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Castle: After The Storm

“So, it wasn’t a dream.”

Ah, the proverbial morning after the night before. It wasn’t a dream or a fantasy; the writers didn’t insult our intelligence by pretending it didn’t happen. Caskett have finally slept together -- and, according to both of them, it was a good decision.

Our pair are entering new territory, moving from being partners and “just friends” to lovers. On the one hand, they are in that wonderful euphoria that occurs when two people who care about each other start sleeping together. It’s all heat and sex and the inability to keep their hands off each other. On the other hand, neither of these two has proven to be very good at relationships in the past and the insecurities are showing. Castle, ever the man of words, specifically asks Beckett if she is on board and not just in some “crisis thing.” The look on his face when she confirms that she is made my heart melt. Beckett, on the other hand, has to ask if the actual sex was all right; Castle leaves her in no doubt that it was.

Neither one of them is ready to go public yet, understandably considering the possible ramifications of it. The scene where they are nearly caught by Martha was pure farce, and I laughed out loud throughout it. And, Esposito asking them, “Done what four years ago?” was the icing on the cake. Of all the other people in their lives, I would guess that Javi will cotton on before anyone else does.

But, unlike so many new couples, these two have been partners for four years and already know each other very well. As soon as Ryan comes over to Beckett’s apartment and brings them back into the case, they revert to the crime-solving couple they have been and we know. Bouncing ideas off of each other, having each other’s backs and solving the case, there is little evidence that anything has changed between them at all. Brief moments, but only a few and only when they are alone. The best one is right after Smith dies. Beckett realizes just how much danger she is in, and she leans into Castle who wraps his arm around her. This is a huge step for our self-reliant, never let them see you sweat girl. She is vulnerable and Castle allows her to be.

While things are good between Castle and Beckett, Esposito and Ryan are still on the outs. Kudos to the writers for not making them BFFs again in one short episode, but this fight is going to add a new dynamic to the four of them working together. Esposito is still pissed, holding his gun on Ryan for much longer than is necessary and looking noticeably put out when Beckett gives Ryan and him an assignment. Ryan, on the other hand, has had just about enough and is beginning to snap at Esposito, especially now that he knows that Beckett doesn’t blame him for the suspension. They almost come to blows when Ryan nearly calls Gates again to warn her about Beckett; it is Castle who steps between them and defuses the situation. I liked that Ryan handed the phone to Esposito, in effect showing him that no call will be made unless Esposito agrees. A good first step.

The whole mythology around Johanna’s murder has gotten a bit dense and long winded. Luckily, we had a lot of it wrapped up this week. The man who shot Beckett is dead and she finally knows who is behind it all. I must admit that I was disappointed in the reveal. After so many hints through the years that the Dragon was someone huge, I expected something more than a man running for senate whom we have never met before.

The scene between Bracken and Beckett didn’t really work for me. It’s hard to see Beckett as a threat or a badass when she has tears running down her face. And, when she hits Bracken with the gun, while it may have made her (and us) feel better, it is assault and she could have been arrested for it. As a cop, she would know that. Because the team was unable to get Bracken, the story is still alive, to a degree, so I am hoping that he turns out to be more involved with our team than we currently know. Ties to Castle’s father, perhaps?

This was a game-changing episode in which new relationships were formed, old ones were tested and a four season story arc was brought, more or less, to a close. Quite a start for the season. Three and a half out of four booby-trapped floor safes.


-- I loved Alexis’ first hangover, often the worst one you’ll ever have. I have a theory that whatever you were drinking that results in your first hangover, you can never drink that particular thing again. In my entire life, I have met just one person who didn’t fit this rule. My first hangover was damn near thirty-five years ago and, to this day, I cannot abide even the smell of a rum and coke.

-- Tamala Jones is still listed as a regular, yet Lanie did not turn up this week. It was good to see Hastings again, not to mention lucky she was there to help Beckett out.

-- Isn’t it convenient that Beckett has four pairs of tweezers and four magnifying glasses in her apartment. Looking through those tiny scraps of paper would have been tough without them.

-- Ryan’s badge number is 42344.

-- The fourth Nikki Heat book has been released, at least in our reality. I was surprised it was not mentioned in this show. I will wait to see if it is next week before I review it.


Castle: “I had no idea.”
Beckett: “So, you liked it?”
Castle: “Yeah.”
Beckett: “Even the part where I…”
Castle: “Especially that part. I loved that.”
Beckett: “Good. Me, too.”
Would anyone else pay good money to know what “that part” is? I know I sure would.

Beckett: “So, are you here to apologize for hiding me in your closet?” Not two minutes later, “I hid in your closet. Why won’t you hide in mine?”

Castle: “If we got murdered right now, I’d feel so ripped off.”
Beckett: “Yeah, me too.”
Castle: “At least we had last night. We should have done that four years ago.”
Esposito: “Done what four years ago?”

Beckett: “You got an extra piece?”
Esposito: “Yeah.”
Castle: “Nice. What about for me?”
Esposito: “Oh, you mean an extra extra piece?”
Castle: “Wow.”

Bracken: “See, here’s what you don’t understand. It’s not who has the gun, it’s who has the power.”

Esposito: “What about your mom?”
Beckett: “I’ll get justice for her. Just not today. Until then, I’ll get it for others.”

ChrisB is a freelance writer who spends more time than she ought in front of a television screen or with a book in her hand.


  1. Great episode. The opening five minutes...priceless and bwa-hah-hah funny. Alexis' hangover, Beckett in the closet, Beckett realizing she left her bra, etc. I think my favorite part is when she throws the pillow at Castle from the closet and that glaring expression on her face.

    I, on the other hand, liked the confrontation with Bracken. I also liked the little Gates scene at the end.

    Another funny scene I liked was the team's explanation to Gates as to why they were at the crime scene where Maddox was killed.

    Reviewers who had seen an advance showing of the episode kept saying to pay attention to the last scene of the episode and now we know what they're talking about...and as Lanie might say "Damn Beckett!! You go girl!" :D

  2. A very, good, strong to another season. I've never been deceived by this show. This is top notch. This is ABC's finest.

    I'm not a shipper, but these two belong together.

  3. I was scared to death they were going to that whole 'Oh it was a mistake' thing. Caskett forever!!

    I am totally bored with Johanna's murder. Can we move on yet? Please?

    Like you, I was happy to see that Espo and Ryan weren't immediately besties again, but it was super easy for Beckett to get back on the force. I thought Gates would make her go through more than that.

    Oh, and I totally break your first hangover rule. :)

  4. So they didn't go for a the it was just a dream or mistake option..Yay. Wonderful French farce opening with hiding in closets..
    Less fond of the murder of Kate's mom never being solved..oh well..at least it was a suspenseful show.
    And yes I want to know what the "part" was. heh..and you go Kate.

  5. ChrisB,
    Just noticed, how come no comment on that last scene in the elevator? :D

    Maybe it's that thing she can do with ice cubes that she mentioned to Castle in "Poof, You're Dead!" (hope this isn't considered spoiler material :))

  6. Matthew -- funny you should mention that. After I posted the review, I trolled through the other sites that discuss the show. I was amazed at how often the final scene was mentioned in the review and/or discussed in the comments.

    Personally, I thought the ending was the weakest part of the episode. I agree with sunbunny that Gates let Beckett off a bit easily and the reveal that Gates knew about Montgomery and was not going to do anything about it might have been a bit more prominent.

    The final scene in the elevator was amusing and it made me smile, but it was not nearly as good as the fantastic, farcical opening or the hug.

  7. ChrisB - true, I loved the farcical opening more but still what she does was suprising and I thought worth a mention as it was a bit of an attention grabber...:D


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