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True Blood: The Sun

Sookie: "I shouldn't be taking walks with handsome strangers. It never ends well."

Guess who's coming to dinner?

I'm not much into the fairy stuff, but I love Rutger Hauer and he's pretty much perfect casting for Niall, Sookie and Jason's fairy grandfather. (He was their great-grandfather in the book series, but I'm not one to quibble.) I am hoping he's as cool as he appears to be – teaching Sookie to do a light supernova thingy to fight Warlow, the as yet unseen thousands of years old vampire Big Bad. Would that be like Russell Edgington on speed?

I had to laugh out loud when Sookie saw the guy by the side of the road and said out loud, "No, not today." But she went back, anyhow. Ben the fairy seemed like an okay down-home supe, but does Sookie have to take in yet another stray slash romantic interest? There are several perfectly good romantic interests for Sookie hanging around the show already. What's wrong with them, huh?

Speaking of Sookie love interests that are still hanging around, my favorite scene in the episode was Eric undercover in the Governor's mansion. Loved the hair, the glasses and the accent. I knew that as soon as the guards took him outside that he'd fly out of there, but it still made me laugh out loud. He may not have glamoured the Gov, but he's apparently gotten through to his daughter. I would have liked to see more of that. Wait until next week, I suppose.

This anti-vampire stuff is getting freaky. Anti-glamouring contact lenses? Silver bullets that emit UV light? Ouch.

The Billith stuff continued to be freaky, and Bill snacking on poor edible Veronica was just horrible. And yet, despite all this vampire messiah stuff, we were still getting flashes of the old Bill. He can see the future now, and that appears to include all of my favorite vampires trapped in a cylindrical room getting burned by the sun. Well, that's not going to happen, because every single reason I watch the show (namely, Eric, Jessica and Pam) was in that room. Oh, and Nora and Tara. Okay, that was mean. I don't hate them. In fact, I've gotten fond of both of them.

So Jessica stayed because she loves Bill, and I get that. She's still so very young, and she needs family. But personally, I don't like seeing Jessica so stressed. (I went "awww" when she came in the door filthy dirty and dragging that shovel behind her.) That confession scene was sweet, too, although it didn't have quite the emotional resonance that it should have had.

I didn't pay all that much attention to the werewolf custody battle that's probably going to wind up on CNN. Again, poor Sam. And poor Emma. I do think her grandmother and the wolf pack would probably be better for her, though.

Bits and pieces:

-- Last season, Sookie was ready to burn off her light permanently so that she could be normal. Looks like she's going to get her wish.

-- My second favorite scene in the episode was Lafayette watching Chopped. I'm sure that was a deliberate double entendre.

-- Patrick's pregnant wife showed up, and Arlene helpfully told her that he ran out on her. Patrick's the guy on Scandal, right? It's been a long time since last season.

-- Nora was trying to connect with Pam. She might have a ways to go with that one.

-- Terry, those blueberry pancakes looked mighty pale and I didn't see any blue blobs in them. I don't think Terry is the chef that Lafayette is.

-- It did not escape my notice that as Bill was crushing the blood and bones out of poor Veronica, he was sitting next to a sculpture of a torso with missing limbs.

-- Nicole Wright of that society (what was it called?) compared the current legal situation of vampires and shifters to the Civil Rights movement. That's been a consistent theme throughout the series, though.

-- In this week's hair report, I really like Niall's windswept styled-with-an-eggbeater look. It becomes him. I sure do hope he isn't evil.


Niall: "I'm not Warlow. I'm your fucking fairy grandfather."

Woman: "Is your produce organic?"
Arlene: "Sugar, this is Bon Temps. Down here, 'organic' means you play the fancy piano at church."

Jessica: "You're from the service, right?"
Veronica: "Human Edibles. We're tasty."

Andy: "They're fairies. I don't know shit about baby fairies!"
In the immortal paraphrased words of Butterfly McQueen. Thankfully, we only got a minute of this subplot.

Jason: "That makes me a fairy prince!"
Niall: "The gene skipped you."

Let's see. Three out of four silver bullets, mostly for the introduction of Niall, and for Eric's clever undercover stint at the Governor's mansion,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I didn't see Nora in the vampire chamber.

    Was it a casting choice or just coincidence that the Governor's daughter looks somewhat like Lucy Griffiths?

    Two episodes in and this season is already better than season five.

  2. The fairy guy that Sookie found reminded me of the short story 'Gift Wrapped' (I think - my memory is being fuzzy) where Book!Niall dropped off a dishy fairy for Sookie to have her wicked way with. Didn't the contract for TV!Sookie state that Warlow owns the first 'fae bearing child' of the family? What if the fairy guy is some sort of trap to produce fae children?

  3. Somehow I don't think this show would be nearly as good without Alexander Skarsgard's hilarious acting. He's good, but he is goofy.

    The new fairy guy seems nice, but can't be good news. 1) I'm betting he was just sucked on by Warlow, 2) he claims to have been looking for a fresh start... in Bon Temps, and 3) he's a romantic interest for Sookie that isn't Eric or Bill.

    Loving Arliss "Cowboy" Howard as Governor Burrell. As scary as Billith is right now, he seems like the real danger.

    Glad Rutger Hauer is a Stackhouse instead of Warlow.

    So funny when Jason got excited about being a fairy prince. And his reaction to the gene skipping him. And it seems like Sookie's starting to dig her fairy powers, which is cool even though we found out that she won't have them forever.

    I don't like Alcide addicted to power and beating up Sam and Lafayette. Not cool.

    The out of town shifters are douchebags as far as I can tell. Pretty sure that was them laughing and recording Sam's beatdown. Especially didn't like the self-righteous chick acting like Sam's a coward compared to her civil rights ancestors. Ugh. She really does not know what the dude's been through.

    I also hope the werewolves kidnapping Emma isn't going to suddenly make Sam an activist.

  4. I really liked this one. Season 6 is better than 5 on pretty much every front so far.

    I LOL'd at the "not today" part, too. I would have LOL'd more if she had kept going, but that was never gonna happen.

    Great review, Billie.

  5. I loved Eric being like a classic movie vamp, complete with the pretty girl in the floaty white nightie and cross necklace! :)

  6. What bothers me is that on IMDB, he is credited as Warlow... makes me wonder.

    Anyway, I thought this was the best episode in FOREVER and they finally did go back to the good ol True Blood we all love (at least I did). I really like where this season is going and awwww love Jess.

  7. Hauer was awesome as Niall..
    So bored with the fairy babies and poor Andy..can't they swiftly age to adulthood and be gone?
    The new fairy guy is toast in the near future huh? I wish Sookie would get together with Eric or Alcide already.


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