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Supernatural: Rock and a Hard Place

"Congratulations, Sam and Dean Winchester. You are both virgins."

Sam feels like his battery won't recharge. I know the feeling.

The best Supernatural episodes, even the comic ones, usually have something deadly serious underlying the story. I don't think this episode was one of the best (even though Dean seducing an entire roomful of born-again virgins by talking about sex was pretty special), but there was indeed something serious going on. And that's the fact that Sam is not getting better, and is in fact getting worse.

I thought Dean was being unreasonably protective of Sam, but he wasn't. Sam really is dying, and he's ready to give up the fight. Ezekiel must be lying. Instead of healing Sam, he's sucking the life out of him for some horrible reason of his own. Next week is the midseason finale, so I bet we'll find out what's really going on then.

I like Jody Mills a lot, and it was fun to see her again. I was worried about the Winchesters teaching her to hunt, because we all know what happens to hunters. But with the Winchester-adjacent, ignorance only works briefly, and Jody Mills has long since reached the "she needs to know as much as she can" stage, or she'll be toast. So what's a little hunting here and there?

And she certainly gave a good account of herself. She killed a Roman god, which was impressive. She even pulled a stake out of her own body. Could I put in a request right now that Jody lives until the end of the series? How much longer could that possibly be? :)

Dean, Dean, Dean. He was chaste for what, ten minutes? And the first thing he does after church is seduce the chastity counselor. Sex scenes on Supernatural are rare, and that one was a lot of fun. It was also fun that they brought back "Casa Erotica." Plus Sam got to be prudish around Dean and sex again. We haven't had any of that in awhile. I've missed it.

Bits and pieces:

— Bonnie and Tammy were both petite and squeaky with long red hair, which made them enough alike that I wasn't sure at first which one was Vesta.

— Dean's other, other cell came in handy.

— Loved how they tipped the SUV over while Jody was talking about cow tipping. It's the little details.

— That table Vesta put Jody on had a disturbing blood pattern. Like I said, it's the little details.

— Fingernails? Really?

— This week: Hartford, South Dakota. The Scottish Motel was decorated with red and green plaid wallpaper. Nobody does that. Do they?

— The Winchesters used their own names for a change. Guess they didn't need IDs for a church group.


Dean: "I didn't peg you for churchy."
Jody: "Yeah, you know, choking on the ladies room floor 'cause of witchcraft? Kind of makes a higher power seem relevant."

Jody: "Angels? You're joking."
Dean: "Don't get your pants on fire. They suck."

Sam: "Count us in."
Bonnie: "Well, I'll be a squirrel in a skirt."

Tammy: "I wrote a new piece of verse. It's called 'Sex is a racquet, and God's ball is in your court'."

Dean: (on why he gave up sex) "… but the whole thing was just a little too… sticky."

Jody: "Dragons? Those are a thing?"
Sam: “Yeah. Too many things are things."

Dean: "I mean, the things you can do, the scene with the tacos... it made me want to join a mariachi band just to be near you."

Tammy: "What the fudge, lady?"

Vesta: "And now I chew on the cud of prayer. I even got a sweater set."

Fun was had, but I think I'm ready for the midseason finale. Two and a half out of four mariachi bands,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I mentioned in my review, Robin's Rambles over at Winchester Family Business, that the movement on the mytharc has been glacial, with too many standalone episodes. Like you, Billie, I'm ready for the mid-season finale. By the way, I've maintained all along that Zeke had evil intentions. I had hoped he wasn't going to harm Sam, but it appears I was wrong. Maybe he wants Sam's big, gorgeous body all to himself, and his plan all along was to kill Sam? I hope not! Love, Robin

  2. No one, anywhere, is noticing or commented on the fact that Dean mentioned that Crowley is ready for more blood and that they can use that as leverage, But Sam just ignored him and didn't share the fact that he saw Crowley inject Kevin's blood!!!

    Makes you wonder who really saw Crowley take Kevin's blood- was it Zeke? Or is Sam not telling Dean something?

  3. Parts of this episode really dragged, but then there were the parts that made me laugh out loud. As you mentioned, Dean winding up a room full of women was this show at its best.

    I had faith in Zeke (pun intended) until this episode. The fact that Sam is worse is upsetting. Guess we'll find out next week what is going on.

  4. ChrisB, you have a good point about Sam's getting worse and all.

    I was thinking that it was a case of "mutual benefit". Sam gets healed while Zeke heals himself.
    Could Zeke have focused his energy on Sam all this time and now he just taking a turn for himself? Also, he told Dean, when he was requested to save Charlie, that this would cause him to have to stay in Sam longer that Dean wanted, longer than both of them wanted.
    I get the impression from Zeke that he isn't telling the whole story, but also that he doesn't lie *by lie I mean say something false. I know some view information withholding as a "lie"*

    I keep defending Zeke because I'm terrified of the alternative...

  5. Abby,

    I thought that Dean made the comment about Crowley wanting more blood, BECAUSE Sam had told him off-screen about him injecting it.

  6. This wasn't my favourite episode either. It was fun in parts and no show can be fabulous all the time but I found it dragged for me. I also like Jody and hope she doesn't get killed off but recurring characters don't have much hope on this show. I don't think that Sam was necessarily prudish about sex but he respected what the women were trying to do and felt Dean was being rude (which he was). Sam actually had a reason to become a born again virgin and was sticking to his promise. Of course Zeke is a problem - one of the boys has to be up the creek.

  7. I was very happy to see jody again as I wasnt sure if she died in that bathroom in the last season when she saw Crowley. Charlie is still kicking and so is Jody so maybe SPN will start keeping cool female characters alive R.I.P Meg


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