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Lost Girl: Destiny's Child

"She's brilliant, he's strong. Her life is short, his life is long. Both loves are pure, both loves are true. If you were I, who would you choose?"

Bo finally decides that enough is enough. She is as sick of how slowly this story arc is progressing as we are and sets out to find out who the hell the Wanderer is once and for all. And she does. I think. To be perfectly honest, this arc has just got too confusing for my puny human brain to take.

The Wanderer is Rainer, some Fae from way back who rebelled against Trick and was written out of history as punishment and exiled to that train (they had trains back then?). Rainer is the Wanderer, but he is not Bo’s father, which just about contradicts pretty much everything we’ve been lead to believe so far. If he’s not Bo’s daddy then who was the guy who hired Tamsin? The guy she tried to run over with her truck. She was pretty certain that he was Bo’s father and the Wanderer. Should we really take what Bo said at face value? She did sound very brainwashy at the end, blabbering about destiny and shit.

Before she got back to the train and found out who the Wanderer (possibly) is, Bo spent a good chunk of this episode playing riddles in the dark with a Leviathan. Not the most thrilling sequence, but it did end with underworld Ausiello dropping a pretty big spoiler on Bo’s head. Someone -- someone Bo loves -- is going to die. But who? Bo is the hero, the star of the show, Kenzi is her indispensable partner in mischief, Dyson and Lauren are the primary love interests and Trick is Mr Exposition. None of them are likely to die and if they did it would probably not be a permanent death. Which leaves Tamsin and Hale as the most likely candidates. Both are well loved so their deaths would have a clear emotional impact. And they’re both expendable enough that the show could still function without them.

Nice to see the Lauren/Dyson bromance is continuing to blossom. It has quickly become one of my favourites parts of this season. They’re become comfortable enough with each other to joke and tease each other about their mutual feelings for Bo. Dyson even admits that he now sees what Bo’s loves about Lauren and that, if he were in her shoes, he wouldn’t know how to choose either (Lauren has no such problems). It will be interesting to see how they react to this new man in Bo’s life. I expect jealous glares followed by murderous plots. Think about it, who better to pull off the perfect murder than a doctor and a cop? Better watch your back, Rainer.

Another pairing I am happy to see more of is the irresponsibly entertaining duo of Kenzi and Tamsin. In order to help Bo, they thought it would be a good idea to mess around with Trick’s magic book. You know, the one he uses to re-write reality. Yeah, that book. Something as powerful as that needs to be handled with the maximum amount of care and delicacy. Not, as Kenzi does, smeared with Trick's blood like a child playing with finger paints. She's lucky she didn't end up erasing Australia.

Fae of the Week

Leviathans are the principle reason why season 7 of Supernatural was less than good. They are also mythological sea monsters from the Old Testament, otherwise known as that part of the Bible where weird shit happened and God was a right vicious git.

The crow brothers (a pair of campy goths with annoying accents) were called Hugin and Munin. Those were also the names of the ravens that served as the eyes and ears of Odin. This lends more credence to my 'Odin is Bo's father' theory, assuming Rainer turns out to not be the actual Wanderer.But why were they crows instead of ravens? Did someone not do their research properly?

Notes and Quotes

-- Irkalla is the underworld in Babylonian mythology. Everyone went there after they died, regardless of social status or behaviour during life. There was no punishment or reward, and no return.

--On a scale of one to Voldermort, just now OTT evil was Trick back in the day?

--Trick and Tamsin were both in this episode so that meant no Hale.

Kenzi: "Okay, just wait a minute Batty Hurst!"

Kenzi: "You're freakin' Yoda! Force must use problems to answer find, yes?"

Tamsin: "More irresponsible than the time we snuck into the Veterans' hospital and switched a chart because you were having bad period cramps?"

Dyson: "Shut it or I'll tear your throat out!"
Lauren: "And I'll pump you so full of Fae STDs that your little egg fertilizers will just drop right off."

Two out of four campy goths with annoying accents.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. I'll admit that the Rainer reveal as Bo's amour ticked me off -- mostly because I've also been loving the growing relationship between Tyson and Lauren. Damn!

    Mark, I loved that On a scale of one to Voldermort, just now OTT evil was Trick back in the day? Really.

    Loved your review, Mark.

  2. Tyson? Did Lauren start dating Mike while I wasn't looking? ;)

  3. Yeah, I think this has all gotten too confusing for my puny human brain, too. I feel like I spend large chunks of episodes squinting at the screen and concentrating real hard to make sense of it all, but in the end things feel like they've only vaguely come together. I hope you are right that this brainwashy Rainer dude isn't actually the Wanderer. And I hope we kick him to the curb soon, too, because I want to get back to the functional threesome. No need to choose, Bo! No need to choose.

    My money is on Tamsin or Trick as the one who dies, but most likely Tamsin. :(

  4. Dyson. Dddddyson. Best I could do in a motel room after driving all day. :)

    Yeah, I'm also betting on Tamsin. I don't want to lose Tamsin, but I'd rather... you know, I'd actually rather lose Hale, now that I come to think of it. Even though I like him quite a bit.


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