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Revolution: Children of Men

Aaron: "It's Area 51 stuff. I saw it on Mythbusters."

So if they turn the power back on, they could actually blow up the world? That changes the stakes, or raises the ante, or possibly some other dire poker metaphor. A primitive world is probably preferable to an incinerated world. Just my guess.

I've been uninterested in the Tower of Power so far, but this episode made it pretty darned intriguing. The presidential bunker, a command center from which you can blow up the world, strange experimental cages, a hidden supercollider, and a dangerous group of secretive protectors with weird guns that explode bodies like Klingon disruptors (no, I'm not a geek, why do you ask), and I was thinking that they should have given us more about the Tower several episodes ago. As they kept revealing room after room and surprise after surprise, I still kept expecting them to find a Stargate in there somewhere.

(We even got a great elevator scene. I love elevator scenes, where all of the conflicting parties have to stand there facing forward as they wait to get to their desired floor. All that was missing was "The Girl from Ipanema" playing in the background.)

Can you please tell me why Monroe is still alive? The tent grenade scene was such a disappointment. As we got scene after scene of Monroe and Rachel in the presidential bunker, I kept hoping Rachel would take him by surprise, or he'd get out, go down to level twelve and end up salsa. You know, I just want to get to the end of the season with Monroe dead, and Rachel and Neville still alive. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Meanwhile at Monroe's camp site, Neville and his son Jason have actually reached the point where they're working together to subvert Monroe's officers. Successfully, too, which probably isn't a surprise when you have a military dictator who's killing any officers that look at him sideways. Would Neville make a better military dictator than Monroe? Probably, but that might be because I keep wanting Giancarlo Esposito to have a bigger part. I think we can assume military dictatorships in themselves are always wrong, though.

I was just thinking. If Miles is indeed Charlie's father, and if Jason and Charlie got married, Miles and Neville would be in-laws. Wouldn't that be fun?


-- The scene in front of the big door made Dan laugh out loud. He said, "That's so Return of the Jedi, with Aaron as R2D2."

-- The presidential bunker was Cheney's "undisclosed location." Loved that one.

-- Miles went a bit nuts when he saw a dead blonde on the floor. He really does care about Rachel.

-- At one point, Miles said, "Just another Monday." It reminded me of Buffy saying, "Dawn's in danger. Must be Tuesday," a fun acknowledgement of the night that the show airs. I wish they could do that with Supernatural. If only they didn't move the show to a new night every season.

-- All this, and I haven't talked about the flashbacks. Not that we learned much of anything. Except that Rachel was ready to leave Ben because of what they were doing.

-- The preview for next week's finale was very spoilery. Networks! Curse them for putting ratings first!

-- Charlie: "My parents were behind all this? I didn't know them at all." Well, yes.

Definitely enjoyed this one, especially all of the reveals of strange doings in the Tower. Would that make it three out of four Klingon disruptors?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. This show gets sillier and sillier, but I do keep watching it for a laugh or three each week. Also, I welcome the obvious move to marginalize the character of Charlie (really, with the new direction of the show, she's basically irrelevant, no?), because let's be honest, Spiridakos is a pretty bad actress.

  2. What struck me while I was watching this episode is the number of gun battles we have had recently. For a world in which guns and ammunition are in such short supply, a lot of them have been in use lately.

    I loved the Tower and all the literal and metaphoric twists it provided. Plus, it is nice to have the cast all in one place for the finale.

    Dan's comment is hilarious.


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