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Young Hollywood Awards 2013

One of the worst parts of being young is that few people give you any respect, especially when it comes to things like awards. Those older, seasoned veterans are always winning the Emmys and the Oscars while those just starting out in the business are required to pay some dues. This doesn’t seem quite right to some so, in the lead up to Awards Season, we have the Young Hollywood Awards.

From the start, I knew that this was an awards show for the next generation. Instead of relying on the plethora of professional photographers lining the red carpet, the entrances were photographed by the kids who had come to gawk taking “selfies.” Instead of a full orchestra, there was a DJ. Right from the start, two hashtags were given so that those of us at home could tweet about it all (I watched this twelve hours too late to join in).

The host was Aisha Tyler, an interesting choice to represent the young as she is over forty. To give credit, she did a very good job. The other interesting change was that there were no nominees per se. The winners are just announced and then we were shown montages of their work. It was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed it.

In the order they were presented, the winners were:

Most Anticipated Tour: Selena Gomez
Fan Favorite Album: Selena Gomez

-- For someone so young, this woman has already had quite a career. While I was not a fan of her show, I am of her music. Her award was presented by Ian Somerhalder (newly single, he got quite the reaction from the female audience) and her acceptance speech was simply lovely.

Fan Favorite Male: Dave Franco
-- OK. I’m not entirely sure what the attraction is here. He’s not that hot and he’s not that great an actor, but he certainly got the love from the audience. Presented by his friend Chris Mintz-Plasse, neither of these two gentlemen impressed me with their wit or poise.

One To Watch: Anna Camp
-- I agree that this young woman is talented; however, she is another in a long line of actors who speaks better when reading from a script. Presented by her True Blood husband, Michael McMillian, who is a better speaker than she.

Breakout Artist Male: Austin Mahone
-- Is it me, or do all of these Bieber-lite types sound exactly the same? Not sure how someone who is a clone of someone else, can’t dance and can barely sing is breaking out of anything.

Superstar of Tomorrow: AnnaSophia Robb
-- This young woman is the reason I stuck with The Carrie Diaries for as long as I did. She is a wonderful actress and delivered an acceptance speech that was humble and grateful. If possible, I am now an even bigger fan.

Role Model Award: Cody Simpson
-- Genuinely still a kid (he’s only sixteen), this guy devotes hours and hours to supporting Teen Cancer America by visiting stricken teens in all the cities in which he performs. I was pleasantly surprised to see someone honored for something so wonderful and his acceptance speech was moving.

Internet Sensation: Sharknado
-- This horrible movie generated 5,000 tweets/minute while it was airing. Tara Reid, who accepted this award, made me laugh out loud. Let me be clear. I was laughing at her, not with her. She actually thinks this movie was a sensation because it was good. Poor girl. Someone needs to explain that river in Egypt to her.

Fan Favorite Female: Lucy Hale
-- I haven’t seen that much of her work, so I can’t comment on her acting. She did, however, give a great acceptance speech and she wore the best dress of the evening.

Unbottle The World Award: Lauren Conrad
-- There must be at least one PC award and this is it. Conrad won for her work in making the world a greener place. While she does use recycled products, it is hard to take this award too seriously as all the work she does is in support of her line of beauty products. In other words, she’s making money from it.

Male Artist of the Year: Miguel
-- I am not really a fan of his music, but judging from the reaction he got from the audience, I am in the minority.

Breakthrough Performance Male: Liam James
-- Although he has played the young Shawn Spencer on Psych for years, James won this award for his role in The Way, Way Back. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. The entire film rests on the shoulders of this young man and he did a wonderful job. He did a good job accepting the award as well.

Style Icon: Kelly Osbourne
-- I know nothing about style; I leave that to my very good friend sunbunny. I will, therefore, refrain from commenting other than to say that she gave her father credit for picking out the dress she wore.

Actor of the Year: Kit Harington
-- I haven’t seen the third season of Game of Thrones yet, but I loved him in the first two. Does it make me crazy that I think he looks hotter in his furs than in a suit?

Best Ensemble: Teen Wolf
-- I loved the first season of this show and have every intention of marathoning through the second and third when life calms down a bit. The audience went out of their minds, to the point where the cast could barely accept the award.

So, there you have it. Thoughts? Comment below and let us know what the YHA got right and wrong.


  1. I was completely oblivious to these awards, so thanks so much for the coverage, Chris. I'm impressed by the awards for public service and making the world a better place. Very cool.

    Not a lot of other opinions to express, except Anna Camp is impressive. And Teen Wolf does have a very good ensemble cast.

    And Tatiana Maslany should have gotten some sort of award.

  2. Billie - She did! She won breakthrough performance of the year, but got sick at the last minute and was unable to attend.

    Kit Harrington bores me to tears, nor do I think he is that cute, particularly with that hair. I suppose I'm in the minority. Sigh.

    I sort of hate Lauren Conrad, despite loving her line at Kohl's.

    A lot of actors are bad public speakers. Have you ever heard Renee Zellweger when no one is telling her what to say? It's painful.

    Thanks, Chris! I'd never heard of these awards before this year, but a lot of people are talking about them online. Thanks for covering them so I didn't have to actually watch them... :)

  3. I love Dave Franco, and I think he's one of the hottest actors out there!

    I'm glad Teen Wolf has a good fanbase out there. Pity about Holland and Crystal's floral disasters though; Holland is normally spot on.

    I love Anna Camp, so I'm sad to hear that she fumbled her award speech :(

    I wasn't too sold with Lucy's dress, though. Her style of Pretty Little Liars can be kinda whack, too. But she's talented, so her win was deserved.

    I don't get why Kelly Osbourne is considered to be some kind of fashionista. Maybe I just don't get her style.

    Great run-down Chris. I should watch the speeches, and not just creep the photos in future.


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