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Person of Interest: One Percent

“Lunchtime, bitches!”

Thank God. I was just thinking I was in the mood for a silly standalone episode and guess what? We got a silly standalone!

After weeks of Sturm und Drang, we lighten up. A lot. Like season 1 light. And I loved every minute. Jimmi Simpson (24, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Psych, other things) guest stars as an eccentric, erratic social media magnate whose life is in danger. I loved this episode. It was absolutely ridiculous, but oh so much fun.

I am continually impressed with PoI’s creativity. A young man invents a social media site, falls out with his partner and friend after bringing in a third party, and the social media site’s IPO tanks? How original! Yes, I’m being sarcastic. I mean, seriously, Justin even looked like Eduardo Saverin.

I don’t mind that Facebook was blatantly ripped off or, as Dick Wolf would have it “Ripped from the Headlines,” but there were a few uncharacteristic holes in this week’s story. Did the lawyer’s attempt on Pierce’s life have anything to do with Justin’s? Is it just a coincidence two people were trying to kill him in the same week? Why would Pierce move Alchemistry girl to St. Petersburg if he knows someone is trying to kill him in St. Petersburg?

I also have to say they hit the “Reese needs a friend” thing a bit hard, particularly with the coda. Bear might need a canine friend to socialize with, but Reese already has Carter, Fusco, and Finch. Even if he did need another friend, would an eccentric billionaire with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity and a penchant for trouble truly be the best choice?

I’m willing to overlook the episode’s rather minute shortcomings because it was nice to have a break. The audience (not to mention Reese and Finch) needed to unwind after the Stanton arc. Will Pierce be back? I’d love him to come back. I quite enjoy PoI’s roundtable of recurring characters. I’d really love to see some of them meet. Imagine the pairings. Speaking of, looks like Zoe’s back next week. Who’s happy?

The ridiculousness of the Pierce plot was tempered nicely by a few short Finch-centric flashbacks, the most affecting of which was Finch learning about 9/11. Fittingly, it was Ingram who broke the news to his friend. We also got a quick glimpse of post-Machine Ingram outside the the apartment of a woman on the irrelevant list. I like that he didn’t go in. Way back in 2009, there was still a sense that one couldn’t/shouldn’t use the Machine for anything other than its intended purpose. It may be cruel, but Finch and Ingram decided they wouldn’t play God. Here, we see Ingram dealing with the consequences of that decision. I’m very curious to know how Ingram died. Maybe he went back on his word to Finch and started trying to save the numbers the Machine spit out and that somehow got him killed. I hope we find out this season, although I sort of doubt it.

I generally avoid talking about about Fusco’s HR mess because I find it boring and I continually forget the names of important figures in that storyline. I’m not a fan of the way its been dragging on and on. Perhaps the writers are intentionally trying to confuse the audience by only spending four minutes a week on progressing the story. Or maybe the show’s writers think we’re smarter than we are. They give us credit for a memory capacity I know I don’t I have. Maybe the next time we delve into the story, our characters can wear name tags.

Bits and Pieces:

It’s finally 2013 in PoI-land.

Friendczar? Really?

How hot does Jim Caviezel look in a tux?

Carter’s bangs...are gone! Wishes do come true!


“How’s that carried interest loophole treating you?”
“I’m sorry, I thought you were interesting.”

“I’m so sorry, Finch, but this guy is too used to getting his way. 10 million.”

“Tell me Sinclair, do you buy all your shirts pre-stuffed or do you just fill them out that way?”
Buffy rip-off. Name that episode!

“Who put you up to this? Is this penance for some deep, dark mistake?”
Yes. Yes, it is.

“Have you been under any excess stress?”
“You mean besides being locked in an 11 by 13 at Riker’s and wearing a bomb vest around Manhattan? Not really.”
And that’s a day in the park for Reese.

“You said you had a safe house.”
“This is a bar.”

“A cunning billionaire with unlimited resources.”
Where have we seen this before?

three and a half out of four broken 2 million dollar watches
sunbunny, Person of Interest and Bear the Dog fangirl


  1. What a fun review, Sunbunny! When I saw Carter's new haircut, I immediately thought of you.

    I was put off by Jimmi Simpson's general "douchebaggery" (to steal an awful word from SPN), but I liked the second half of the episode more than the first. Especially Jimmi Simpson putting his arm around Reese's shoulder, and Reese taking the arm off again.

    And I thought they handled 9/11 perfectly: two friends, staring at the TV screen. That was it.

    I maintain hope that Nathan isn't really dead but just faking somehow. I'm so into that hope that I developed a whole scenario in my head, in which Bear was reacting to anxiety in the "home" (aka library)--but not Finch's or Reese's anxiety. Rather, he has been reacting to the anxiety of the stowaway Ingram, who has been living in the library stacks, eating epistolary novels for food and becoming increasingly more moralizing and disheveled as a result. (Clarissa will do that to anyone.)

  2. Samuel Richardson should keep him alive for a number of years. Once done with Clarissa, he can get started on Pamela and Sir Charles Grandison.

  3. I for one, Sunbunny, is very happy with Zoe on our screens next week; thank you very mucho.
    A tiny bitty kiss, anyone? :D

    Had fun watching this ep, too.
    It was nice to see Jimmi Simpson again.
    He really knocks these eccentrically funny characters out of the ball park.

    It's nice to see Reese's dismayed face everytime Logan pulls unexpectant stunts. Hahaha.

  4. First of all, a huge LOL for the book comments. Great way to start the day.

    I was seriously concerned with Bear. After all, he's an important part of the group. Socialization people ! That's the key ! Regardless of the numbers of legs that you may have ! Get out and grab a beer with friends ! Or go run in the park ! (and please, pick up up the poop)

    It was indeed a "lighter" episode than the previous ones indeed. I'd take a much longer break after having worn an explosive devise on my chest. But hey, I'm no Reese.

    Zoe next week ?????????? BOOOOOYAH ! And the musical score still puts me on cloud nine. (gets me there, what ever's the right expression, but you get my point) (ahhhh, I can listen to the CD several times per week)

    Plenty of cute gems this week.

    "What's your plan ? Classic black !" "I presume you know how to tie these ?"

    "Exactly how MUCH money do you have ?" "He's encroaching on HIS wife ! Oh dear !"

    "Finch ! How do we keep up with a guy that breaks all the rules ?"

    (Back to the machine Mythology) "We changed, but the World stayed the same....'till today." These 2 in front of the TV was very simple, yet very effective. Will probably put that in my museum.

    "He's gonna get a helluva hangover !"

    And someone should restart counting the shut knee caps ! Knee surgeons in New York have a huge smile these days. And a darn good profit margin.

    And Finch one step in from of Pierce : destroying the watch in order to remove the GPS chip.

  5. hummmmmm

    how about ONE STEP AHEAD instead ?????????

  6. This was fun. I would like to see more of Pierce as it is always fun when our group meets someone who can keep up with them.


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