveport pack, but I really don't care that his cheating former packleader of a dad can shoot a crossbow. Now that a lot of other plot points have been resolved, the scenes at the trailer seem pointless.

-- Were Nora and Salome once lovers? It sure looked like it when they were smooching goodbye.

-- Sookie thought Warlo was the shape thing she saw. Guess Warlo wasn't Russell, after all.

Bits and pieces:

-- Pam said that she and Eric have never nested. Apparently, it kept them sane, because everyone else is freaking nuts.

-- Roslyn was sheriff Elijah's maker. I wonder if all of her progeny are jerks?

-- The Elder was played by Erica Gimpel, who had a continuing role on Veronica Mars.

-- Love the clown mouth entrance to the fairy strip club.

-- That very pink dress Anna Paquin was wearing looked like it was concealing a large baby bump. It wasn't all that obvious until now. For me, anyway.


Bill: "Jason and Sookie and the inhabitants of Bon Temps are no longer a concern. They are food, and nothing more."

Salome: "I would advise you to be ... um, careful about what words you choose next."
General Cavanaugh: "You psychotic bloodsuckers."

Pam: "Don't play games with me, little ginger bitch."

Luna: "What is this place, the fucking vampire secret headquarters?"

Elder: "John Cougar Mellencamp. For or against?"
Sookie: "Against!"

Andy: "You're so sweet you make the food here taste good."
Awww. So much for that relationship.

Arlene: "Lafayette is a snitch."
Lafayette: "I'm a bitch, not a snitch."

Arlene: "And honesty. Gotta have honesty. And loyalty. You gotta know that person's gonna be there for you thick and thin, cause you never know when some Iraqi ghost lady is gonna curse your entire family."

Andy: "I just feel more comfortable with somebody who's the same species."
I don't know why but that made me laugh out loud. Maybe it was Chris Bauer's delivery.

Jessica: "She's all bark, isn't she?"
Tara: "Nah. She's a lot of bark and a lot of bite."

Jason: "Jesus!"
Russell: (laughs) "I actually met him. He was a boring hippie who stank of patchouli."
Did they have patchouli back then?

Russell: "Sweet merciful fuck, that was delicious! Heaven, thy name is fairy!"

Is there really only one episode left? Where did this season go?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. A bit of a lackluster episode in my book but this season has been very much like that. I am hoping for a grand finale and a better second season.

    BTW - one of the writers associated with this particular episode used to write for The L Word, so not too surprised at the Lesbian hinting all over

  2. Pam inside the Authority has the strong possibility to amuse and entertain. I wouldn't bet against her in a confrontation between her and Bill. I can't remember when she met Sam though - how does she know who he is?

    I was hoping that the end of the Ifrit storyline would mean dropping the background characters until next series: alas not. I'm painfully uninterested in the Andy/fairy pregnancy storyline. The fairy threat of war would carry a lot more weight if the fairies weren't rubbish.

    I really hope they drop all the other plots next week and just focus on the nascent three-way war between the humans, fairies and and vampires. Presumably Eric and Nora didn't stop the Generals video getting out before they flew off so the humans will be going for war: let's see True Blood do a Blackwater-type episode.

  3. Eric finally got out of the lair! Huzzah! But now he has to go back in and get Pam. Booo.

    This was the first episode I thought Lilith might be an actual Thing rather than a hallucination. I don't what sort of Thing exactly, but a Thing of some kind.

    Bill has totally lost it. Thank goodness I was always more of an Eric girl - if I was a Bill fan. I think I'd be kinda annoyed.

    Billie, I thought exactly the same thing about the patchouli! They had incense, but the church variety, not so much the hippie variety... I have also never heard of John Cougar Mellencamp, so that kinda confused me, I couldn't work out what the woman was saying.

  4. Oh Bill - welcome to crazytown. I think it will be very interesting if/how he can redeem himself. Overall I think his character got more interesting, but it´s hard to see a character (who was sane not so long ago) go bad shit crazy. Poor Jessica :( But I don´t understand the Lilith character. What the hell is she?

    Finally Eric got away. I don´t care for Nora but maybe she won´t be so annoying in the future.

    Pam and Sam in the HQ could be fun. Btw, they have met when Eric first visited Merlotte´s and a second time when Sam and Arlene´s kids were at Fangtasia. I like that Pam took responsibility for Tara killing that sheriff dude.

    Don´t care for Andy and Alcide. What´s the point of the latter? The faries seem to get dumber each episode. At least Russel, Steve and Jason were fun Glad that Jason didn´t get turned, I want more of his interaction with Sookie. So cute.

  5. For me the only really good thing about this season has been the Sookie-Jason relationship! It's been wonderful! Sooo glad Jessica didn't turn him! And smart of her to fake it like she did! (and stupid of the guards to not check his pulse!!!)

    I'm really wondering about Lilith too... those vamps are all high on something... perhaps that millenia-old blood is laced with fairy?

    One episode to go... This season they finally let go of the books (mostly) and it's been interesting to see where they take the story! Hopefully in the future they'll learn to leave out Iraki ghost stories... ;o)

  6. I think Eric killed the general to get the Russel-video published. The army with super-secret vampkilling weapons can stop Russel and save Sookie.

  7. Loved this episode.
    John Cougar Mellencamp. For or against? LOL! Well unlike Sookie, I'm for...

    Found this cult video from the 80s
    Say yeah yeah yeah...

  8. I've been out of the country until last week and just caught up with all the episodes of the season. I do agree it has been scattered and lackluster. I don't know if all the stories will connect now. It seems that there were a lot of senseless plots thrown together at once.

    I think Sookie will be the one to wake Bill up (she is supposed to have other powers). Maybe he will drink Lillith's blood and become super powerful and that's how they take Russell down? Maybe the wolves will join the war?

    I don't think Lillith's blood is laced with faerie. Allan ball said once that Sookie could not be turned vampire because fairies (light) cannot go into the vamp (dark) side (or something like that).

    Was the elder Coco from Fame?

  9. Cecilia, yes, I think the Elder was in Fame. Is her name Erica Gimpel, I think?

  10. ... and she was also in Babylon 5.

  11. "Don´t care for Andy and Alcide. What´s the point of the latter?"

    I'm a straight man, but I'm pretty sure the answer to your question is: handsome guy, big pecs, buck naked.

  12. I actually think Lilith is more or less exactly what they believe she is: the disembodied spirit of the first vampire. She's probably trying to get some fool to drink all of her blood so they can provide a new host body for her.

    If someone takes her up on it and Lilith is "reborn", she may be the big villain for next season.

  13. Agreed about Alcide..he also plays a stripper in "Magic Mike". Ahem.
    I am for John Mellencamp. Also can we get Team Andy t-shirts cause he is awesome.

  14. Did anyone catch that Russell and Steve massacred the "Gamma Kappa Tau" house? A fake fraternity that was also the site of Anya's massacre in "selfless"?


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