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Lost Girl: Turn to Stone

"Bo-Bo returns... with bonus features."

Have I mentioned lately how amazing Ksenia Solo is? Well, I'm going do it again because not only is it worth repeating it should be shouted from the rooftops and written in the stars.

After being MIA last week, Kenzi was back with a sparkly vengeance. That scene in Lauren's apartment, where she just finally let it all out and bared her soul to Bo, was just fantastic. My heart broke for Kenzi multiple times. Solo is really getting the opportunities to show off her immense talents this season.

Kenzi has always been so much more than just Bo’s wisecracking sidekick. She is the heart and soul of this messed up group of humans and Fae. Everyone loves Kenzi and Kenzi loves everyone right back (even Lauren now). These people are her family. The only loving family she has probably ever known. So it is no surprise that she is very protective of it. And they are just as protective of her, maybe too protective. Kenzi is sick of being told to run and hide while her friends are fighting and dying. She’s sick of everyone, Bo included, treating her like a child. Seeing her as someone who needs to be protected and kept out of harm’s way. That’s why she made the deal with Massimo for Fae powers in the first place. Kenzi wants to stand and fight alongside her friends. She wants to contribute more than just witty quips and a killer fashion sense.

Also deserving of praise was Rachel Skarsten. Tamsin went through another growth sprout this week and is now finally Skarsten size again. Hallelujah! She still has the mind of a child, though, and only vague memories of who she was before she regenerated. Skarsten is clearly having fun playing the more childlike Tamsin, but I wish she would hurry up and remember who she is. I miss classic baddass Tamsin and her snark. Should I be worried that Tam Tam is on her final life now? Would the writers really go through all the trouble of bringing her back just to kill her off again later on?

Bo is in need of a new nickname. If what the head Una Mens said is true, our unaligned succubus is now very much aligned. And to the Dark of all people. The Morrigan is just going to love that. Everyone else, not so much. What could've happened to her while she was gone that would make her sign up with the Dark? The only scansion that makes sense is that she did it to protect someone she cares about. Then again, maybe Bo isn't the same succubus she used to be.

Dyson is right on the money here, there is definitely something different about Bo. She's more aggressive than before. More willing to casually use her powers to get what she wants. More like her mother was before she went completely coo coo for cocoa puffs. Even those she didn't touch seemed to be under her spell. That is worrying. She's already got people dancing to the Spice Girls, if she's willing to do that there's no telling what she might do next.

Meanwhile, somewhere unsanitary, Lauren and Crystal are chained up by person or persons unknown. Lauren thought it was Hale – guess she doesn’t know he’s no longer the Ash. I initially thought it was Trick. That voice did sound strangely like him. Whoever they are, we owe them a world of thanks for getting rid of that wig. It’s gone! It’s finally gone! Lauren’s natural hair is finally allowed to flow free. Sure, it’s currently in desperate need of a decent conditioner, but I’d take dirty Lauren hair over that hairpiece every time.

Fae of the Week

One of the Una Mens’ servants is a stone Gargoyle. Gargoyles are really just a stylish drainage system for old buildings, mostly churches. They also give deformed bell ringers bad dating advice.

Notes and Quotes

--If Bo and Dyson are going to start having sex again can they at least do it without the appalling innuendos

--Who is Massimo's “mommy”? She must be someone pretty terrifying if he was willing to jump into lava to get back that lock of Tamsin’s hair. Was he just a really obedient son or was he being controlled?

--This episode revealed quite a lot about the doctor formally known as Karen Beattie. Turns out she has a brother (ten bucks says he shows up before the end of the season) and they used to be eco-terrorist, blowing up pipelines with pipe-bombs (how poetic).

--Bo and Kenzi aren't proving to be the most responsible parents. They left a two week old home alone, in a building without solid walls let alone decent security, while they went out and partied. DVD box sets are not babysitters, ladies.

--So is that what that strange plant thing is in Lauren's apartment? A herb factory?

--Massimo used the evil power of a selfie to get Tamsin to come with him. I always knew they was something sinister about them.

--Is this the first time we've seen Kenzi's inner sanctum?

--Mini Tam seems to be a massive X-Files fan.

Bo: "People were in our home. Strangers, strangers with great taste in thrift shop furniture."

Lauren: "This isn't about eco-terrorism, this is Light Fae bullshit."

Kenzi: "I've been stealing to pay him."
Bo: "Kenz."
Kenzi: "From Trick.
Bo: "Kenzi!"
Kenzi: "And from Hale. I gave him the Twig of Zamora."
Bo: "Are you crazy? Wait, I don't know what that is."

Kenzi: "She's just a baby. She doesn't even know how to twerk yet."

Bo: "I don't live by your rules. I will never live by your rules."

Three out of four locks of golden Valkyrie hair.
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1 comment:

  1. Ksenia Solo really is great, and she is always at her very best playing off Anna Silk. Kenzi and Bo's friendship is the beating heart of this show, and I was so glad to have them back together this week.

    I think Bo being aligned with the Dark would be a great development for the show --- we've now got several examples of Dark Fae that aren't out-and-out evil, so I think it could be an interesting direction for Bo --- but I'm not convinced it is legit. Massimo was messing around with their stuff too much before the gargoyle bit her, and after last week's business with the Morrigan, I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow put the whammy on Bo because the Morrigan wants to be her overlord or somesuch.

    Yay for almost adult Tamsin! And woot! So delighted to have Rachel back, and very concerned about the "final life" reveal. Her wings are pretty cool though. As is her love of The X-Files.

    And a double woot for the red wig departure! Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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