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Doux News: March 10, 2013

This week: Many, many pilots, Downton Abbey and Star Wars -- The Following, Dexter and True Blood --Joss Whedon is still my master -- New at Doux -- And this week's requisite Supernatural content

And it's pilot-paloosa! Seriously, it's obviously pilot season, because if I saw one article about a new pilot this week, I saw a dozen. Here are my personal highlights. If I didn't mention any that intrigue you, post a comment!

-- Anthony Head plays a King (what a stretch, huh?) in the pilot for the CW's The Selection, which sounds like a cross between Hunger Games and The Bachelor.

-- Scott Bakula and Geena Davis play husband and wife bounty hunters on an as yet unnamed pilot for TNT.

-- Seth Gabel and Georgina Haig (Fringe) both landed pilots the same day. Gabel will play a DA named Usher on ABC's Gothica, which sounds a bit like a dark fantasy version of One Upon a Time. And Haig will be playing a cop in the pilot of the southern legal drama Reckless.

-- Naveen Andrews (Lost) was also cast in Reckless. Sounds like he's playing a go to it guy who will do anything to accomplish his mission. That sounds familiar. I don't tend to even try legal dramas, and it takes a Nathan Fillion or a Simon Baker to keep me watching a procedural, but I'll give this one a shot.

-- Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) was cast in the NBC pilot entitled Believe, which appears to have some fantasy elements. It's about a young girl with powers and a criminal who protects her from evil. Kyle doesn't play either of these roles, but this one still sounds a bit intriguing.

-- There's Downton Abbey news that they've added six new members to the cast (probably because the cast is so incredibly tiny that it needs to be supplemented) and that someone will be leaving. Yes, they say who. (Or is that whom?) So don't click unless you want to know.

-- Are they or aren't they? There was news earlier this week that Carrie Fisher would return to the Star Wars franchise as Leia, and even that Harrison Ford was on board as well. And yet now it sounds like they're teasing us. I bet they will, though. Who says no to Star Wars?

Renewals, Cancellations and Replacements

-- The Following has been renewed. I'm not following The Following. It sounds like something that might skip right over my violence threshold. (Is it? What do you guys think?)

-- Speaking of my violence threshold, I've been a fan of Dexter for years (it sits exactly on the edge of that threshold), and I'm getting a bit tired of how coy everyone is acting. Dexter usually airs on Showtime in the fall, but the eighth season is airing this coming spring, starting June 30. And I've seen at least three articles hinting strongly that this will be final season. The president of CBS, Les Moonves, just said it, too. Will they freaking announce it, already? Maybe the terrific ratings for this past season seven had them in talks with Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter to maybe stay on a bit longer, but I don't get the feeling that will happen. Personally, I want an ending scheduled in advance so that the show can go out with a bang. It's a dark story and it needs a real, actual ending.

-- Mark Hudis, the new True Blood showrunner who replaced genius Alan Ball, is no longer showrunner and has been replaced by Brian Buckner. He didn't even finish an entire season? This doesn't sound good. I've been getting the feeling for awhile that True Blood was running out of steam and I won't be surprised if this summer's sixth season is its last.

Joss Whedon is still my master

We're big fans of Joss Whedon here at Doux Reviews, and the first official trailer for his foray into Shakespeare was released this week. I'm not into trailers, but this one is bloody marvelous.

Sunbunny observed the occasion with a post asking Mr. Whedon to continue filming every play that Shakespeare wrote, and offering to assist with the casting. Personally, I'm not particular about who plays what, as long as Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof are in everything. And could we find a good role for J. August Richards?

In related news, Deadline posted a lengthy interview with the master in which he talks about why he took a few weeks off from The Avengers to do Shakespeare in his own home, and (alarmingly) how close he is to burning out. (Nooooooooo! Take a long vacation, Joss Whedon! Become refreshed and renewed! Please don't burn out!) Whedon also mentioned that he was not offered Star Wars, or even entered into discussions to do it, but that it wasn't a diss of any kind -- he was just already committed to Avengers 2, which he wants to make even better than the original. Like that's possible.

New at Doux

Say hello to our new writer Beth, an old friend of mine, who will be reviewing Psych for us! Welcome to Doux Reviews, Beth!

And finally, this week's requisite Supernatural content

If you've been around this site for at least five minutes, you're probably aware that I'm a huge fan of Supernatural, currently in its eighth season. Let us close this week's DN with Supernatural doing the Harlem Shake in a devil's trap. (Actually, the best part of it is the confused dog trying to figure out what the people are doing.) (See? No cats, but I managed to get a dog mention in there.)

And that's it for this week. Comments? Rants? Good news to share? Lines are open.


  1. I'm still watching The Following, but it's not as epic as I thought it might be. I honestly wouldn't tell you to drop everything and start watching. I am squeamish as anyone, and there have only been a couple of times I have had to hide under the blanket.

    I liked the Whedon interview. I could hear his voice answering those questions. Imagine shooting in a film in less than two weeks. There's a moral in there somewhere.

  2. I'm so excited about Whedon's "Much Ado..."! Are the reviewers fighting for the reviewing rights behind the scenes at "Doux"?

    Jason Isaacs has a new pilot for CBS. It's called Surgeon General--so I guess it combines medicine and politics? I love Isaacs thanks to Harry Potter and Awake, so I'll give it a shot but I'm not going to hold my breath...if only he weren't playing an American! I'd watch anything with him and his native accent:)

  3. a.m., Sunbunny claimed dibs on Much Ado practically the moment it was announced, so we're definitely reviewing it.

    I looooove Jason Isaacs. Love. But a medical drama? I'm even less into medical dramas than I am legal dramas. (I at least watch a couple of sitcoms and procedurals.) Couldn't they cast him in something I like?

  4. I still watch The Following, and although it's not as gripping as in the beginning, I'm still interested enough to want to keep watching to see what happens next! ;o)

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to wait for Much Ado to come out on dvd... I have issues about watching Shakespeare in Spanish! :p

    All the Pilot news is kind of cruel 'cause most of these won't make it to series! :o(

  5. I love legal dramas and Naveen Andrews..sounds like a hit to me.
    Geena Davis? Oh yes..it's been too long since I saw her in anything..
    Much ado gets more promising by the minute..

  6. Billie, I agree about medical dramas. Plus, is the surgeon general's job really all that exciting? When I think of surgeon generals, I think of cigarette warnings and sex education arguments, so I'm not sure how interesting that would be for tv. It's on CBS, so there's no way it will be as good as Awake, but one never knows...and as CrazyCris says, who's to say it will actually air?

    Maybe I should hope that it doesn't work so he'll get picked up in something better? Alas, I like him too much to root against him...

  7. I heard True Blood just started the 4th episode, so that's where it's at. I don't know what to make of this, but it doesn't sound good. I always found it strange that Ball would choose a writer who joined late during the 4th season to be the showrunner instead of a writer like Buckner who has been around since the beginning.

  8. This was as massively entertaining as ever and there's lots of good news here. Can't wait to see Alexis Denisof again - I've only seen him pushing a stroller in paparazzi shots recently.


  9. Oh yeah, re Downtown: the actors initially signed a three-year contract, which is why there's been such a high, um, attrition rate lately. No wonder the cast is being plumped up.


  10. According to sources, it was Jensen's idea to do the Harlem Shake. And it was Kevin Tran in the body bag :)

    The gore and violence factor has been toned down in The Following and I still love the show.

    Now I just need to sit and impatiently wait for the new episode of Shameless.

  11. a) June the 7th has already been marked on my calendar

    b) welcome Beth.

    c) Harlem Shake: well THAT'S original LOL (I think I have that car in my 400 plus collection)

    d) Take a break Joss, we care too much for ya !

  12. Celticmarc, I bet you don't watch Supernatural. The car is a cast member. :)

  13. Bee,

    as long as the cast member doesn't speak like the animated movies....that's kill the magic...

    OF COURSE I don't watch : I keep seeing Dean from the Gilmore Girls when I look at Jared P. Please forgive me Jared.

  14. Allo, Billie.

    The Following is quite gruesomely violent aside from being too creepo.

    Looking forward on Seth Gabel's and G Haig's new shows.
    Truly hope the shows don't disappoint.

    Have a nice day! :)

  15. I don't find The Following all that violent (although I have a very strong stomach), but I do find it insulting. The police and FBI have been incredibly stupid in their behavior since the first episode, and without this relentless gross stupidity the villain couldn't have achieved anything. Suspension of disbelief is becoming an impossible task. I'll probably finish the season, because I'm a glutton for punishment, but I can't really recommend the show to anybody.

  16. The The Following is less bloody and violent than for example The Walking Dead. But the FBI is really stupid in this show. I am totally with the Afterbuzz description of FBIWTF. I loved the premise of the show but unfortunately it`s not as epic as I wished it would be. I cannot understand the writers for doing this to Bacon and Purefoy. These two keep me interested in the show though.

    I hope it`s the final season of Dexter. They have already dragged it out for too long. It deserves a good ending and I think another season would only damage the reputation of the show even further.

    TB what are you doing? I don`t want the next season to be crap. They had such a great season last year and made bold decisions. I want the writers to continue the chosen path and not to make a U-turn. I am happy with either decision for the future. But they should give it a proper and stellar ending.


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