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Sleepy Hollow: The Vessel

"One sign of the impending apocalypse is surely skinny jeans."

I usually get into shows like this because of the characters and complicated relationships, but it usually takes longer to develop. It's amazing how quickly I've gotten into our heroes on Sleepy Hollow.

Abbie and her sister Jenny, for instance. We learned a lot about Jenny this time, and most specifically, that she knew she was a danger to Abbie, so she sacrificed her freedom over and over to keep Abbie safe. And yet, she didn't deny what the demon said about wanting Abbie dead. I so want things to work out with Jenny and her newly repaired relationship with her sister, but they're giving us hint anvils that she won't survive the season finale next week. Damn.

Frank Irving felt responsible for his daughter's accident and permanent disability and kept trying to fix things and protect her, very understandable for a parent. And yet, when Macey was endangered and even when she went all Linda Blair, Frank kept his head while those around him were having theirs twisted off, kept the demon away from the Washington Bible, and trusted Ichabod and Abbey to save Macey. In the end, Frank was finally able to acknowledge Macey's inner strength, and accept her as she is. I like Frank more with every episode and was worried that he would die, especially after that set-up scene with the priest in the previous episode. I even thought Macey and/or Cynthia might die, too. Maybe Cynthia will turn into an ally now. Our heroes certainly need all they can get.

Before I get to my favorite part, I should probably talk about the demon Ancitif. Despite the fact that it was an obvious Exorcist homage with Supernatural trappings, I thought it was still pretty effective. I kept yelling at them that they needed holy water and salt and that they should have realized anyone could be possessed. I especially thought it was creepy that it preferred to possess children, and that it skipped from body to body faster than fleas.

You know what my favorite part was, don't you? The opener with Abbie choosing clothes for Ichabod was adorable and I giggled through the whole thing. I completely understand why he was reluctant to give up his old clothes, though. He's stuck in a strange place and a strange time, and changing how he looks will take him even farther from who he was. And Abbie got that. The lack of conflict between them isn't boring — it's lovely.

And yet, I completely believe that something will make this whole Moloch soul betrayal thing happen in the finale next week. And I don't like it. Gee, I can tell I'm a lot more into this show than I was just weeks ago.

Bits and pieces:

-- One thing they could have done to make the audience a bit more tense is not make the demon transferring from body to body quite so obvious. They pretty much hit us over the head with it.

-- Woo hoo for a flashback with Clancy Brown!

-- Is Morales dead?

-- This week's man-out-of-time bits were the concentrated lemon and the skinny jeans. I wish he'd stayed in them. The jeans, that is.

-- Flashback to Benjamin Franklin! He's one of my favorite historical characters. I hope they bring him back.

-- Seventeenth century invisible ink, with glow worms. Cool.

-- December 18th, 1799. Washington didn't die when they said he did?

-- Ichabod knows ancient Aramaic?

-- I thought Ichabod still looked like Ichabod in modern clothes. Maybe it's the clubbed ponytail.

Quotes, and note what they all have in common:

Abbie: (seeing Ichabod in modern clothes) "Hell hath frozen over."
Ichabod: "Indeed."

Abbie: "You ever heard of a boondoggle?"
Ichabod: "If it's another type of constrictive trouser, I'd rather not."

Abbie: "If you're going to keep wearing that damn thing, I have two words for you. Dry cleaning."
Ichabod: "Pick two words I understand."

Ichabod: "Got it!"
Abbie: "Did you find something?"
Ichabod: "The pause button."
Abbie: "Mastering the remote. You are officially a modern man."

Abbie: "Crane, remind me later to have a chat about what your founding friends were thinking when they crafted our right to bear arms."
Ichabod: "True. There was concern among us that it could lead to perverse consequences."
Ripped from the headlines.

Abbie: "The place is booby trapped."
Ichabod: "That sounds unpleasant."

Another good episode, and it definitely felt penultimatey. Three out of four glow worms,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Damn the network penultimation. I can't believe the season finale is next week.

  2. I have watched far too many episodes of Supernatural. I kept waiting for the salt to show up. When the priest sprinkled it across the threshold, I cheered.

    Have to agree with you on my favorite part. The opening exchange with the jeans was hilarious. But even better was the look Abbie gives Crane when Jenny mentions his wardrobe. I couldn't stop giggling.

    Boo for the season ender. This is a show I will miss.

  3. Super cute. I swear I've seen Tom Mison wearing the shirt Ichabod balked at.

    I hope Jennie doesn't die! I want her to hook up with Irving.

    I really liked the Ichabod and Abbie steal the lantern sequence. The show is best when it's just the two of them being adorable together.

    Gee, it sure is lucky the Sleepy Hollow PD had immediate access to a remote, wheelchair-accessible safe house.

  4. Yeah, I've definitely gotten pretty attached to these characters. The resolution of this one made me cry! Irving and his wife holding their daughter, and Abbie and Jenny hugging reduced me to tears. Like, a whole bunch of tears. Maybe I was just having a parent moment. Seeing Frank and Cynthia fearfully look at the body on the floor and then rushing to their scared and confused daughter really struck a chord. It caught me rather off guard. I've been enjoying the show, but I didn't realize I'd gotten quite that attached.

    At least they didn't take out anyone I care about this week. So long, blonde bland cop! We hardly knew ya. I feel pretty bad about Frank's priest though.
    That sucked.

    Why did they assume the date in the Bible was written after Washington's death? It isn't like the glowing ink was a time stamp. It was just a date written down. Anyone can write down a future date. Here: January 12, 2018. See? :)


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