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Haven: Magic Hour, Part 2

Vince: “Everything is just how it’s supposed to be.”

I’m so glad that I’ve enjoyed another episode of Haven. It seems to be back to its old self. I still don’t like some of the new people and new developments, but at least things are ticking along and we are getting some answers to some questions. I will just have to trust to the writers to work things out.

Of course Nathan came back, but it took almost the whole episode and it did seem touch and go (pun intended). I love Claudia Black but there was something jarring about Moira. Maybe she was supposed to be stilted and awkward but the accent just didn’t work for me. I thought maybe it was because Claudia is Australian but when Moira was upset the accent was fine--so I think it was supposed to be part of the character. I guess you would have to be pretty shut down to not even react to the death of your sister, particular if she is your only family.

Weekly Weirdness

There weren’t really any new troubles although we did see that Tommy is troubled in some fashion. We also saw that Jordan’s trouble can be useful and used against you. (Ps. don’t leave the keys in your car when you are dealing with a possible serial murderer. Just a helpful tip.) It was interesting to think about trouble running in families. I seem to remember in some cases that one person in the family had to die before another could get the trouble but they seemed to imply that more than one family member could have the same trouble. Maybe I’m just confused.

Overarching Mystery

Well, there’s a barn. It’s creepy and old and apparently only shows up for Audrey/Lucy/Sarah. Tommy wants to get into it and we’re not sure why. I’m not sure even he knows. Tommy has either been there before like Audrey or just doesn’t age and has been around a while. He has memories of the fishing hut. I would bet a whole bunch of money that Tommy isn’t dead but he also isn’t the only killer. He definitely wasn’t the man in the video at the bank. Dwight is some kind of uber-guard as he has a huge tattoo on his back. So, let's take stock - we know Tommy is at least one of the bolt gun killers. We know Vince and Dave know a lot more than they are saying. We also know that the barn has appeared and that means the time for Audrey to go is coming soon.


Audrey obviously still loves Nathan and now Jordan and Duke have both heard her say it. I guess you can’t overhear things when you are dead so Nathan still doesn’t know. Still, all I can say is what a blockhead! I’d feel more sorry for Jordan if she wasn’t throwing off so many pained, lovelorn looks. Can I just say again, how much I hate that particular triangle. I’m glad that Audrey and Duke didn’t get together in Colorado but he is looking better and better each week and he plays the ukelele.

Bits and Pieces

Loved Vince and Dave playing detective, but I wasn’t very keen on them getting tortured. They are tough old guys.

Tommy talking about a cop getting shot showed how much he was from the big city. Of course Laverne would ask if it was Nathan. She personally knows every police officer in Haven and who was out with Tommy.


Duke: “You better pray that your girlfriend can bring my friend back to life.” I enjoyed Duke being menacing.

Duke: “Girls. She was still talking when I hung up.” I also enjoy him pretending he is a jerk.

Jordan: “What are you going to do?”
Audrey: “Traumatize her.”

Moira: “You’re not a killer.”
Audrey: “You have no idea what I am. And I want Nathan back.”

Audrey: “I’ve always loved you. I always will love you.”

Claire: “Okay, okay, I’ll ask some intrusive questions.”
Duke: “You know, I think I’m going to let Audrey catch you up. Those tacos aren’t going to make themselves, now.”

Nathan: “Apparently, they’re making tacos in my honour.”

Audrey: “Are you okay?”
Vince: “All things taken together? NO!”

Vince: “Only one person ever goes to the barn and it comes for her.”

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