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Haven: Sarah

Duke: “Oh, I hate this town.”

Well, that was certainly fun! Haven is back on track and this was a great episode. I tend to like time travel episodes as long as I remember something that the Doctor said - time travel is all timey wimey and wibbly wobbly, so don’t expect it to make sense. There were many loops in this episode that I just accepted, for example, Duke giving himself the pirate doubloon. I really enjoyed meeting Sarah. I think Emily Rose did an excellent job of distinguishing the two characters. They were very subtly different.

Weekly Weirdness

Stuart Moseley can move people in time when he’s upset or scared. He had met Duke and Nathan before so he put them back where he thought they belonged. It is a bit of stretch to think that he had never seen them before since they live in such a small town, but see above - I just suspend disbelief with this show. It was interesting that Stuart had sent his whole platoon into the future and to safety. I wonder if he messed with the timeline by doing that?

Overarching Mystery

We got to learn a lot more about Sarah and how she came to Haven. There are obviously a whole cast of characters that recur in this town as Agent Howard was there again as Sarah’s commanding officer. This time she came into town as a nurse. I wonder if she went through the same process as Audrey, figuring out what was really happening and trying to deal with her eventual disappearance. The flashbacks would be fun even without the time travel. And we also know that Vince and Dave eventually have different experiences with Sarah. I wonder who the father of the Colorado kid is - Nathan? Dave? Vince? some other nasty person who is now trying to create a fake Audrey/Lucy/Sarah?


Nathan clearly stated that he was with Jordan, just in case any of us weren’t sure. He obviously still loves Audrey in whatever guise and does it count as cheating if you aren’t in your own timeline? Nathan tried to call Duke a douche but really, I think that fits Nathan better at this point. I really felt for Duke as he tried to come to terms with killing his own grandfather or as eventually happened, not stopping Sarah from killing him. I can understand why Simon became a killer. The troubles killed his father but I hope that Duke continues to resist his fate although, because of what has happened, he seems resigned now. I think that Nathan and Duke should have bonded after this experience, but Nathan keeps holding on to his dislike of Duke. Duke must have really treated him badly when they were kids.

Bits and Pieces

Duke didn’t engage in the bar fight but still ended up at the police station.

The Haven Herald turned into a comic book store. How fitting.

Always remember, if you are sent into the past that the post is a great way to communicate with the future. I am learning all kinds of tips from sci-fi shows.

Nathan looked good in a hat. Men should still wear hats.

It was nice to see Chief Wournos again, even if he was from the wrong timeline.

In the different Haven, Dave kills Vince. Something really nasty has happened between them but they seem to have overcome whatever it is.


Duke: “Hey, buddy, getting any service?”
Guy from the Past: “Not that kind of party, pal.”

Guy from the Past: “It’s 1955, the year you should think about sobering up.”
Duke: “Actually, I think it’s the year I start drinking.”

Audrey: “Now let’s find Stuart so he can bring Duke back before he breaks more butterfly wings.”

Duke: “I kept a low profile, okay. I know the rules.”
Nathan: “The rules?”
Duke: “The time travel rules.”

Nathan: “We are not messing with the time-space continuum to deal with your daddy issues.”

Sarah: “I’ve seen what killing does to a man. It makes him hollow.”

Sarah: “You don’t need to be afraid of what you can’t explain.”

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