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Summer 2013

Summer is traditionally a sad, lonely time in a TV-lover’s life. Faced with the prospect of sunshine, barbeques, and bare legs, we retreat into our caves, lick the wounds left by the emotional highs and lows of the spring finales, and wonder how we can make it to September.

Despair no more! Summer here at Doux Reviews will be a magical tour through the best of television, old and new. Click on for a list of summer premiere dates and a brief glimpse of what the Doux Reviews writing staff will offer up for our internet delectation.

Big Announcement

Doux Reviews will start a Buffy re-watch on May 1st. Keep your eyes peeled (ouch!) for new posts, comments, and Joss-u-lation. (That’s Joss Whedon + adulation, and I’m copyrighting it.)

New Shows and New Seasons

Gus will tackle the new season of Arrested Development, set to start airing stateside on May 26th.

Panda will get his paws on Teen Wolf’s third season on June 3rd.

Samantha M. Quinn will continue to review Falling Skies, which premieres June 9th.

Billie Doux will continue to review True Blood, premiering June 16th, and Dexter, premiering June 30th.

Josie Kafka will review the CBS mini-series Under the Dome, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. It premieres June 24th.

Billie Doux will tackle Breaking Bad’s last season, starting August 11th.

Old Faves

Ben P. Duck will begin posting retro reviews of The Wire sometime soon. Omar comin’!

More Pride and Prejudice, Twin Peaks, Star Trek Voyager, The West Wing, The Tudors, Community, Castle, and classic Doctor Who from Chris B, Josie, Juliette, Mark, and Sunbunny.

And there have been hints that the truth is still out there, if you know what I mean [sly glance, cheeky grin].

Other Dates of Interest

Longmire returns to A&E on Monday, May 27.
• Russell T. Davies’ Wizards and Aliens premieres Saturday, June 1.
The Killing returns with a new case on Monday, June 2.
Burn Notice’s last season begins on Thursday, June 6.
• SyFy relocates Primeval to Vancouver on Saturday, June 8.
Inspector Lewis returns to our hearts (and to PBS) on Sunday, June 16.
Futurama comes back from the dead—again—on Comedy Central, Wednesday, June 19.
• Showtime’s new Ray Donovan premieres Sunday, June 30.
The Bridge, a Scandanavian noir moved to the American/Mexican border, premieres Wednesday, July 10.
Being Human, with a new cast, premieres on BBC America on Saturday, July 13.
The Newsroom returns Wednesday, July 14.
Broadchurch, with David Tennant, comes to BBC America on Wednesday, August 7.


  1. Holy cow ! Never a dull moment over here, 4 seasons on 4.

    Seriously, times have (indeed) changed and TV is no longer a desert in the summer time. How many times I've enjoyed Warehouse-13 and Eureka during that period, just to name these two. And I'm adding a third one, Longmire. Not the type of show that'd be reviewed here, but nonetheless a good show to watch.

    Hum, maybe I should.....marathon Buffy on my side... (Billie, shame on me, I've still on the FIRST half of the pilot....)

  2. Dexter, Breaking Bad and Arrested Development! Is summer hear yet?

    Also excited about the buffy re-watch! Will it be done by the doux reviews staff or by one particular reviewer?

  3. Hey, Miguel: The Buffy rewatch will be discussion on my existing reviews. Details will be forthcoming!

  4. Re Buffy re-watch... didn't we do that one summer couple of years back? hmmm... I definately remember something like that... I was even under impression that we covered first 2 season... or was it in another life??

  5. Maybe it was on another site, Olga? I remember posting Buffy quotes on my Yahoo Buffy list, but I don't think we've ever done an actual, coordinated re-watch. Unless I forgot it and early senility has set in. :)

  6. Billie, yes, I think it was on Yahoo Buffy list :)

    Anyway it's a good idea!
    "Buffy summer camp" - any excuse we can find to rewatch it :)

  7. what about the 2nd season of the X-files?

  8. That's what Josie's cheeky hints are about, lisam. :) Plans are afoot to cover S2 of The X-Files "round robin" style with several staff writers, including myself. (I just can't commit the time for solo coverage on a series anymore.) But we likely won't begin posting until fall, as several of the contributors already have summer commitments.

  9. Oh, please review Hannibal. It's an absolutely amazing show so far and I'd love to read what ya'll think of it.

  10. The Wire reviews? Totally excellent. Omar comin? Oh yes. All in the game as he'd say.

  11. "Buffy summer camp"

    Olga, I haven't found on the internet special stakes that can be used both for tents and vampires. Oh heck.


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