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Lost Girl: Faes Wide Shut

"Holy Octopussy."

Something is terribly wrong with Bo. Something is terribly wrong with Kenzi. I really don't like it. Especially since the show is basically about Bo and Kenzi.

Quite honestly, I found the thing with Kenzi a lot more disturbing than Bo possibly killing her latest bedmate. Is that callous of me? The change in Kenzi wasn't that obvious at first, but as the episode progressed and it went from Kenzi interrupting Bo and her cupcake in bed to actually lying about and ratting out Lauren, it was obvious that Kenzi had somehow turned into a self-centered manipulator without a conscience. Is she drugged? Replaced? Possessed? What was even stranger was that it appeared to go hand-in-hand with an almost sexual obsession with Bo.

Bo and Lauren started the episode by picking up a bed partner for Bo, which was probably something Bo shouldn't have done right in front of her grandfather (even if he was cool enough to have a spare key to the Bacchanal Sex Club). Lauren was acting all cool and logical about Bo's needs, but it was definitely getting to her. I just don't see their relationship weathering this sort of problem, and that was even before Bo killed her one night stand -- if she did. Interesting that if Bo did kill her, Bo doesn't remember doing it, "Kenzi" knew but didn't care, and Lauren may have falsified the autopsy to cover it up. Would Lauren do that? Fortunately, Bo "vamped out" in front of Lauren. Who did Lauren call? Trick, maybe?

Dyson was refusing to believe that Bo would kill someone, while Tamsin was certain she did. But I'm starting to like the two of them as partners. Tamsin is a hoot.

And the bacchanal was fun, and Roman the Roman god had an amazing chest. It was really too bad he was so sexually jaded that he had moved on to remote control seafood. The plot with the unfortunate human exploding into goo was pretty much a parallel to Bo's emotionally slimy sex life....? Okay, that was a stretch. Moving right along.

Bits and pieces:

-- So the Roman Bacchanal was run by a guy named Roman? That's like having a cat named Cat.

-- Lauren looked so hot when she arrived at the Bacchanal. And then she opened her mouth, and Doctor came out.

-- "Paranormal Hotvestigators." If Lost Girl had a subtitle, that would definitely be it.


Lauren: "He's a hydra. Nine heads."
Bo: "I see only one."
Lauren: "Not that kind of head."
Mental picture. Ick.

Trick: "So many glasses... must... polish..."

Distressed wife: "He was tired, he was stressed, I was trying to spice things up, and the more I tried, the more bored he got, the more he pulled away. And now he's a puddle!" (sobs)

Bo: "Mmmm. Smorgasbord."

Bo: "I think Hefner summers here."

Trick: "What can I say. It was the seventies. The eighteen seventies."

Dyson: "We're here in the name of the Light."
Tamsin: "And the dark."
Roman: "Oh, my my. Did someone get her chocolate in his peanut butter?"

Good episode, but I was disconcerted by the weirdness that was Kenzi. I'm actually worried about a fictional character. I want my Kenzi back,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I knew Kenzi wasn't Kenzi right off the bat - so kudos to Ksenia Solo for portraying the not-quite-Kenzi so believably. I also spent the whole episode angry at Bo for not realizing it as well - she's supposed to be Kenzi's best friend, so she should know her better than this, dammit! I've managed to forgive her after the last scene, but I'm still a bit pissed off at her. Which also shows my deep and disturbing love for Kenzi. I want her back and well, and possibly within the next episode! Is that too much to ask? :D


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