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Doux News: July 21, 2013

This Week: Comic-Con – Superman and Batman – TVD @ SDCC – Renewals – This Week in Casts – JJ Abrams, Star Trek, and Star Wars – This Week in Ambiguity – Comment Poetry: The Cannibal – How Nerdy Are You? – This Week in Cats


As you may have heard—or maybe not, if you used to be a caterpillar and have spent this week in a chrysalis before turning into a beautiful butterfly—the San Diego 2013 Comic-Con has been happening. We’re compiling the top stories here. Add your own in the comments!

Superman and Batman

Zach Snyder (director of Man of Steel) and David S. Goyer (co-writer of the Dark Knight Batman trilogy) are both on board for a combined Batman/Superman movie with Henry Cavill in the role of Superman. At Comic-Con this weekend, Snyder said that the movie would not continue the Dark Knight story. I guess that means Joseph Gordon Levitt won’t be Robin, which makes me sad.


Here’s the video from the Comic-Con Vampire Diaries panel. It’s mostly clips, but they’re good clips with dramatic music. Around 3:30, new stuff:


True Blood has been renewed for a seventh season, which surprises me. I’d thought this season was the last, and have been stocking up episodes in preparation for a massive mid-August marathon. Although Billie is still enjoying the series (judging from her reviews, which I skim while attempting to avoid spoilers, which is just stupid, now that I think about it) I’ve lost touch with what I liked about. (And now I’m not quite sure what that was in the first place.)

Ray Donovan, the freshman damaged-man-in-a-damaged-world drama from Showtime, has been renewed for a second season. Read ChrisB’s New Shows recap here.

This Week in Casts

Amy Acker has been upgraded to series regular on Person of Interest! This is even more exciting when we remember that Sarah Shahi has already been upgraded to the same status: looks like PoI is about to get a serious girl power injection. Next step: world domination!

(That's a joke about the Machine, not about "girls"--or "women," as we like to be called--taking over the world.)

Bobby will return to Supernatural in Season Nine, according to Jim Beaver, his alt-world counterpart.

JJ Abrams, Star Trek, and Star Wars

According to Zachary Quinto, whose eyebrows prove he is reliable, JJ Abrams will direct the third Star Trek movie in the re-booted series in addition to directing the upcoming Star Wars reboot. And I thought I was busy this summer making new curtains for all three of my windows.

This Week in Ambiguity

Version One: According to an anonymous “source” leaking information (clearly on behalf of the studios) during tense contract negotiations, Nathan Fillion chose to protest over-long working hours by going on a short, one-day strike last Friday. After devoting five long years to numerous fourteen-hour days each week in the service of making single ladies happy, Fillion is negotiating for a four-day workweek more appropriate to his advanced age and desire to occasionally see the sunshine. In so doing, he is engaging the storied American (and Canadian!) tradition of striking to promote better working conditions for all and symbolically continuing the Browncoat fight against tyranny. Way to go, Captain Mal!

Version Two: Nathan Fillion, a selfish jerk who doesn’t know how good he has it, ditched work last Friday to “protest” the studio’s completely reasonable refusal to allow him to work just four days a week. Fillion, who makes far more money than you or I do and doesn’t work nearly as hard, offered no explanation or excuse for his absence, because clearly he thinks he has better things to do than work like the rest of us or explain his unreasonable actions to his loyal fan-base, who will support him to the ends of the earth, but must draw the line somewhere. He’s worse than Captain Hammer!

Comment Poetry: The Cannibal

Billie and I not only read every comment posted on the site, we track the "Recent Comments" right-hand sidebar, which only gives the first 1-3 words of the comment to avoid spoilage. When we’re lucky, the result is “comment poetry,” and Billie discovered this poem last week. I’m calling it “The Cannibal”:

Faith: classic.
Buffy: great episode.
I don't (I really) like this episode:
The cannibal!

How Nerdy Are You?

Sunbunny found some great online quizzes—How Nerdy Are You? and The Nerd Test,Ver. 2.0—and the writers have been posting their results in our top-secret Billie's Agents of D.O.U.X. lair. Take the tests and let us know how you measure up. (According to the first test I barely pass muster; according to the second I’m some sort of nerd goddess.)

This Week in Cats

Once again, Paul “Cat Fancier” Kelly has curated a lovely cat video for our nerdy delectation:


  1. My results to the Nerd Quiz were exactly the same as Josie's. This does not help when trying to explain to people that Josie and I are two different people.

    All of the casting news makes me very happy! And my love and support for Nathan Fillion is strong. Whatever he's doing, I'm sure he has a good reason.

  2. Loved your breakdown of the Nathan Fillion story, Josie!

    I got "Low-Rank Nerd" and "Kinda Dorky Light-Weight Nerd" but I really think I should get points for being nerdy enough to google "How nerdy am I quiz."

  3. Josie, I'm sat here at my folks eating dinner and I laughed out loud several times while reading this. Just write a book and stop worrying about your blue circle.

  4. I checked around the site's various news posts to see if this was mentioned somewhere and didn't find it, so I figured I'd bring it up here ..

    More Game of Thrones casting news came out this week! Mark Gatiss has signed on to play a part (that has already finished filming?!) in Game of Thrones. Not sure what he could be doing, but he tosses a few (very small) hints in a brief interview at Comic-Con.

    Here's the interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbHEkiUCUa4

    A lot of fan sites have been guessing Mace Tyrell, but I don't think he looks old enough to play Margaery's father (unless that is where the "hair" comes in). My other guess would be Bowen Marsh of the Shadow Tower or Cotter Pyke of Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. Do y'all have any guesses as to who he might be?

  5. Paul, I can't stop worrying about the blue circle. All the furniture arrives tomorrow. Expect panicked emails as I stare into the blue-circle void.

    That's a good question, Daniel. I don't think he can be Bowen Marsh, though. According to the wiki, we already have a Bowen Marsh: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Bowen_Marsh

    I'd vote for Cotter Pyke. I don't see Mark Gatiss as a Tyrell, either.

  6. I'm gonna be naughty and share results here instead of in the Agents of D.O.U.X secret lair...

    The first one is seriously flawed - I don't have a GPA because I'm not American! We don't work that way. I have a feeling my lack of understanding of 'telnet' stems from the same problem. And, as we;ve all observed, it doesn't seem to recognise any type of nerd other than maths/science. It didn't even ask if I'd been to a con! I ended up with 'somewhat nerdy'

  7. I completely forgot to say - I'm talking about the nerd tests! Man I'm tired this week...

  8. I got Dorky Nerd Queen on the second one, which is kind of a relief considering how many of the questions were about Ancient History!

  9. The nerdy love song was a hoot. Love the kitten and the bow tie! Thanks for another fun Doux News!


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