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Lost Girl: Into the Dark

Kenzi: "You'd be surprised how many of my transactions involve power tools."

Another jampacked episode that was, yet again, a bridge story where not much was started and not much was resolved. The episode did have at least one important mini-event, though. We finally learned that Trick is in fact Bo's grandpa. That puts a bit more of a tragic spin on last season's finale, although we still don't know if Aife is dead.

Mostly, the plot centered on Bo going on a couple of fetch quests. Does it count twice if it's the same item? Either way, the Fae aphrodisiac was mostly just an excuse to have fun with the Morrigan. Emmanuelle Vaugier is always a good guest star, but this might be my favorite of her appearances -- we got the unsexy dance, snappy banter, and an almost sex scene also with Bo. Personally, I think they have some acting chemistry. Plus we finally learned why the Dark Fae are afraid of her, she can literally burn the talent out of someone and reduce them to a pile of goo, ick.

It was awesome that Vex annoyed the Morrigan so that she would throw him in prison. In fact, I love Vex's relationship with the Morrigan. I just wish I didn't find the rest of his character annoying. I can see how his powers could be very effective in a battle scenario, though. So he has officially joined the team. Poor Bo and Kenzi, they are already regretting that choice, with his horrible manners as a house guest. He was so oblivious, or intentionally asinine, that I almost expected him to scratch his ass with that toothbrush.

This episode really illustrated the fact that the Dark Fae are just big kids playing at being bad guys. On the other hand, the Light Fae seem to be elitist prigs that are so wrapped up in their own agendas and politics to really care about anything but themselves. Neither side is really that ideal, and the more we learn about them, the more it seems like Bo is right to stay neutral. In a lot of ways, Bo's defiance of Fae tradition is the absolute right path. She is literally the only thing standing between these two greedy and powerful forces and the human race. Which I guess is a bit of an obvious statement, but I think they've finally sold me on that premise.

We didn't get much movement in the Garuda plot, except that Lauren seems to have figured out how to stop Lachlan's venom from coagulating. I really liked that scene where she figured it out, too. Yet I wonder if Bo and Lauren might be heading into a relationship a bit too quickly. She seems to have recovered from Nadia's death pretty fast. I'm not really complaining, mind you, because I thought the love pentagon (Ciara-Dyson-Bo-Lauren-Nadia) was getting old.

At least Dyson is finally back among the loving again. I think it was a big flaw character-wise, that it took the group this long to help Dyson, who was so clearly flailing without his love. Of course it was Kenzi who solved the problem, which is reason (insert random high number here) that I love her. Kenzi going leather-face on the Norn's tree was just awesome. I thought the practical effects were also really effective, having each cut Kenzi made on the tree show up as a wound on the Norn. Then there was the splatter from the jar that fell from the shelf onto Kenzi's hand. I hope she doesn't get sick. It would be cool if she got a power, though. Can a human become a Fae like that?


A black smoke monster, huh? I bet it isn't The Man in Black.

Ciara's funeral was lively and involved howling, a band, and heavy drinking. Lachlan's funeral was, in contrast, extremely dull and, unfortunately, uptight. Lauren mentioned that he wasn't well known, or liked much. Poor Lachlan. He never got a fair shake.

I loved Kenzi slapping Dyson. It was like payback for him being a tool most of the season.

Have we seen the Red Caps before, or were they just mentioned? Still gross with the blood soaked hats dripping down their faces. Although it was mildly funny when that one dissolved while tripping on Fae-X.

Bo's rallying speech was very Bo. It covered the things that needed to be covered, but it was pretty simple.


Lauren: "Whiskey? My treat."
Dyson: "You buying me a drink, huh? It really must be the end of the world."

Bo: "But you and Vex are like an evil Hall & Oates."
Morrigan: "They're not evil?"

Morrigan: "You will pay!"
Vex: "Yeah? what are you gonna do? Unsexy break dance me to death?"

Bo: (laughing) "Ah, its, it's unfortunate."
Morrigan: "Save it, succu-bitch. At least my moves don't leave my lovers pureed."

The Norn: "You are as incorrigible as a puppy. I ought to rap your nose with a newspaper."

Norn: "Humans. They never get nuance."
Kenzi: "Lady, you reek of peat moss."

Bo: "I finally have family! Real family that isn't mean or crazy."

Morrigan: "This mirror makes me look thirty. Remove it at once."

Kenzi: "I guess my bite is worse than your bark."
Norn: "You wouldn't dare."
Kenzi: "Oh yes, I would. I'm human, remember? We drive SUVs, and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes, and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger. So since your Fae rules don't apply to me..." (buzz)

Norn: "You will pay dearly for this. I am as old as time and twice as deadly."
Kenzi: "Must be why you're so poplar."

Kenzi: "How do we know the Norn is not pulling a Kenzi on us?"
Dyson: "The Norn can't possibly hurt me more than she already has."

Bo: "Wait! All this is for football and Fae Viagra? Don't you know what's coming to devour us?"
Morrigan: "All the more reason to get your mind-blowing sex on."

Kenzi: "You know, if it is the Fae-pocalypse, you should go be with your girl. You shouldn't be alone, Bo."
Bo: "I'm not alone, Kenzi. I'm with you."

I thought this one was much better than the last episode, and it looks like we might actually get something resembling a final battle in the last episode of the season. I hope no one dies. I'm attached to all the characters. Well, okay, I wouldn't mind if Vex bites it.

3 out of 4 Jars of bottled wolf-love.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. Loved Kenzie in this episode. Hey, I love Kenzie all the time!

  2. I just love Kenzie also. I know fae & humans aren't supposed to mix but I would love to see Kenzie & Hale develop an attraction for each other. I think it could be very amusing to watch them try to deny or hide their feelings. Sometimes it seems frustrating that the show does not progress much on certain storylines but at least the ride is enjoyable & most of the characters likeable.


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