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True Blood: Fuck the Pain Away

Jessica: "I don't know why God doesn't strike me down right now. Except that maybe God is Bill."

If there was a theme to this one (other than all of the gratuitous sex), it was daddy issues. Mostly bad daddy issues.

Sookie's mysterious past was finally revealed: Daddy Stackhouse was trying to kill her because Warlow happened to drop by with a vampire/fairy prenup. I find it a bit hard to believe that Sookie's father would be so cruel to his little girl, even with the fine example of Governor Burrell's parenting skills right in front of me, but okay.

(I swear I was just thinking that there hadn't been enough Lafayette this season, and suddenly there's a séance. Maybe Lafayette shouldn't do this kind of thing any more; it never works out well.)

It appears that the writers are going for us sympathizing with poor, victimized Warlow, what with the really, really wayback flashbacks and all, but it's still not working for me. Yes, I get it, both Warlow and Sookie were rejected big time by their parents by something that absolutely wasn't their fault, but that doesn't mean they're "meant to be." Maybe I'm just missing the hottie, because Ben/Warlow still does absolutely nothing for me. I hope they're not going to make Sookie an immortal fairy vampire by the end of the season. Please tell me that's not where they're going. Please?

At least now I get to talk about the good daddies. I loved Eric and Tara teaming up to infiltrate the Vamp Camp, and from his reaction, I bet Eric is planning to rescue not just Pam, but Willa as well. If he can. I don't think Eric was expecting such a fatal level of concentration camp hi-jinks, though.

The last moment of the episode was Eric versus Pam. Pam told her new shrink (Pruitt Taylor Vince!) that her maker released her and now she cares nothing for him, but I absolutely do not believe it. Now, see, they're going to get out of it somehow, and I will repeat the reason why – they cannot kill off Eric or Pam. The vampires are the reason I'm still watching this show.

Which brings me to poor Jessica, who did indeed kill three of the four fairies Bellefleur. Let me tell you how unhappy I am about this storyline. I think of Jessica as much like Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries, a sweet and not at all evil vampire who accidentally killed someone when she had just been made and was out of control, but who would never do such a thing again and will always feel bad about it. I feel like they crossed a line by making Jessica a child killer, and I hate this.

Andy Bellefleur, who turned out to be a pretty good daddy too, knows who killed three of his fairy daughters. I cannot believe he won't do anything about it, so I'm worried for Jessica.

Is it Jason to the rescue? I hope he's in time.

Bits and pieces:

-- Flashbacks to 3500 and 3496 B.C., which made me think of a certain character on Highlander. Of course, time in Faerie passes at a different rate, so maybe Warlow and Niall aren't actually 5,500 years old?

-- Jessica's self-loathing and suicidal thoughts are similar to what Terry Bellefleur is going through. Terry just asked a Marine buddy, Justin the bad guy from Teen Wolf, to kill him. And Justin said yes.

-- Bill being Bilith finally came in handy with Warlow. "As your maker, I command you."

-- Loved the set decoration in the Vamp Camp gen pop, especially the morgue drawers in the walls.

-- I'm glad the devious Steve Newlin is still alive.

-- There was practically nothing about the weres and shifters. Alcide was looking for Sam in the Unfriendly Possum Bar and Grill, which may be my favorite name for a bar, ever. We only got a moment of Sam and Nicole before Jackson stumbled over them.

-- And still no one is talking about Bill being the great great great grandfather of those fairy girls.


Ben: "It's our destiny to be together."
Sookie: "Fuck destiny."
I'm with Sookie on this one.

Sarah: "When a woman comes to you in black lingerie, you unwrap her!"
And Jason did exactly that, unsurprisingly. Burrell doesn't seem that crazy about Sarah, though.

Jason: "You always seemed like a nice lady under the crazy and the hate."

Jessica: "I always hated the fucking Book of Mark."

Sarah: "My body is a temple and you have defied it with your vampire-loving pecker."

Lafayette: "Listen up, dead folk!"
(I also loved "Stackhouses! Calm the fuck down!")

Sarah: "Haven't you seen Gladiator?"

I'm getting apprehensive about where this is going, and I'm worried about the vampires Northman. What did you guys think?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I shouldn't post a comment on my own review, but I just saw this from my favorite guy on Twitter, Tim Carvell:

    "I would totally watch a version of
    'The Newsroom' in which Will McAvoy had to cover, with a straight face, the events of 'True Blood'."

    Me, too.

  2. I feel Pam has been off her game this season, until this episode. She was awesome this week, and that therapy session was hilarious. I hope she's ok next week. I think it's kind of good to feel apprehensive about the characters, since the show has lacked tension for so long. Somebody we care about could bite it.

  3. I think this was a weak episode in an overall strong season, especially after last week's fantastic one. It's one of those TB episodes that you realize are setting something up and I hope its worth it because nothing much happened.

  4. Does Eric know that Nora is also in the camp, or is he going to find out after it's too late?

    As long as Steve survives this season, I'm okay with this season.

  5. I don't think Eric knows.

    Hey, True Blood fans -- we're getting a seventh season!


  6. Thanks for another great review Billie!

    I'm still confused with a lot of what is going on this season. Most of the characters seem so inconsistent with what they used to be! Kind, selfless Bill is now power-drunk-I'm-a-God Bill; witty Pam was until this episode annoying Pam (hopefully we won't go back there); so-in-love-with-Luna Sam has sex with cute stranger not a day after Luna dies with her daughter in the room next door; Sookie falls for Warlow in a couple of days... Huh?

    If Warlow left for 4 years and Niall was about 4, that means fairies grow at about the same pace as humans, only they do not because they obviously live for thousands of years. Why are Andy's halflings growing so fast? Sookie is also halfling (or so she calls herself) but she aged at a normal pace. And how can a fairy (light) become a vampire (dark)? What exactly is Warlow, a faepire? Can he actually breed with Sookie or does he need to turn her for them to have progenie (he told Niall that he and Sookie will maintain their blood line)?

    I hope the weres plot line is going somewhere. It is really detracting from the show right now. Not even Alcide's pecs can rescue that plot line (and Jason is really overshadowing Alcide this season!)

    I may be overthinking this, but I started watching the season late and watched all 6 episodes yesterday... Although it is moving slowly, a lot has happened (and it's only been a few days in the show!).

  7. Thanks, Cecilia. Honestly, I think they've been flailing around trying to nail down plots since they left the books behind. I enjoy True Blood a lot, but ... well, there's always a but. :)

  8. I totally agree with you about Jessica, Billie. It's pretty awful what they've done to her with this faery binge :(

  9. Eric is, once again, in a horrible costume. Why do they keep doing this with the hotness that is Alexander Skarsgard?!

  10. Agree about Eric, Juliette. He looks sick, and not his hot self lately. Maybe its because he's still pining for Sook. Too much white makeup.

    Maaian, I thought this epi was weak too, Lafayette/Daddy Stackhouse trying to drown Sookie, was kind of let down for an ending. I want to be stressing about what's going to happen next and that's not what happened this time. Have they forgotten how to build suspense?

  11. I also love True Blood, but -as you said- there is always a 'but'...
    Without the vampires this show will be closed for me. And I am still in hope -a little one I must say- about Sookie and Eric being together at some point.

  12. I loved Pam in therapy, she was fantastic!! I totally didn't believe that she didn't care for Eric anymore.

    OK I'm not buying that the Bellefleur fairy daughters are dead - all the other faeries who were killed turned into their ugly selves and then disintegrated into ash. Why didn't that happen here?? And why, if they are dead, did Jessica have to do it??

  13. How many times has Lafayette been possessed by spirits writers? It's getting very tiresome. Why does Jessica have to be a fairy girl killer? Bilith made her do it I say.
    Have zero pity for Warlow.
    Sarah and Steve Newlin continue to be a hoot. Oh Jason..at least he tried to help Jess. Not liking Alcide even if he's hot..Is this the first episode where he's fully clothed all the time?
    Ah well at least we had Jason and Eric in a state of semi-undress. What? Yes I am shallow.

  14. Didn't really enjoy this episode. I just can't buy Jessica's sudden religious fervour and the revelation that Papa Stackhouse is a complete raving fruitloop!


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