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Revolution: No Quarter

Jeremy: "This is so dramatic. You guys remember One Life to Live?"

Revolution is getting a full season. I guess the ratings must be adequate, huh?

I liked this one better than the second one, and possibly better than the pilot. I liked that they told us how the Monroe Militia started; I liked the introduction of Mark Pellegrino as Jeremy because these days, Mark Pellegrino is consistently awesome; I liked that they didn't make the terrible mistake of promptly killing Mark Pellegrino off; I liked the little electricity moment in Grace's house; and I liked Charlie better. Maybe it was because she blew up a bridge with a bow and arrow and whatever was in her purse.

And yet somehow, Miles was still treating Charlie as if she were twelve. I wish there was some reluctant love between them, or even a hint of fondness. Or acting chemistry, since they're our two leads. For that matter, he was treating Nora like she was twelve, too. I thought *he* thought Nora was essential to getting Danny back?

Along with Mark Pellegrino, who was so evil that he was sacrificing his men in order to force the rebels to run out of bullets, I think my favorite scene was Danny's surprise faux-asthma attack on the guard who beat him up with a gunny sack. I did not expect to ever like Danny as a character. How about that.

Miles and Monroe walking a thousand miles from Parris Island to Chicago after the Blackout had its points, too. The slow, odd desertion of the soldiers was interesting because in this situation, it is probably what would happen. It was also interesting because Miles rescuing Jeremy and killing his attackers was the birth of the Monroe Militia. I guess a little law and order was a good idea at the time, huh?

The siege on the rebel base slash chain restaurant wasn't quite as compelling, although it ended well. I rather liked the contrast of crazy war apocalypse with the world we used to know when the Militia was firing their flintlocks into the restaurant. And Maggie and Aaron continued to be fun. Aaron got to tell Maggie about how out of place he feels in a world that is basically a schoolyard full of bullies. (Nice metaphor.) And then suddenly the Holy Grail went off, and there was Marvin Gaye and an aww moment as Maggie got to see that photo of her kids. I actually did go "awww."

So things are picking up. And that's good because Revolution got a full season. I already said that, didn't I?

Bits and pieces:

-- We only got a brief scene with Captain Neville, but it was a hoot; he was reading the autobiography of Lee Iacocca.

-- Charlie got a sad but rubber stamped emotional moment with the poor young guy with the broken arm who got shot.

-- Nora got a sad but rubber stamped emotional moment when she told the audience about her past. I sort of nodded off for that one, unfortunately.

-- Awesome rebel sniper with curly hair. What a shot. Guess Nora's stint as a galley slave hauling a helicopter was worth it.


Miles: "I'm Stu Redman. This is Frannie."
If you're one of the dozen people in the world who has never read Stephen King, Stu and Frannie were two of the main characters in The Stand, King's apocalyptic masterpiece. Very funny. Stu and Frannie were a couple, though, so it was a weird thing to say about your niece.

Charlie: "That man's dead."
Miles: "That's what being a rebel gets you."

Miles: "The honest love of a good man. That's why you're fighting with these amateurs?"
Nora: "Wow. Can you boil everything down to getting laid?"
Miles: "Yeah."

Nora: "Nicholas is a Catholic priest."
Miles: "Oh. So you're not his type."

Miles: "We are gonna Shawshank our asses out of here."
I love people who can successfully use a movie title as a verb. Even though it didn't work out.

Nicholas: "Christ forgives. I'm not Christ."
The unexpectedly tough-as-nails priest character has become a cliche. I did like him, though.

Two and a half out of four iPhones, and I know I used iPhones before but it needed to be iPhones,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I actually decided to give up on this show as I was watching. It just wasn't living up to the brilliance of the pilot and there are SO many other shows that are more worthy of my time. BUT then the final scene with the iPhone came along and I found myself genuinely touched. Grrr.... I guess that means I'll be sticking around for another episode or so!

  2. I'm still not sure about this one. The best thing about the last episode was Elizabeth Mitchell; the best thing about this episode was Mark Pellegrino. The second-best thing about this episode was the B-plot with Geek and Dr. Mom and the iPhone.

    But I still can't bring myself to really like Charlie, and if what the promo implied will happen in the next episode, I think I'm going to be unhappy.

    But Mark Pellegrino was awesome.

  3. ZOB,

    I think in the world of Revolution, bullets are more used than duct tape and have run out.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Zob - maybe it was particularly awesome duct tape? I enjoyed this piece of information. I have now modified my zombie apocalypse plan (of course I have one, doesn't everyone?)to make sure I use up all my duct tape early!

    I'm enjoying this show, not hugely, but enough to give it a few more episodes. I have a particular fondness for post-apocalyptic shows and this one has an unusual premise.

  6. Firstly, drnanamom :). Remember, two shots to the body one to the head.

    Its a problem when one doesn't like the leads. It can ruin the show. We just didn't learn anything about Charlie.

    But her brother. WOW I didn't expect that. One gold star for the actor, that was deeper than the text.

  7. I thought this episode was much better than last week's. I actually watched it without constantly looking at the clock and wishing for the end.

    I'm still not sure about Charlie, but she didn't bother me as much this week. Maybe because I saw an expression on her face and I liked the way she stood up to Miles. I also really liked the scene where Miles gets in her face (literally) about disrespecting her father. The man has some emotions, as deeply hidden as they may be.

    The flashbacks were interesting. I am looking forward to seeing more of the backstory about the three men and the militia.

    Speaking of backstory, am I the only one who think the baby Nora lost was Miles'?

  8. ChrisB, at first I didn't see the apostrophe at the end of your last question--and for a second, this show got really, really interesting.

  9. It is a bit hidden. Perhaps I should have said, "Miles' son."

    However, it would add another element to the show. :-)

  10. Last Resort has gotten me hooked after the 1st two episodes (actually the pilot had me hooked)...this one I am still making up my mind about. This 3rd ep was better, but not there yet. I'm willing to give it a few more.


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