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Lost Girl: SubterrFaenean

"Would you believe we took a wrong turn in Albuquerque?"

Wow, that's an episode title I don't want to type again.

We're rotating coverage of Lost Girl this season, and it's my turn. It's actually my very first Lost Girl review, too. When I review something, I tend to look at it differently than when I just watch it for fun. And this time I realized that "Fae of the week" stories don't really do a lot for me.

Not that the Slender Man/Pied Piper elongated arms guy wasn't creepy, because he was -- he most certainly wasn't boring. And Atticus, the Fae alligator in the sewers, turned out to be cool; I liked that Bo and Kenzi let Atticus have the guy in the end. There did seem to be a lot of Fae plot going on, though -- the blind fae in the sewers, the shipping container and the kids, rats, music, the weird disease that wasn't, not to mention the arts festival and the dead guy in the alligator costume who peed himself. (I found that whole thing sort of confusing.)

Hamlin, the new city manager coming out of nowhere, had "I'm almost certainly the bad guy" written all over him, and voila. But we also got Tamsin, a brand new partner for Dyson. I wish she hadn't come out of the gate as a bitch who poured coffee all over Dyson's desk, acted jealous of Bo, and followed it up by making an unreciprocated pass at him. It could be interesting pairing Dyson with a representative of the Dark Fae. Come on, let's dump the stereotype and give her a chance. I liked the actress and I thought she had potential.

(Dyson has friends in Light places. You'd think he'd quit and move to the private sector. Doesn't Hale need a private security force? Okay, Hale's appointment isn't permanent, I get it. Moving along.)

Tamsin suspects that Bo is taking victims, and unfortunately, Tamsin is right. Bo isn't conscious of what she's doing and is having nightmares about it while having hot hot hot sex with Lauren, who is so exhausted from two days in bed with Bo that she's suffering from dehydration. (Very cute.) Trick tried to help Bo's nightmares by bringing in Eunice the Dream Weaver, who was warm for his form, and while the spinning wheel and the picture in the embroidery was really cool (actually, difficult to see), it didn't work out for Bo. And now the Fae she took is in a coma, a future plot point waiting to happen.

At least Kenzi still rocks. Kenzi always rocks. She picked the locks at the police station to get Bo out. And the case this time was actually at her own initiative, because of her old friend Ozzie from her homeless days. Her story about her life in the sewers was more interesting than the Pied Piper plot. Obviously, I wish we'd gotten less Fae-of-the-week and more of the characters I love. And who do I love? You know it's Kenzi.


-- Vex, who caused problems at the art festival and stole and altered Bo's robe, appears to be a fixture at Chez Bo. Is he going to be around permanently? He can be funny, but I'm not warming to him.

-- Bo and Kenzi ended up bewitched, at home and in bed together. Vex's reaction to that was fun. As I said.

-- I also liked Bo bewitching a cop into letting her go.


Bo: "Know this. if you go near my girlfriend, the little balls hanging from our Christmas tree next year will have a certain panache."
Vex: "Hook up illegal cable and what do I get? Threats against my junk. Typical."

Dyson: "That was a little subtle. Maybe you can do it again with sound effects."

Kenzi: (about the guy eating the rat) "At least he eats organic."

Kenzi: "Why isn't there an app for navigating shipyards? There's an app for turning people into zombies."

I know I missed a lot of good quotes, so feel free to add anything you loved.

Two out of four alligator costumes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I wasn't too fond of this episode, but I did love Tamsin, pretty much because she poured coffee all over Dyson's desk.

  2. Tamsin was cool despite some grumpiness..I can see her and Dyson hooking up. As long as Bo and Lauren stay togehter that seems likely so bring it on. Mostly a fun episode.

  3. I love Tamsin despite her impossible abs. I didn't get so much of a jealousy vibe from her as a righteous indignation for Bo's comatizing (shhhh, it's a word) one of her side. I like that she's Dark Fae too. I feel this is going to subvert a lot of Dyson complaining to Hale about his new partner and getting the all mighty Ash to back him up. I like Hale as the Ash, but I miss seeing him more. :/


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