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Lost Girl: In Memoriam

"Oh my."

Well that was an interesting way to start the season.

It's been a month or so since the season 3 finale and things sure have changed. For starters, Kenzi now has Fae powers (she's a one woman fireworks display) and is making out with Dyson in the clubhouse (wait, what?). And there's something else. Something I'm forgetting. Oh, what is it? It's on the tip of my tongue. Nope, it's gone. Oh well, I'm sure it was nothing important anyway. Say, who is that knocking on the door?

Hey Aife, nice to see you again and thanks a bunch for taking a break from chasing clones to stop those two from doing what they were doing. So why are you here anyway? What's that? You want to hire Kenzi to find your missing daughter, Bo. Hey, doesn't this show have a character named Bo? Nah, can't have, I would remember that. Huh, where did that black spot on my eye come from?

So Bo is gone. Like completely gone.So gone that no one can even remember she was ever there. Whoever this Wanderer chap is (we're still pretty clueless on that one) he must have some serious mojo to wipe everyone's memory of Bo like that. You can't exactly go looking for someone when you don't know they exist let alone are missing. How did he delete her from everyone's contact lists? Did he use magic or just swipe everyone's phones when they weren't looking?

All this memory wiping hoo-ha was just a clever way to explain Bo's absence due to Anna Silk being on maternity leave. We only got two (very) brief sightings on Bo in this entire episode and she wasn’t the only one who is MIA. Wolfboy may have shifted and padded away from that crash without so much as a scratch, but Tam Tam is nowhere to be found. Unlike Bo, however, our favourite Valkyrie was gone but not forgotten. Dyson was actively looking for her, although his version of looking is to keep going to the site of the crash for a month and look all broody. Meanwhile, Lauren is… elsewhere, waiting tables, calling herself "Amber" and sporting a ghastly red wig. I can only assume it is some sort of parasite Fae that is feeding off her immense brain power.

So if you've waited with baited breath to find out what happened to Bo after she was whisked away by the Wanderer then I’m afraid you may be disappointed. If you wanted to know if Dyson and Tamsin survived her truck crashing into that quarry then I’m afraid you’ll only be half disappointed. If you wanted to know where Lauren got to after saving Dyson then you’ll probably wish you hadn’t bothered to ask.

Fortunately this show has a strong enough supporting cast to carry the show while three of the leading ladies are AWOL. More importantly, this show has Ksenia Solo. Wanderer's tampering effectively had Kenzi replace Bo as the central figure of this story (which included transferring Dyson's feelings for Bo onto Kenzi) without her losing her essential Kenziness. Solo has long been the series' MVP, but she truly excelled herself here. This entire episode was just an excuse to show off how amazingly spectacular she is. She even got to show off her impressive dancing skills. The three-way dance between her, Dyson and Hale was probably the highlight of the episode. How much longer before we get a musical episode?

It's not just the good guys who have been Fae roothied. Vex has been mind wiped too and has reverted to his pre-Team Bo ways. He's now the new Morrigan after killing the old one. What? Say it isn't so? Oh, it isn't. Phew, I was worried for a second there. Turns out he's just got her locked behind her own portrait and faked her death by telling everyone she died on the toilet (ha, love it). She is going to be pissed when she gets out. She's probably start by destroying all his fabulous clothes. Vex may still annoy me, but I gotta admire the man's wardrobe choices.

A new season means new threats. I originally thought it would turn out to be the Wanderer, not the Fae Inquisition (No one expects the Fae Inquisition). All that hullabaloo at the end of last season with Fae declaring war on humans has brought the Una Mens (is Latin for 'One Mind') to town. We don’t see much of them in this episode. All we find out about them is that they like vintage motor vehicles, keep creepy stuff in baskets , and make everyone very nervous. So nervous that they treat their arrival like it is the end of the world. The Fae, right bunch of drama queens.

Fae of the Week

Dr Snook, who always referred to himself in the third person, was an Ortenax, a fish Fae that feeds of memories. The Ortenax was a fish found only in the Euphrates river. Holding a bone of this fish was said to make one lose their memory.

Engelram was a much beloved former Star Trek actor Amphisbaena, a serpent with a head at each end from Greek mythology. According to legend it was spawned from the blood of Medusa's head.

Clio, the Fae Dyson met at the party, was a Nymph. Also from Greek myth, Nymphs were minor female nature deities. There were five different types, Celestial Nymphs, Water Nymphs, Land Nymphs, Plant Nymphs and Underworld Nymphs. Not sure which Clio is but I bet she's trouble. She has to be. She's played by Mia Kirshner. Every character Mia Kirshner plays is trouble.

Notes and lots of Kenzi Quotes

--Showcase released a 4-part web series to promote season 4. Alas, they are only available in Canada. So if you live north of the International Boundary enjoy.

--It may not be the same dinner, but that sure does look like the same waitress:

--Making wives forget their husbands' adultery. The Fae just get sleazier and sleazier.

Kenzi; "You made the Ash who talks like Batman go boom,”

Dyson: "This woman is beautiful."
Kenzi: "Yeah, if you’re into, like, faces and bodies. Whatever."

Kenzi: "This is so Raiders. Here's hoping this ark contains less Nazi face melting goodness."

Dyson: "Bo?"
Kenzi: "Kind of a dude’s name, amirite?”

Kenzi: "I could be famous. I could be a Kardashian."

Kenzi: "Is this situation going Indecent Proposal 'cause I'm gonna need to see the jewels up front, buddy!"

Kenzi: "Slow your roll, Slytherin."

Dyson: "Deja vu."
Clio: "No, I'm Clio, Deja vu came down with a case of the crabs."

Three out of four magic compasses.

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  1. Loved the review, Mark. Unsurprisingly, I agree with everything you said. Ksenia Solo is a star currently working as a supporting actress, and with Anna Silk on leave, I'm not surprised that they centered the episode around Kenzi. I was also surprised by how much I like her with Dyson.


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