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True Blood: In the Evening

"And so we end as we began."

Oh my, that was sad. And gooey.

They finally gave me an episode that focused on my vampires, and I thought it was terrific. Eric praying to Godric and sobbing as Nora disintegrated into a puddle of goo actually got to me – much more so than Terry's death last week, I'm sorry to say. And I liked that they showed Eric and Nora's beginning in 1665, right before their end.

It was nice to see Eric reconnecting with Bill for Nora's sake. (Or was that connecting, not reconnecting? Did Bill and Eric ever connect in the first place? Okay, maybe last season for five minutes.) Bill doesn't seem too Billith-like any more, helping Eric to the point of sharing his blood with Nora, confronting Andy in an attempt to protect Jessica. Maybe Bill isn't gone, after all.

Eric is going back for his family and Jessica, hopefully, with Warlow's blood in his pocket. If we are definitely getting Bill's vision of them meeting the sun in the cylindrical room, maybe that's how they'll survive?

James, Jessica's new amour, is a vampire of good character. He made a conscious choice to keep his soul, or more accurately, his human conscience, and there's no question that he'd make a good boyfriend for Jessica. But I'm still worried about Jessica, who is clearly suicidal because of the fairies Bellefleur. And no matter how cool James is, how could she make love with him with Jason on the other side of the door, impending death or no impending death?

Sarah Newlin has been sort of villain-adjacent until now, but she just took over and I'm enjoying her as the big bad much more than Governor Burrell. Throwing Jason into female GenPop? Kissing Truman's disembodied head? (I was going, no, Sarah! Don't kiss him! Bleah! I thought Truman was going to open his mouth and talk to her in that scene, didn't you?)

Note that I haven't had much to say about Sookie and Warlow, mostly because we got very little of Sookie and Warlow. Frankly, the best part of their morning after is Sookie telling him not to expect her to fall into his arms and marry him. "We have the vote too, you know." I'm glad that instead, Sookie was there for Arlene and her kids. Although I wanted to yell at Arlene for saying such a nasty thing to Lafayette. I also have doubts that a life insurance policy that's only three days old is going to pay out. Won't the insurance company think it's just a tad suspicious?

Finally, I was watching Sam and Nicole in the shower and thinking, hey, this goes past sympathy and comfort; didn't he just lose Luna? Then again, maybe he thought it was goodbye sex. And now Alcide has to choose between his pack and the lives of two innocent women. Jackson told Alcide that pack life wasn't for them. Hey, listen to your father, Alcide. It's time to say goodbye to the pack, Alcide.

Bits and pieces:

-- The opening Eric/Nora jailbreak was terrific. Loved Willa and the hand. I think the hand even impressed Pam.

-- I absolutely loved Pam and Pruitt Taylor Vince the shrink. "You must hear all kinds of deviant shit in this office." Hilarious.

-- When Sookie found Arlene sobbing on the grass in the cemetery, I was thinking, did days pass while Sookie was with Warlow? They didn't bury Terry already, did they?

-- Arlene drunk was more like Arlene in slomo.

-- Bill and Andy had a verbal standoff in which they both talked about their daughters. Andy seemed to acquiesce, but I don't think that's going to be enough for Andy. Bill knows it, too.

-- This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was probably the contrast between Eric's sincere prayer to Godric and Sarah's religious elocution lessons on CD.

-- Eric. English accent. No.

-- I wasn't crazy about the fop clothes, either. Although I can forgive Eric nearly anything.


Sam: "My friend died. Not being there is not an option."

Arlene: "You're a liar and a voodoo queer!"
That was intolerant. I don't like hearing anyone saying something like that to Lafayette.

Jason: "You don't have that stockholder's syndrome, do you?"

Eric: "I don't care who Warlow is."
Me either. Except that the lives of all our vamps depend on Warlow now. Oh, well.

Sookie: "Are you ready for this?"
Lafayette: "About as ready as Big Pharma can make a man."

Pam: "You'd be surprised what a girl can accomplish in solitary."

Three out of four religious elocution lessons,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I won't lie, but I absolutely bawled when Nora died. Like, rivulets of tears down my face going "NONE OF THIS IS OKAY!" (Although Lucy's on-screen dying has definitely improved since Robin Hood)

    I saw people on Tumblr going "He didn't grieve like this when Godric died!?" But I think it's because Eric wasn't actually witness to Godric's death.

    I can't take Anna Camp seriously as a villain, mostly because I keep expecting her to pull out a pitch thing and call everyone "Aca-bitches!" :|

  2. I have to say this episode did have the feel of being filler, or at least a precursor to what happens next.

    I'm actually, after nearly giving up on the show last season, really loving this series and I can't wait to see how it pans out.

    last week I wasn't sure whether Burrell was truly dead, or whether it was some kind of vision - it seemed too surreal.

    That said the werewolf stuff and the Bellefleur stuff can take a hike and I'm also not feeling Sookie/Warlow ar all but I would be interested to see where they take it. I feel like Sookie's character has been massively under potentialised recently with side line stories.

  3. It's starting to feel like Sookie is a supporting character in her own show.

    Agreed about Sam and Nicole. Sam lost Luna in the past few days, and Nicole lost her boyfriend (who was eaten alive!) in the last 48 hours. It's weird.

  4. I thought this was a great return to quality for True Blood. This was the episode I've been waiting for this entire season (minus too many sex scenes) - flashbacks to the past where they connected and real emotion between the vamps. Also the fact that Sookie came back to her strong self was a relief but I hope Alcide goes away, this is so useless.

    All in all very exciting episode and waiting for the season's end!

  5. I wonder if Jason was shot with hep v and if Sarah had a plan to put him in Gen Pop all along?

    I wonder if the real Warlow comes out to play after Sookie turns down his deal to offer help for her friends?

    I wonder what Sookie is going to do when and if she notices the fairies in the meadow are gone and her brother is in vamp camp?

    I know Warlow killing Sookie parents weren't a deal breaker do you think the fairies getting killed, Niall being thrown in another dimension, and Jason's glamour will be?

    We've seen the fairy side of Warlow he continue to deceive Sookie with kindness that she overlooks his vampire flaws?

  6. I have never been taken by Eric, but man, this was a powerful episode for him! Nora's death was so intense! I can't really imagine how he and Billith will work together to get their friends out of vamp camp.

    Terry's story has been a big bore the past two seasons, but in this episode his story finally had a purpose: If Terry hadn't died, Sookie would not have come out of fairyland (hence Billith could not have pressured her to "hand over Warlow"), and Sam would not have returned to Bon Temps.

    My suspension of reality really takes a hit when the lover of a governor is ordering politicians around to cover up his death so she can "rule"... Sarah is kind of funny but she needs to go.

    I'm really glad the old Pam is back. She is just great.


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