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Revolution: Home

"Lock everyone in the basement. Burn it all down."

This episode's theme was probably that the past will never stop coming back to bite you in the ass, although that's something that Miles has been experiencing pretty much non-stop since the start of the series.

Miles seems to get more heroic every week, doesn't he, what with the sneaking into town where there's a whole bunch of soldiers waiting to kill him, taking out guards all over the place, and rescuing a whole bunch of innocent people from a burning church (which, granted, wouldn't have been happening if those people hadn't had the misfortune of living in Miles's home town). At least Miles got shot in the process, which made it a bit less unbelievable. I especially liked the bit with the makeshift shield.

Monroe just keeps ratcheting up the evil quotient. And yet, the character is still not working for me. A villain as evil as Monroe requires some heavy lifting on the part of the actor or actress, and while I'll readily admit that David Lyons is not untalented, he comes off like a petulant stock broker. This is especially obvious to me when you have an episode featuring scenes with Mark Pellegrino and Giancarlo Esposito, both of whom have played extraordinary villains.

So Emma from 24 was a one shot character, pun intended. Did she really have Monroe's son, or was she just thinking quickly in an attempt to save her own life? In romance novels, this is referred to as the "secret baby plot", and if you count all the speculation by fans that Charlie is Miles's daughter, we already have one of those. I must also point out that the three teenagers in the flashbacks didn't look much like their adult counterparts.

Meanwhile in the Plains Nation, Rachel and Aaron stopped in LaGrange, Missouri long enough for Aaron to get some closure with his wife, Priscilla. Although if she had gotten into such terrible trouble with a bounty hunter, shouldn't Rachel and Aaron have personally escorted her back to her family in Texas?

I'm happy that they've made so many good decisions with the second half of the season, like shifting the focus from Charlie to Miles and Rachel, who are played by stronger actors. And Charlie is actually becoming cool. Loved her saying to Miles, hey, what's up with you and my mom? And the ending made me smile. Tell me that Miles and Tom Neville are going to have to work together. Make my day.


-- A quest journey to a Tower. Why does this sound so familiar?

-- Malik Yoba from Alphas is doing some nice work as Miles's buddy Jim. Could they keep him around, please?

-- Nice performance from the kid who passed on Monroe's message. Talk about killing the messenger.

-- "Vintage Gucchi coats." :)

-- Terrific abstract Confederate-style flag for Georgia, and I'm enjoying Georgia's Steel Magnolia president. "Peach eaters" doesn't seem like that cutting a zinger to me, though.

-- There was a Bible in a display case in the church that got shot. This week's Most Obvious Symbolism.

-- As she was exiting the burning church, Emma stopped dead in her tracks and said, "Miles!" Come on! You don't stop when you're fleeing a burning building. Especially with people trapped behind you.

-- So now we've seen the Plains Nation and the Georgia Federation. Couldn't they get to California sometime? I'd love a cameo by Governor Affleck.

Isn't it great that Revolution isn't boring any more? A solid three out of four peach-eaters,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Well, that's it. If they re-run Revolution over the summer, I'll have to give it another try!

  2. By the end of this episode, I was literally shouting at the television. How much emotion can they pack into one hour? Apparently, quite a lot.

    A petulant stock broker? LOL I was actually thinking in this episode that the best villains are those who have at least one redeeming quality. We have yet to see any kind of human side to Monroe. I mean, the man was willing to burn alive the one woman we know he has loved. I am intrigued as hell about the son -- wonder if it is someone we have already met.

    I loved the whole plot of Aaron and his wife. It moved me, especially the scene where he attacks the bounty hunter to defend her. I wondered about Rachel and he taking her to Texas as well, but that would be one hell of a detour from Colorado.

    The final reveal was astonishing. Like I said, by that time I couldn't take may more and starting shouting obscenities at my poor, harmless TV set. It's not often I am that surprised. This time around, they just kept coming.


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