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Revolution: The Love Boat

"So we kidnap people now? That's what we do?"

Radicalized insurgents, weaponized anthax, kidnapping scientists in laundry baskets -- oh, what a wicked web they're weaving.

This episode's transparent theme was that evil tactics are evil, even when they're being carried out by the so-called "good" side. Charlie, whose character development seems to consist of getting tougher and brasher with every episode, functioned as Miles's moral compass -- that is, when she wasn't pulling guns on pretty much everybody. I'm pretty sure they didn't intend it to be comedy, but around the third TV Trope Mexican standoff, I couldn't help laughing out loud. Way to break the tension, guys.

At least the Tom Neville versus Miles Matheson show was fun to watch. Giancarlo Esposito in particular was acting like his character just got let out of a verbal straitjacket. Apparently, Tom blames his son Jason for all of his, that is Tom's, mistakes. I hate it when parents do that. At least Miles isn't doing that with Charlie. Miles in fact seems to be responding quite well to Charlie telling him right from wrong. Maybe Miles really doesn't know how to act, after being a bad guy for so long.

Absolutely loved that the "Georgia Navy" was an incognito rusty steamboat. Maybe it should have had twenty armed Georgia guards with flintlocks, though.

Meanwhile in the Thompson Tribal Lands of the Plains Nation, Rachel and Aaron got into big trouble because they were hungry, and after a surprising gun battle or two, Rachel ended up with a badly broken compound fracture that just made me wince over and over again. Something like that usually doesn't happen to main characters on television because it puts them out of commission forever (unless they're being written out. Please tell me Elizabeth Mitchell isn't being written out). Which makes me think that the healing nanobots will make an appearance soon.

This week's surprise revelation was that Aaron himself has something to do with the Tower. Okay, not a surprise, although the fact that he didn't know was interesting. We shall see.

The episode began with in media res, but there was obviously no real need for in media res. Maybe they were short a few minutes and decided repeating a sequence they'd already filmed was the way to go. Actually, Tom and Miles arguing would have been a fine opener, because that was fun.

And the ending was like a horror movie, what with the elevator o' blood. Are there liquifying killer nanobots waiting for our heroes on level 7?

Bits and pieces:

-- Lots of indiscriminate killing of guards in the last couple of episodes. Yes, enemy combatants, but it doesn't seem quite right.

-- Diamonds. It's what's for bribing.

-- Nora and Miles had a semi-explicit romantic encounter, initiated by Nora. What was the point of that? Were they low on their romantic scene quota? I'm so uninterested in Nora. She's the sort of character they could easily write out with a compound fracture.


Miles: "Monroe is a rabid dog and he's only getting worse. I'm gonna put him down."

Tom: "We're partners, Miles."
Miles: "Tom, I'm going to kill you."

Tom: "If you don't work with me, I'll take it all back and you can go back to being the general of my nuts."
This one was so funny that I had to rewind it and play it three times to make sure that was exactly what he said.

I don't think this was a great episode, but it was certainly not boring. How many winceworthy compound fractures out of four?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Agree completely that the theme this week was all about evil is bad. Having said that, I liked Jason and Charlie taking matters into their own hands and I thought it was a great moment that each took out his or her father (figure).

    Not my favorite episode, but certainly not boring. I'd give it a three.

  2. You forgot my favorite quote...You selfish..little..prick!. just the way he said it I was like, Daamn! verbal bitchslap


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