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Witches of East End: Snake Eyes

Joanna: "I'll heal you later, I just need a minute."

Athena's plan is coming together. I wonder if we'll be let in on what she wants anytime soon?

Athena is spelling roses and addressing them to Freya. I have to say, I honestly didn’t realize what she was up to until Freya couldn’t light the fire. Is a person still a witch if they can’t cast spells and light fires? Maybe if Freya gets the thorn out of her finger she will feel better. Speaking of, that thorn thing skeeved me out. The tea scene made me do the whole yell at the TV “stop drinking! Run while you still can!” thing that happens at the beginning of all horror movies and law-and-order episodes. But the way Freya passed out on the floor made me chuckle. Dash rushed in just in time to see Freya sprawled out, saved her life and had a change of heart… he’s going to take her back, because he can’t imagine a world in which she doesn’t exist. Did she never watch daytime soap operas? The only people that forgive that easily are ones with ulterior motives!

Freya is convinced Dash is her soul mate and Killian is her destroyer. I am not. There seems to be an odd reoccurring theme to this series. Almost everyone in the main cast has a sibling counterpart. Joanna and Wendy. Ingrid and Freya. Dash and Killian. One is smart and cautious while the other is an impulsive free spirit. It’s an interesting dichotomy. Which personality is more dangerous? It sure seems like Wendy, Freya and Killian are painted as the wild cards (especially Killian and Wendy), but if past Ingrid taught us anything it’s that we should watch our backs around the quiet ones just the same.

Ingrid’s got a new man possibility in her life. She moved on from wanting to romance the dead to flirting with the charming writer pretty quickly. A writer that knows a little too much about Ingrid’s true identity, even though he doesn’t realize he’s talking about her.

The snake key came to life, bit Wendy and wrapped itself around her arm like cheap costume jewelry. Whoops! I guess Joanna really should’ve destroyed it. We got a ton of back story on the Beauchamps' past as the bracelet made Wendy more and more nuts. The pretty-cool-looking-snake-jewelry "stole everything good from their father." It must be an evil snake since it wastes no time turning Wendy against Joanna and making her determined to use the key to get home to Asgard. They were banished from Asgard into the world they live in now and they left Frederick, Joanna’s son, back on the other side of the portal because he was turned against them. Did Joanna’s father turn his grandson against his family or was it the snake? I’m guessing it wasn’t Ingrid and Freya’s father since he’s living it up in East End somewhere?!?! Whaaaa? Bad Dad, no biscuit. I wonder if it’s someone we’ve already met…

Wendy taunting Joanna about her past mistakes and failures was sad. (Again we get clues that the “good” sibling’s hands aren’t as clean as they seem.) In the end, Joanna destroys the snake bracelet and with it any hope of seeing her son again. She does it to save her sister. That final exchange between Joanna and Wendy before the girls came home was probably the highlight of the hour for me. Aunt Wendy is by far my favorite character. Hats off to Madchen Amick for really hitting it out of the park with all that guilt and embarrassment over the things she said (and maybe a little fear that her sister would send her away again).

One thing about this episode that grated on my nerves was the heavy exposition dump. We just have angry Wendy throwing information at us. Couldn’t the writers have come up with a better way to give us this history lesson without having her run through the house screaming it out?

3 out of 4 evil snake bracelet keys.

Bits and pieces

Were Freya’s powers pink as they went into Athena? That’s adorable. Or were they red, as is her fiery personality? Or did the color have no meaning at all?

Is East End in our world or is that through a different portal? Possibly opened with a bunny necklace?

Is leaving Asgard what cursed everyone?

Freya’s powers can conjure storms. Can everyone’s powers do the same things?

I am told Mike (aka Charming Writer Guy) is played by the breakout actor Enver Gjokaj from the series Dollhouse and he has a pretty decent following on this site. Here’s hoping he won’t get killed off, thus turning everyone off the show!

Wendy: “You are such a bitch.”


  1. I was wondering if maybe Mike is Freya and Ingrid's brother from Asgard? That would be a way to keep Enver Gjokaj around. And maybe they could do some unspeakably future awkward romance between him and Ingrid?

    Loved the bunny necklace idea. "Asgard" made me go, "Really?" Are all these witches related to Thor somehow? :)

  2. Hmm I wonder where Loki is? I expect Enver to stick around at least til the end of season 1.
    Hopefully longer. Season two is due next year..Yes it was renewed..good news.


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