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Teen Wolf: Unleashed

Stiles: “You know that there’s a temple in Calcutta that used to sacrifice a child every day? That’s every day a dead baby, Lydia, every day.”

It’s weird that a lot of this episode focused on the power of separate parts that can be brought together to make an even stronger whole; a lot of this episode was very divisive, but in the grand scheme of things, those separate parts do feel like they’re all being tied up together pretty well, and ‘Unleashed’ proved that.

The first part was Deucalion’s violent encounter with Derek. This was the first instance when we got insight into what kind of a villain he’s going to be. On one had he’s cold, secretive and calculated, but on the other he’s brash, crazy and menacing. All of that is balanced with a dry humor which really makes him just as, if not more interesting and durable than last season’s Gerard.

The twins have been pretty one dimensional so far, but it seems to be working for the show right now. Though the Alpha pack itself is all about imposing fear and authority, these guys fill out the younger side of the puzzle, which is kind of important in a show like this. I really got a kick out of all the messing around between them and Scott and Isaac. It’s almost like a buffer against the ominous murder and rampaging going on elsewhere.

So far we haven’t learned much about this new power that’s been operating seemingly independently of the Alpha pack. Warriors and Virgins have been targeted first, but who will they go after next? It’s fun seeing Stiles take the lead on this one. While everyone else is getting distracted with minor felonies and power plays, he’s trying to get to the bottom of it all. It started out as self preservation, but now I guess it’s just genuine curiosity and recognition of a bigger threat out there.

But maybe the Alpha pack really is behind these killings. Last season Gerard was the one orchestrating the Kanima, so could Deucalion be responsible in this case? He’s all about bringing different pieces together to make himself stronger, and maybe calling on the Druids is one way to do that.

Just like Deucalion, this episode was over-the-top, impulsive and a little bonkers, but Teen Wolf has never not turned these things to gold.

4 out of 5 stolen motorbikes


I wonder will anything become of Allison and Isaac after what went down between them in the janitor’s closet. I don’t think near misses scare Allison off.

They don’t scare off Ms Blake either. She was definitely swooning after Derek’s mystery man act.

I’m loving Lydia’s style. I wonder if Holland gets a say in wardrobe choices, ‘cause all those outfits look like her kind of thing (judging by her twitter profile at least).

He Said, She Said

Deucalion: “I took the individual parts, and became a greater individual whole.”

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  1. Am I missing something? Why doesn't anyone seem concerned about Alison becoming a werewolf after Isaac bit/scratched her?

  2. Because it was established in season 1 that Beta's cannot turn a human from a bite.


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