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True Blood: Who Are You, Really?

Jessica: "Is that Bill?"
Sookie: "Not any more."

You can tell it's a True Blood premiere. Everybody really needed a shower.

This episode had an emphasis on really strange families, or more accurately, supernatural family groups. Eric's vampire family sort of pulled together, until they didn't. Nora acting like a "super irritating" big sister and top sergeant didn't endear her to anyone, and Tara wasn't ready to say "yes, sir" and follow orders. I hope that doesn't mean her love affair with Pam is over.

I thought at first that Eric's family was sort of adopting the sort of orphaned Jessica, right until her heart was nearly pulled out of her. Why did Jessica stay with Bill? Is she just being smart, making him think she's an obedient progeny and on his side because she knows he has the ultimate power over her? And what exactly is Bill? First he was the Terminator but covered with blood, and then he was like the old Bill who just accidentally acquired telekinesis and the ability to fly. I thought Bill tucking Jessica into bed was sad, like an echo of their previous relationship.

Sookie seemed to be taking the loss of Bill philosophically. But then again, she's been through so much that she probably can't deal with one more thing, which was undoubtedly why she rescinded Eric's invitation right after he deeded her house back to her. (Really, Sookie. Is that Southern hospitality? What would Gran say?) At least he still loves her, and she definitely feels something if she was willing to stake Billith to save him. It would certainly be nice if the True Blood Powers That Be gave the Sookie/Eric shippers a little something this season, since we got freaking zip last summer.

The family theme continued with the wolf pack, who appear to like their new packmaster parties with some tasty cannibalism followed by an orgy. At least we got all that with some Joe Manganiello nudity. And at least Martha is still around to conveniently take custody of her werewolf granddaughter, since Luna is dead. Too bad. I liked Luna. Poor Sam.

Luna masquerading as Steve Newlin and shifting on live television just might have repercussions. Since the governor of Louisiana just pulled a Nazi Germany on the vampires, can the shifters and werewolves be far behind? Pam just lost Fangtasia. Will Sam lose Merlotte's, too? And there's a statewide vampire curfew. What next? Supes in concentration camps?

Finally, Jason, if you're walking by the side of the road, and Rutger Hauer pulls over to pick you up, you don't get in the car! I guess Bill as a wild card isn't enough, so we now have Warlow, another weird all powerful being whose true nature is unknown. I like Rutger Hauer. He was The vampire in the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Could be fun.

Bits and pieces:

-- Vampire families, wolf packs, and now we have a "litter of alien babies." And poor Andy hasn't taken a "poop class." Good thing Arlene was there in a pinch.

-- Sookie can apparently use her hand as a flashlight now.

-- I kept thinking of the movie Kill Bill. Do you think Bill will make it through the season?

-- Dan and I were talking after the episode, and we decided that if they kill off either Eric or Jessica this season, we're dropping the show. :) Smilie face, but seriously.


Jason: "At least he's flying over us like a naked evil Superman."
No, not a coincidence at all, considering what opened in the movie theaters this week.

Pam: "Who the fuck is Mary Poppins, and can I please kill her?"

Pam: "I hate the beach. Fish piss and sand in your cooch."
That reminded me of a quote by W.C. Fields. "I never drink water because of the disgusting things fish do in it."

Pam: "Whatever Billith is, he's not worth dying for."

Arlene: "… and most importantly, Purell Purell Purell, before and after."

Lafayette: "That's the sickest thing I've seen in TV. And I watch Dance Moms."
I'd never heard of Dance Moms. It's a real show. Live and learn.

Lafayette: "You want something deep fried, dipped in sugar, and fried all over again?"
That was so sweet, pun intended. I love Lafayette. Please give him a good storyline this season?

Jason: "My sister, she'd have me hauled off to the Bunny Ranch and put in one of them strait jackets."

Definitely a jam-packed and fun-to-watch season premiere, and probably three werewolf orgies out of four. Although, True Blood producers, can I repeat what I said about earlier about Eric and Jessica?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Am I in the minority when it comes to liking Nora? I loved how neither Nora or Pam like each other and the squabbling between Eric and Nora.

    Jason is turning into a big old bucket of crazy.

    Prediction? Neither Eric, Nora, Jason or Bill will make it to the very end. Jason possibly, but I think the vampire side will take a massive hit.

  2. It was fine, I suppose. The trouble with True Blood is that when it works it's a lot of fun, and when it doesn't work it's nearly torture to sit through. I just don't care about the fairies or werewolves, so that's two storylines that instantly bore me. Sitting through episodes can be such a chore.

    Eric is so dead this season. That scene with Sookie in the house reeked of building towards a tragic death a couple episodes down the line.

  3. I like Nora, Morgan. I was happy they added her to the cast. Eric's "family" is definitely the highlight of this series for me. Maybe I should have said that. :)

  4. I actually watched this episode on a "give-it-a-try" basis. After last season's major letdown (on me, at least) I decided to watch the premiere just to see if it was still worth watching. And surprisingly enough I enjoyed it.

    It's going to be interesting to see the new Billith and who or what he is, plus the new status quo, with gory politics on.

    I guess that TB may come to what it was in the first season, in a more mature way, for our heroes and foes have grown so much. Or not...

    Take Jason, for instance, he has watched "Sixth Sense" but missed "The Hitcher"? Hellooooo!!!! With a vampire curfew and shortage of true blood, he gets into a stranger's car?! Hutger Hauer in it? No comments. That's the old Stackhouse we know, and came to loath.

    So, I'm keeping aboard for a while and see where it leads us. At least, there's a lot of Joe Manganiello to watch (does his contract reads that we have to see him naked/part-naked every episode? Not that it hurts, though); and I liked the dialogues of the secondary characters, such as Arlene's way of telling Andy about birth control (I actually watched that scene twice, for laughs). I'm still a shipper, let's see for how long...

  5. I too am so exited for the season and with Rutger Hauer this just got even better!! :) :)

    Yeah, you mentioned him, so I'm taking this opportunity to fangirl al over the place. :) I loved Rutger Hauer in Alias and Buffy and Soldaat van Oranje and De Heineken Ontvoering, and as a little girl I watched him play Floris (over and over again) in the series called 'Floris', a series originally made in black-and-white and devoured by two whole generations of kids in Holland. Rutger Hauer probably is the best Dutch actor, I didn't know he had this role and it was a very cool surprise :D

    Also, he can do an American accent. (Or at least, here it seems like he can) When Carice -Melisandre- van Houten in Game Of Thrones tells us the night is dark and full of terrors- we cringe a little. Seriously. Her Dutch accent is pretty thick. So there's a little detail that is usefull in absolutely no situation ever. Still, if you've made it this far, thanks, I kind of had to vent a little.

  6. I have hopes for this season but I'm a bit worried. I don't see how they can get the magic back after 6 seasons but there were some good scenes in this episode. I especially like where they're going with Jason and the Tara/Pam relationship but I would happily get rid of anything werewolf-y. I don't mind the fairy story line because it's at least some comic relief.

    As a fan of the Bill/Sookie duo I'm not a fan of this Sookie/Eric theme. I however want to see where they're going with Sookie reverting to her white dress days.

    Finally there is the Jessica/Bill relationship which I am very curious about. They're really back to their paternal relations of the first season.

    I dont remember where I read it but I know that they're attempting to make this season more Louisiana-based and less worldwide and it's looking good.

    Time will tell if this season will be worth it but right now there are a whole range of emotions to sink our teeth in to ;)

  7. it was ok... why oh why do we keep going back to and andy? really! do the makers of the show thing.... "ohh never mind this boring end of the world stuff..I wonder what andy is up to". I would have gladly cut the andy scene completely..and added a few minutes for the wolf threesome..;) seriously, they are cutting sex scenes now? too good for them now are we?

  8. They aren't idiots so they wont kill Eric or Jessica..right? Eric is a real fan favourite so they wouldn't dare..or poor Jess.
    Jason getting in the car with Hauer was silly..
    I don't want Pam and Tara to be over yet..
    What's going on with Billith? Guess we'll see.


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