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Lost Girl: Adventures in Fae-bysitting

Kenzi: "Book club? Please tell me you're reading Fifty Shades of Grey."

There was a lot of good stuff, some sad stuff, and some mysterious stuff in the continuing saga of what Bo really is and where she came from.

The best part was Bo and Kenzi reconnecting and playing detective together. It was like going back to the beginning of the series in a feel-good sort of way. Kenzi babysitting the kid from Hell was also fun. This episode was so quotable (mostly Kenzi quotable) that I had to restrain myself and just pick my favorites.

But it also feels, and not for the first time, as if Kenzi isn't happy with just being a human sidekick any more. The pointed references to fae being lucky and the tale of "SuperKenz" who had both Dyson's and Hale's powers made it obvious that Kenzi wants to be fae. Is she? Is that where this is going? Or maybe the introduction of witches into the LostGirlverse means that Kenzi is going to become a witch, a la Willow on Buffy? If the witch thing is a human thing, Kenzi might be tempted. It would be a way for her to become SuperKenz, wouldn't it? And then in season six, she could become the villain and square off against Bo... okay, I'll shut up now.

I did love the opener with Bo and Kenzi mystying a horror movie and commiserating on losing in love. Poor Lisa, the duppy (or was it "duffy"?) stuck in a real sort of horror movie. It was sad that all Lisa wanted was to be human, while Kenzi was longing to be fae and Bo was realizing that she might not hate being fae, after all. (So I guess there was a theme to this one, huh?) I knew Bo would burn that necklace. After all, Bo couldn't count on being around in a hundred years, could she?

So they're hitting us over the head with this Wanderer thing. The creepy merry-go-round, the witch channeling -- was that Bo's super dad? (Did anyone else say to themselves, "Join me, Luke, and we'll rule the universe together as father and son!" No? Just me?) We also had witches getting vaporized, a field full of dead fae, and a camera overlooking said field full of dead fae. Plus Tamsin looked absolutely terrible, which for her meant a few loose strands of her usually perfect hair and some dark make-up under her eyes. I'm already fond of Tamsin, so that didn't make me happy.

Plus we also had a brand new development with Lauren, who has a surprise criminal past, another name (Karen Beattie?) and she's even still wanted by the law. Wow. What is this Isaac guy up to? They wouldn't cast Shawn Doyle for a small part, so he's probably important. Dan thought he might be the one behind the field-o-dead-fae, or he might even be Bo's super dad -- or both. He certainly doesn't give off cuddly vibes.

Speaking of which, what has happened to Hale, all spiffy looking in a posh suit and keeping Lauren prisoner? He was mean to Kenzi, too, and that's just unforgivable. It's like he's possessed by the last Ash or something. Did the power go to his head?

Bits and pieces:

-- Points for a great episode title. And for the name of the suburbs, which was "Shady Grove."

-- Loved Susan, the perky redheaded realtor witch. She was hilarious and only mildly evil.

-- The witch club stuff reminded me of Supernatural. There was even a burning pentagram.

-- Did we have to have someone stabbing a live crab?

-- What happened with Tamsin's spell to make Bo lose her power? I'm blanking it out. In any event, it certainly isn't working.


Kenzi: "Did you accidentally sacrifice a virgin?"
Bo: "Kenzi!"
Kenzi: "What? It happens."

Bo: "This is like grown-up nice."
Kenzi: "What's wrong with our place? It has character."
Bo: "Yeah, and roach-termite hybrids."

Kenzi: "Sweet Hay-sus. It's like extreme makeover, safari edition."

Susan: "She lost her husband. It was so tragic. I need to pee."

Trick: "How's suburbia?"
Kenzi: "Oh, you know, filled with tofu-scarfing crystal-rubbing Buddha-bumping hypocrites. Yeah, they're zen, all right, until they get a single scratch on their luxury SUV."
Trick: "People have always searched for guidance, Kenzi. Even those who have to commute."

Trick: "Lisa won't remember a thing."
Kenzi: "Like fae-nesia?"
Whatever that is, it's better than Changnesia.

Lisa: "So I kill people and I'm dead?"
Kenzi: "On the bright side -- killer dead babysitter! The TV movie writes itself!"
I would have used this quote at the top, but it basically spoils the episode, doesn't it?

Kenzi: "I think I found Sam's hit list. And I get why some kids are sent to work in the mines."

Kid: "You just said the B word, the A word, and 'ginger'! I want to be SuperKenz!"

I'm enjoying this season more than the second part of season two, although I'm hoping the Wanderer stuff ends up being cooler than it currently appears. Three out of four burning pentagrams,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. As soon as I saw the book club, it immediately reminded me of the third season Supernatural episode Malleus Maleficarum, and I thought that these housewives would be witches as well. And then they, of course, turned out to be. I love Lost Girl, but lately I seem to always guess its plot points and surprises too early...

  2. This episodes did comes across like a fluffier 'Malleus Maleficarum'. I was actually surprised that the ladies turned out to be really witches. I assumed they were going to be Fae, because the bad guy are usually always Fae. Have the writers decided to expanded the show's universe to include other supernatural creatures?

  3. Glad I wasn't the only one who saw the "Malleus Maleficarum" of this ep. I don't like new Hale. I miss old Hale. Also, did anyone else think it was odd that Bo made Lauren into Laurence?


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