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Alphas: Falling

Nina: “You can’t keep blaming a screwed up family life forever.”

Wow. Really, really wow. One episode can make up for several lackluster ones, especially if it is an episode like this. The calibre of the actors on this show made it possible for the writers to include several emotionally-charged situations in this one episode, interconnecting them and building from one to the other. Hicks' relationship with his son was mirrored the relationship of Dani and Rosen. And it may be that Dylan’s abusive hold on Kat mirrors Dani’s relationship with Parrish. It has sometimes felt like a really slow build this season, but tonight we got to the top of the rollercoaster and we are now speeding through the twists and the turns. I was a wreck by the end, and in particular awe of David Strathairn and Erin Way.

This Week’s Superpower

Invulnerability in a pill. All you have to do is bleed an Alpha and make a pill from her blood and you, too, can be invincible. What does this mean for Alphas? Could you do this with every power? The whole thing was very disturbing. I didn’t enjoy watching people jump and smash into cars or get hit by baseball bats. Dylan as the exploitative, abusive man was quite realistic. The scene with Shelly in the bathtub saying that Dylan was hers, that she was his Alpha now was horrifying. I was very, very glad when Kat kicked his ass.

Our Alpha Team

The piece with Rachel worrying about John coming for dinner with her parents was cute until we realized how terrified she is to be with someone. It was painful to watch her coach John and then freak out when she realized that her parents might actually like him. I hope she can work through her fears. The pep talk from Nina was sweet. It was also lovely to see Dani and Hicks together with Tyler. It was heartwarming to watch Dani solve the problems between Hicks and his son just by showing them how each other felt. I was also happy to hear them say that they loved each other. By the end of the episode all this happy quickly became tragic.

Kat’s story this week was also heartbreaking. She is trying so hard to become part of the team and be accepted. She easily fell into Dylan’s trap. I wonder how many times he has used the same tactics to ensnare her? Having her memory wipe at six weeks may make her happy-go-lucky but it also makes her lonely and vulnerable. I’m glad she has found a team that will take care of her. Bill was very sweet.

If Kat’s story was heartbreaking then I don’t have a word for Rosen’s story. I’m a parent and identified with his urge to protect Dani and his frustration with his inability to save her. You could see the pain in his face as he struggled with each new revelation and every dead-end. He really tried everything and it won’t make any difference to Dani or Hicks that he did. He didn’t spend one minute thinking about how Dani had betrayed him. He was only concerned with how to help her. The final scene between he and Dani was riveting. I’m not sure what he has planned, what his way out is, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to end well. I’m afraid that will break Rosen as nothing else has.

Bits and Pieces

Why didn’t NSA ask Gary to break the code? He did it quite easily.

I loved Gary making the top-secret labels.

I don’t care what drug you gave me. I would not jump off a roof. I think Kat agreed with me from the fear on her face. I was worried that as an Alpha she might have been differently affected and might not get up.

Kat is going to Quantico, but it’s only going to take her two weeks instead of two years. Will she have to go back every six weeks?

Hearts don’t actually break. They just get tired and give up.


Bill: “You bring bugs in here, you take care of that.”
Kat: “Douchebag.”

John: “Rachel, you know I’ve been in actual combat, right? I think I can handle dinner with your parents.”

Rachel: “He’s the blondest boy I have ever seen. They’re going to rip him to shreds.”

John: “Relax. I give good parent.”

Kat: “Who’s Donnie Brasco now, bitch?”

Gary: “I’m better if I don’t drive on roads where there are other cars or people just cause they don’t always obey the rules. I could mow people down.”

Hicks: “This is your ruined life? You, me and ice cream?”

Rosen: “Please understand if I had any other option I would have exercised it.”

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  1. Strong episode! I've been worrying about Rosen (re: Dani) ever since he figured it out last week. Heartbreaking indeed! :o(

    The NSA couldn't give it to Gary because they were investigating the possibility of a mole, so someone on the inside couldn't be part of the investigation.

    We got an example of just how terrifying Kat's condition is! :o(


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