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True Blood: Don't You Feel Me

Jason: "Could you define 'copulation'?"

You know, I'm liking Willa a whole heck of a lot. Is that how I'm supposed to feel about Warlow?

Because this whole Sookie/Warlow romance is doing nothing for me, and it's not just because it feels like she's cheating on Bill and/or Eric. Warlow waited thousands of years for her? Boo freaking hoo! Am I just too emotionally attached to the original book characters? Please tell me, you guys, if you're all feeling it? ("Don't You Feel Me?") I'm going with no.

Why did she have to tie him up? If she decides to become his fairy vampire bride, and it looks like she just did, will they have to tie each other up every night? (I'll give Anna Paquin this – she looks absolutely amazing for a woman who just gave birth to twins. Go, Anna.) Warlow did save Sookie from her father's ghost, and he did it without killing Lafayette. So points to Warlow for that.

I spent most of the Sookie/Warlow scenes wishing we'd get back to the Vamp Camp; that was the best part of the episode. See, I knew Eric and Pam wouldn't turn on each other; they've just been too close for too long, and the way they turned the tables on their captors was satisfying. Willa confronting her father and demanding to be incarcerated with the other vamps in genpop was also very cool. And Eric is great undercover; it's one of my favorite things in the series. (Maybe it's Skarsgard doing an American accent.) I'm not a huge Nora fan, but I like her enough that I hope this isn't the end for her. And I thought the reveal that the Governor's bottling plant is making poisonous True Blood was clever, and it made a lot of sense.

Bill hasn't been doing much for me for quite awhile, so I'm happy to report that I loved him daywalking into the Governor's yard and taking out the brownshirts with his mad Lilith telekinesis skills. And tearing the Governor's head off. That's the most I've liked Bill in a looong time.

And for some reason, I loved every single second with Jason Stackhouse in it. When did he become one of my favorite characters? I loved the way he fast tracked himself into the LAVTF, and I loved the casual, confident way he blackmailed Sarah Newlin. (Too bad it didn't work.) I also liked the vampire character James, who showed honor and strength by refusing to have sex with Jessica even under torture and with her permission. I hope we see more of him.

I don't have a lot to say about the shifters and weres this week. Again. We all knew Emma would end up with her grandmother because it was the only thing they could do with the character, and I'm glad that Martha decided Emma was way more important than Pack, because she is. I also liked that Sam didn't lie to Emma and say that he'd see her again. But why is Alcide still in the cast if he's just going to be a jerk? He may have let Sam go, but it was with a "stay out of Bon Temps or die" warning. Will that work? Can't Sam turn into an elephant and stomp a werewolf to death if he has to?

Finally, I'm sad to report that while the actors did a fine job and I liked the framing of the death scene next to the dumpster (a great way of illustrating that he threw his life away), Terry Bellefleur's death should have had more of an effect on me. It's like they decided to kill off a character for the sake of killing off a character, which we all know is the lazy road to drama. At least Terry died happy. Maybe someone should have explored vampire glamouring hypnotherapy a long time ago.

Bits and pieces:

-- When Sookie's father left Lafayette's body, they did the black smoke thing they do on Supernatural.

-- Alcide said "Stay" to his father as if he were a bad puppy.

-- I'm still confused about the "rules" of that antechamber to Faerie. Is time passing quickly while they're there, or is that just when they get to the other side?

-- Andy's daughter now has a name: Adilyn... Braylin, Charlene, Danika. (I'm guessing at the spelling.) I guess the other three really are dead, and Jessica did kill them. I was hoping they'd backtrack on that.

-- The Vamp Camp's shrink (Pruitt Taylor Vince) has a thing for Pam. That made me smile.

-- What's in the safety deposit box?

Quotes, and this episode wasn't as quotable as usual, so sorry, it's short:

Lafayette: "You're acting real strange. Even for Terry."

Eric: "Well done, baby vampire."

Willa: "And Tara. And her friend Jessica."
Eric: "I guess."

I'm still not feeling this season. What did you all think?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Maybe Alcide's douche-ness has to do his hair or something. The longer it gets, the less I like him.

    My mum is a big Eastenders fan, so maybe that's why I like Warlow, because Rob K was on that show.

    As much as I like Nora, I really do think she is going to die.

    Also, Deucalion from Teen Wolf needs to stop hurting the people I like in shows.

  2. I do like the show, and I am a faithful viewer. However, I'm getting irritated by the refusal of the writers to address certain relationships. I'm getting tired of the writers misunderstanding their own characters. And I'm very pissed off that a good character has been wasted and was killed for no reason.

    Terry was a good character. He was funny, and complex, and never utilized in the right ways. He was constantly relegated to the story arcs that no one really wanted to see, and then was killed off in the most inane and pointless way imaginable. There was no emotional depth to it, there was no reason for it. It was a perfect example of a show going, "see we kill off characters!" I got more upset over Tommy's death, who had a far better end than Terry, and I didn't even like Tommy very much.


    Okay, can someone please explain to me why they are keeping one of the most obvious couples apart. Why the writers have put them together for one scene in this entire season? Why they are pushing this Warlow crap down our throats and expecting us to root for it. Yes I'm talking about Sookie and Eric. We got maybe half a season, and that's it. Despite the chemistry between the actors, and the fans interest in that relationship, you would think it would be an obvious choice. Yet ziltch. One freaking scene.

    Rant over. As for this episode. I loved that we got some cool Bill stuff. I really liked the vampire that refused to sleep with Jessica. I thought the scene where Andy named his daughter finally was sweet. I love Willa, she's a great addition to Eric's family. Actually the vamp camp may be a touch tedious in how they are doing the vampire rules (I totally agree Eric and Nora would have torn that room apart before she was injected), but the interactions between the vamps has been great. I'm SOOO glad that we didn't have Pam and Eric go at it, I would've stopped watching if Eric killed Pam or vise versa.

    I kind want to see Sarah Newlin get turned, she'd be a fun vamp or a totally bat-crap crazy one. Either way it would be an improvement. Alcide has basically lost me. I was starting to like him, and now he's just a jerk. They could get rid of the wolf plot entirely and I don't think it would affect the show at all.

  3. Wow. Last week's episode was sooo good, I finally was getting into the season, and then this episode was so meh. I have so many questions. First, are we ever going to talk about how or why warlo killed all the fairies in the club?! How good can he really be if he did that. Does sookie ever wonder where Niall is? I'm not feeling this warlo storyline - and Sookie banging him seemed outta nowhere. I think that was an excuse to get her naked this season.

    Is Alcide on V? Because his switch from good to bad is beyond crazy. He's making terrible decisions that are against anything we've seen from him in the past.

    I can't believe Jessica really killed Andy's girls - I definitely thought they were going to backtrack on that.

    How many episodes left this season?

  4. I'm still not feeling why we should root for the vampires. The Governor and Sarah might be extremists, but everything that's happening right now is a direct result of vampires doing horrific things. Hell, they bombed the Tru Blood factories in the first place (Bill's idea). You reap what you sow. The blood on their hands is being paid back in kind.

    Hopefully vamps and humans are reach some kind of understanding that lets them live in peace, but I'm hard-pressed to think of how that could happen. Even the 'good' vamps keep kidnapping and killing. If vampires want to be equals, they should be subject to the same laws. The death of Roman has had such a far-reaching impact; maybe his demise meant the demise of any vampire-human relations. Who's governing the vamps now that there's no Authority?

    They need to set up a new vampire authority, quickly. Get some vampires like Isabel and Nora, get a new Magister and collaborate with humans in a more open way. Get on the humans side by studying the medical effects of V and getting eyewitness statements of mankind's history, get some vampire celebrities even. Truly integrate. Vampires have acted so superior for so long, if they want equality they need to make it happen themselves.

    I don't like Warlow. They're playing the romantic antihero thing way too explicitly. The reason Eric works is because we gradually uncovered layers, not because he showed up and said, ''I HAVE SUCH A TRAGIC PAST LOVE ME OH GOD PLEASE''.

    I'd have preferred Warlow to be a genuine threat, an evil character maybe played by a more experienced actor (like Rutger Hauer or Arliss Howard).

    James the vamp seems like a good enough guy.

    I agree, Terry's death wasn't as affecting as it should've been.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. If Sookie really did fall for Warlow and this isnt a sort of plan, I might stop watching this show. This was by far the worst episode of the entire series just because of that. Sookie giving in to Warlow just seems so out of character... it just really bugs me. This season better get better fast.

  7. For the person asking if we are going to find out why Warlow killed those fairies, the only we've really gotten so far is that he couldn't help it. Warlow said the only reason he didn't lose control around Sookie at night was because he fed the previous night.

  8. I've actually been really enjoying this season, with the notable exceptions of anything involving Alcide or Sookie and Warlow (though it was nice to see Bill still cared. Does Eric still feel when Sookie's in danger? Does it bother him? Obviously he couldn't do anything about it in this case...)

    Overall though, I've been enjoying this season more than I expected to. There were some lovely writing touches in this episode, like 'Charlaine' as a middle name and the show once again almost quoting Buffy directly ('How many vampire have you killed?' 'This week?'). I hated Billith at first but this week he moved into terrifying but awesome territory. And I loved the idea that a person being glamoured can slip back into their mother tongue.

    I also think this episode started to redress the genuine problem of the depiction of vampires and the metaphors attached to them. I can see the Nazi analogy being drawn and I am on board with the idea that Genocide Is Bad. But when every vampire on screen tortures and kills human beings and cares nothing for the sanctity of human (or vampire, a lot of the time) life, how far are we from Buffy's crusade against all vampires except Spike and Angel because they're soulless monsters, which we're all totally on board with, because we see on screen that all vampires do is hunt and kill humans? Even if they're doing it to survive, that still makes them dangerous predators who are a threat to humankind.

    This week though, in addition to Jessica's continuing remorse over the extremely frustrating fairy-killing (done presumably to reduce Andy to one daughter, which is easier to handle), we saw Tara (still mostly good, apart from that school bully she ripped apart one time) Willa (mostly good apart from the new-vampire-hunger thing), and most importantly, James (love him immediately, more please) and the gay vampire Dad whose name I can't remember, who seems to be a solid member of the community etc etc etc. As long as we keep seeing vampires like these, we'll keep rooting for our favourite vamps against the late Governor's buddies.

    And the idea that they're poisoning the Tru Blood was brilliant. Can't wait to see where that goes.

    Wow that was long!

  9. Seems the nazi camp was easy to escape from after all. It took one summon and the baby vamp not only got close to a guard, swiped his anti-glamour contacts (not to mention protective goggles) off and managed to glamour him. On a premises with video surveillance.

    √úbervamp had no idea what to do and since he had no bargaining chips over the bad nazi man, he just ripped his head off. Brings him obviously much closer to finding the white room. Maybe next time bring a stick to attach the head on to drive the point home?

    Should they kill the sister vamp, they can replace her with baby vamp. They look alike anyway. Storywise, it might add more interesting layers to the fluffy hunk vamp.

    The one thing I am happy about, there has not been any Eric/Sookie pairing this season.

  10. Great review! I nodded a lot while reading it!

    There were some neat moments. Overall, though, watching this episode felt a lot like doing a chore.

    I, for one, was happy that the "Sam protecting Emma while Alcide hunts for them" storyline was finally sorted out. It made me happy to know that Martha would look over Emma. Hopefully, now that that Sam and Nicole have skipped town, Alcide and his pack will stay away for the rest of the season. I know that many fans have complained about the fairies in True Blood in previous seasons. To me, however, the werewolf story arc has been a total snooze from last season on.

    On the one hand, I don't mind Warlow and have enjoyed some aspects of his story. Such as his connection to Lilith, the fact that he was trying to save Sookie from certain death back when she was a kid, his fairy background, etc. OTOH, I don't feel any chemistry between him and Sookie so I'm unable to cheer for them. (BTW, that last scene was a lulu. For one thing, the dialogue was ridiculous ("Danger whore"? REALLY?). Sookie sleeping with Warlow because she had 'all kinds of feelings for him' didn't make any sense.)

    If anything, I wish we had had more scenes at Vamp Camp. Like, Tara and Willa interacting some more, Pam talking to the psychologist about fighting against Eric, etc.

    I liked Terry a lot but I was pretty much dry-eyed during his death. Maybe I'm putting too much hope on the show runners, but I'm thinking that his wasn't the death of a main character that's been hinted circa the beginning of the season. Dunno why (and maybe I'm tremendously wrong), but I think Bill's the one who's going to gain the true death. (He too was FINALLY awesome. It was about time for him to use his Bilith powers for something!)

    And for some reason, I loved every single second with Jason Stackhouse in it. When did he become one of my favorite characters?

    LOL. I had the same moment of ??? when I found myself caring for Jason sometime in Season 2. He's deffo one of my fave characters.

  11. I think I am bucking the general trend this week because I thought this was the best episode of the series so far. I love the vamp prison and the new Eric / Pam / Willa / Tara team. Even Bill's entry into the Governers garden was pretty awesome.

    I think we know by now, that any situation the vamps get themselves into, they will get out of, so I don't worry too much about them anymore.

    One issue I do have with this episode is Anna Paquins lack lustre performances. I really do not know what she is trying to portray this season, and I think that this is negatively impacting on Rob K's presence. She does looks amazing after having twins, however I would like to see more of the old Sookie acting that she has given us in the past.

    I cried at Terrys death, but then again it doesnt take much for me to cry. It was so obviously coming, I just hope that the safety deposit box contains something that we are not expecting to stir things up again.

  12. How long have Sookie and Warlow been in Fairieland? Will they come back to Bon Temps to discover that a year or two has passed? Bad continuity. And yes, Jason and Sookie don't wonder where Niall is? It bothers me too that we are being influenced to like Warlow but what is the excuse or killing all the fairies? And if, by some miracle, he didn't do the killing, who did? I was always afraid in past seasons, that Terry would die... and now he has. I was said but mostly I just thought... what a waste. I, too, was thinking that poor Arlene just can't get a break in the man department. And yes, I get the Final Solution analogy with the vamps... but it is true that they have never cared for humans... and now they are persecuted? I think there have been too many storylines when the show had such a rich potential with the original idea of True Blood allowing them to reveal themselves... how would everyone get along? How would society change? One of my favourite scenes ever was in the first season when Bill spoke at Sookie's grandmother's church. The idea that they had a witness to the Civil War... it was this, in my opinion, that made the show incredible. Not the triangle of Bill, Sookie and Eric.

  13. Sorry for some of the typos in my comments above. For some reason, the preview tab isn't working for me.

  14. I really enjoyed this particular episode. It was funny, it had some shocking moments that I wasn't expecting and people did things that I didn't see coming. (I'm talking about you, Bill) The only storylines I didn't like were the ones with Alcide and Sam and maybe Sookie and Warlow's. Everything else was fine for me.

  15. Im very confused about the whole warlow thing...when he attacked the old fairy he spit out his blood..like he couldn't drink it. but now he cant control himself and has to feed..am I missing something??? ohh and damn sook..you met warlow for what? two days? for someone who was a virgin for so long she sure seems to be pretty loose these days

  16. It was hilarious when Holly told Andy to start with "A" for his daughter's name so he ended up naming her ABCD.


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