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Teen Wolf: Party Guessed

“We all have our roles.”

'Party Guessed' was an emotionally charged jumble of explosive plotlines, gross out moments and stimulating action. It’s hard to stop myself from rambling on week to week about how strong this season of Teen Wolf has been, but since every episode so far has been top notch, I’m going to have to forgo the option to seriously talk the show down; it can’t be done.

That’s not to say the show isn’t exhibiting a few pains here and there. Some part of me felt like 'Party Guessed' was a little too messy for its own good. There was a lot going on here, maybe too much, but it still didn’t feel like it was falling apart, or not doing justice to any of the heavy stories that were simultaneously reaching pivotal moments, it just didn’t feel quite as intertwined as it did, say, last week. Some parts felt a little disconnected. That being said, it’s nice to see teen genre shows like this one being brave with their pacing, especially given their proclivity to drag out their strongest arcs unnecessarily (ahem-kill Klaus).

After her painful absence during 'Raving', Lydia returned in a big way this week. I honestly thought Peter’s return would be staggered, at least partially, considering the show is already benefiting from having a huge number of big supernatural plots going on right now, but I love that the show just jumped right into it. No waiting around for the other shoe to drop, not with Teen Wolf, no, we got to see the obvious happen in a way that made it the complete opposite. Hopefully Lydia doesn’t become dead weight again, though. I liked her being part of such a massive twist.

Also, Matt’s the Kanima’s master. I’m not all that surprised, but it was pretty cool that he basically lost it and outed himself intentionally. I mean, Scott and co. would have figured it out eventually, I’m sure, but it’s cool to see the show change the expected to make it unexpected. Red Herrings are a good way to do that - I guess the chemistry teacher is just a weirdo. But then again, the Kanima was seen talking to someone in that car. Maybe they’re related?

Victoria Argent was the definition of over-the-top, and I always found it hard to believe that she had a single maternal bone in her body. She seemed more like a caricature than a real person. Still, seeing her bow out this way almost made me feel for her, even if it was a direct result of an attempt on her daughter’s boyfriend. Chris saying goodbye the way he did probably changes things for him, and by association, Allison. I don’t think either will have any sympathy left for Derek and his pack, or wolves for that matter.

With 3 episodes left, it’s hard to believe that the show has burned through the amount of plots that it has, but it definitely feels like the show is headed for a big finish this season.

4 out of 5 cups of weird magical punch


Was anyone else really curious about what the hell Stiles got Lydia for her birthday? That was one big box.

Isaac found his own way to stifle his full moon instincts; by thinking of his father.

That was a cool little call back to Scott and Stiles’s visit to the gay bar with the drag queens arriving at the party, ha.

Apparently female wolves can handle more pain than males; Erica was able to wear that painful looking crown.

He Said, She Said

Peter: “I promise everything’s going to get back to normal, Lydia. All that you have to do is every single thing that I ask.”

Gerard: “Don’t hesitate because of Allison. She’ll feel the ground shifting beneath her feet time and again in her life. It is our job to teach her how to keep standing. “
Chris: “Ground isn’t shifting. It’s crumbling.”

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