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Scandal: Molly, You in Danger, Girl

“Can you give good fairytale?”

Once again, I have no idea where to start. This week was packed to the brim with new revelations, important couple moments, and smolder. Fitz’s smolder is back. Thank God.

I am ecstatic about having our old Fitz back. We didn’t see him with a drink once this episode and he was very thoughtfully concerned about Cyrus and James’s relationship. Not to mention the last scene where he rushes to Olivia’s side. Someone else can run the country for a while. His girl hit her head. Fitz and Liv often say “Hi” to each other in a sexy, soulful way. I think this week’s “Hi” was the writers signaling that things are on the way back to normal for Olivitz. Finally. I am a happy girl.

The last scene was just electric. Now Olivia knows Jake is more than he seems and knows he has a connection with Fitz. She’s a smart girl. She’s probably figured out Jake was watching her on Fitz’s behalf. Jake now knows he wasn’t watching Olivia because she presented a threat to the government. His face when he realized what there was between Liv and Fitz was just priceless. Just one shoe is left to drop: Fitz still doesn’t know Jake and Olivia are/were together. Will Fitz continue being caring and sympathetic or will he revert back to jealous, murderous monster? We’ll have to wait and see.

Fitz and Mellie were great this week. I loved the stories, both fake and real, of how they met. It seems so them to have an adorable meet cute all queued up for the masses. The truth was much darker. As Fitz would have it, their relationship is practically an arranged marriage engineered by big bad daddy. I’m thinking Fitz is oversimplifying matters. I doubt he would have married Mellie just because his dad wanted him to. He must have loved her at some point.

Osborne is officially not Albatross, begging the question ‘Who is?’ This episode seemed to be designed to lead us to believe it’s Cyrus, but I’m not buying it. Cyrus cares about power way too much to sell any of it to a foreign nation. Not to mention, last week he didn’t know who Jake was and it’s been established that Jake works for Albatross. If it was Cy, why hire Jake in the first place? Charlie is still his go-to clean up guy. Why hire another grunt?

But, if Cyrus is not Albatross, what was that whole thing with Huck? And, while we’re at it, what happened to Huck? He was only missing a few hours and he never left the storage place, so did he just spend a short time locked in a wooden crate? That sucks and would traumatize most people, but this is Huck. He’s tougher than that, right?

Before the series even began, Huck saved Quinn from being arrested for the Cytron explosion. Now it’s Quinn’s turn to rescue Huck. I’m really glad the writers have finally picked a direction for Quinn. I like her as Huck’s apprentice. She’s learning quickly and getting tougher by the day. Her whole speech to Zeke reminded me of something Olivia would say. Quinn for the win.

Speaking of team members, David is getting closer and closer to becoming one himself. This week, he uses his professional contacts to help the gang and even refers to himself as a “gladiator.” I’m viewing his eventually joining the team as inevitable at this point. How sweet was it the way Abby’s mind jumped to David the second they realized Osborne wasn’t the mole? They make such a cute couple, I hope David can get over Abby completely destroying his career and lying about it.

Bits & Pieces:

Jake’s slip about Olivia never using her kitchen made me cringe on his behalf.

How did Quinn get all the keys to the storage units? At most storage units, you provide your own padlock, meaning the management does not have your key.

After discovering Jake’s duplicity, Olivia drops the glass she was holding and takes a shocked step back into where the glass should be. Fortunately for her, it seems to have disappeared.

Who was breaking into Liv’s apartment? Did Jake’s boss hire someone to kill her or was it a prerecorded fake to scare Olivia into thinking Jake was a good guy?


“No, it’s not Oprah. Oprah is more important. Would you like Oprah? Would Oprah be better? Because I can call Oprah. I’ll call her now.”

“In this interview, Rose is going to want to see a happy couple. They don’t want you. This is Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. This is Macbeth.”
Mellie is so Lady Macbeth.

“I want to drink my wine from a normal sized bottle!”

“Don’t give up on him, if you love him. Just, don’t give up.”

“His grieving widow doesn’t think he was a traitor? Why didn’t you say? That makes all the difference. Have you talked to his kids? I’m dying to know what they think.”

“Gladiators in helmets, right?”
How does helmets make sense, David? Really, now.

“Things don’t happen to Huck. He’s Huck.”

“Listen Zeke, ‘Darling’ has a law degree from Stanford and the chief of police on speed dial. I sat outside here for an hour and watched three ladies enter with three gentlemen, each of whom departed with a spring in his step and probably 200 bucks poorer. So I suggest you go ahead and let ‘Darling’ take a look at the damn security cams.”

“What do you want me to say when they ask what our issues are? It really gets under my skin when he does things like steal the covers and he leaves dirty dishes in the sink and he rigs national elections.”

“Did I do this to you? Or have you always been like this? Because if it was me, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”
He really seemed genuine to me. What do you guys think?

four out of four disappearing broken glasses


  1. I didn't cringe when Jake made that slip with the kitchen remark, but I did cringe all through that love scene. There was something so shuddery about him watching all of her private moments and then seducing her on top of it! I so wanted Olivia to figure it out, and at least she knows now. And Jake knows about Olivia and Fitz, the biggest secret on the show. Which probably means it's going to be curtains for Jake before the end of the season.

    Huck and Quinn are so cute together, and I love what they're doing with finding a direction for her character that works. I loved how tough she was with the guard. She absolutely kept pushing and would not stop.

    I've been waiting for David to just freaking join the team already. How much longer will he be sleeping on the couch?

    I used to just dislike Mellie. This week, I started feeling sorry for her. She's a fascinating character. This is a fascinating show. I love this show.

  2. That final scene was amazing, but Olivia's eyes as the camera panned out were tortuous to look at. She must sense her world imploding a bit right about now.

    Every week, I wonder if this will be the down week. Hasn't happened yet. The writers on this show deserve all kinds of praise.

  3. The title of this episode has been bugging me, and I finally figured out why. It's (of course) what the Whoopi Goldberg character says to the Demi Moore character in the movie Ghost. And I just now remembered who Molly was in danger from. It was the character played by Tony Goldwyn. Wow.

    Did everyone else get that already? Was I just terribly slow?


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