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Scandal: Hell Hath No Fury

“They always take the money in the end.”

This week, again, the client is not exactly the kind of person you root for. In this case, however, we did have his mom Sandra (JoBeth Williams) to give the story an emotional base.

I can’t even imagine how horrible it would be to realize the son you raised, the son you love, is a rapist. Sandra struggles with deciding if what Travis is is her fault, if she is somehow responsible. I think Olivia is right. It might be partially her fault that he raped that girl, or it might not be. It will very definitely be her fault if she lets him get away with it.

The parallel between Sandra and Olivia was a little heavy handed. Plus, it doesn’t even apply. Fitz is not playing Olivia. Cyrus lied about it and she’s bound to recognize that sooner or later. She is touted as a political genius, is she not?

I just don’t know what to think about Cyrus. One minute he’s sneaking shrimp scampi off of Billy’s plate and joking with his ex-work wife, the next he’s lying to and manipulating said ex-work wife and the president. Politically, he is working for the greater good. If at all possible, the president should avoid boinking anyone who is not his wife. Still, I think there might have been a nicer way to split the two up than lying to them and calling Olivia a whore.

Amanda is pregnant. Not shocking, as far as television goes. But if you were the President of the United States and having an affair with a staffer, wouldn’t you be wildly, crazily careful about birth control?

Quinn got slightly less annoying this week. I’m far from agreeing with Gideon that her high-strungedness is cute, but at least I didn’t want to claw her face off...for most of the episode. I don’t understand why Olivia is so mean to her. Liv was the one who hired her, the one who threw her in the deep end of this world without any direction and yet she seems incredibly angry when Quinn asks the most basic of questions. Who is that woman? What are we doing? I know she’s annoying, but there’s no need to fly off the handle every single time.

Huck, on the other hand, is so adorable with Quinn. He is such a sweetie helping her out at the bar and calling her weird, but in a good way. I like him. He’s like a big teddy bear. With a mysterious past at the CIA.

Bits and Pieces:

I can’t believe Mellie canceled all of Fitz’s appointments and meetings without telling him. I’d be crazy mad if anyone did that to me and I’m not the president.

How did Fitz and Liv ever keep their affair secret? They looked like they were dancing at their wedding. Cyrus was hilarious with the drinking.


“I’ve just been so stressed out.”
“A rape charge does it to the best of us.”

“By the way, great piece yesterday about how the cherry blossoms are so late to bloom this year. I do hope they come soon.”
I love how she makes him hold her purse. She is so in control.

“Juries have a natural bias against the exceedingly rich.”
“Well I have a natural bias against rayon.”

“I love you.”
“Your wife is ten feet away.”
“I love you.”
“What about Amanda?”
“I. Love. You.”

“I never took you for the hell hath no fury type. It’s a little trashy, but so is having an affair with a married man.”
Clearly Cyrus took extra bitch pills that morning. Damn. I would have slapped him.

“Why did you invite her to the state dinner?”
“Why would you do that?”
“Because you needed to see her. I trust that tonight, you’ll sleep like a baby.”
So clearly, Mellie knows about Olivia and Fitz. His face here was impossible to read. Did he know she knew? Does it matter?

Three out of four rich boy rapists


  1. The president's marriage is definitely confusing. It certainly does appear that Mellie knows. Bringing Olivia into the White House so that Fitz could see her and sleep at night is just such a weird thing for a wife to do -- caring, but in an unwife-like way.

    I am also loving Huck, and I want to know more about him. I don't find Quinn annoying, by the way -- I think she's sort of cute, and I liked what Huck did for her.

  2. This show does keep me on my toes. I agree that Olivia's attitude towards Quinn is odd and that is the jarring note for me.

    But the rest I am loving. I did not see the pregnancy coming -- are we sure it's the President's?


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