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The Americans: The Walk-In

"We don't have any real friends."

'The Walk-In' was a good continuation of the first two episodes of the season. Not too much developed with the spy family. Just more of the same.

Presumably, Emmett and Leanne are the closest friends/confidants that Philip and Elizabeth had. They probably even knew each others Russian names, but they can't even go to their funeral. They can offer almost no help to the son their friends left behind and unless the center figures out who actually killed them they will be able to get no justice for poor Emmett and Leanne. The only thing Leanne asked of Elizabeth was to deliver a letter to her son should she and her husband meet an early end, and Elizabeth couldn't do it. Delivering that letter would've certainly meant even more pain and confusion for Jared, but I can't help but feel badly that their last request for their son won't be carried out.

The scene where Elizabeth decided she was ready to have kids really served to show just how far she and Philip have come as a couple. What was once cold and awkward has blossomed into a real partnership. I guess it's just one more thing they had to get used to. Also interesting is the fact that Elizabeth decided it was time to have kids was because she thought Philip would be a good father. If something happened to the Jennings would it be the Beemans that take their children in? Aunt Helen?

It's strange to me that now that Elizabeth and Philip are more committed to their partnership as spouses and parents, their daughter is starting to ask questions. Paige is getting more and more suspicious, and tonight I was seriously worried for her safety. I've been worried that she would find out the truth and what the ramifications of that would be, but tonight's episode brought me an aha moment. The KGB isn't going to be bested by a teenage girl. If she gets too close to the truth, they could just take her out. She could be brutally murdered at any time and it would make complete sense and serve the story as an engaging plot twist. Oddly enough, if Paige gets what she wants and finds out the truth, she will be in for exactly what Elizabeth just saved Jared from. Is it a given that the love they have for their daughter is greater than the love of their country?

Bruce Dameran, the walk-in, is dead.
Stan shot him.
Do we know who Bruce was aiming to snipe?
I guess whatever information he had to share wasn't worth it to Nina's boss. They had her sell him out pretty quickly.

The threat Elizabeth delivered to the factory worker was SCARY and effective!

The Tab soda machine gave me a chuckle.

Seeing Philip play bad cop was different. Up until now, he's been the fun parent compared to colder Elizabeth. He pulled out all the stops, didn't he? Shaming her for wanting more family and I'm pretty sure there was at least one "young lady" tossed around.

Is Paige's new curly haired friend a KGB tail??

Philip: "The center is gonna put someone on them. Just while we are gone. They won't see them... We won't see them."
Elizabeth: "Is that supposed to make us feel better?"
Philip: "I think so. Yea."

Fairly good filler episode.
Two out of four completely non-disguising wigs.


  1. Another tense episode. Phillip scolding Paige was absolutely terrifying. Perhaps moreso to us because we know the stakes and the kinds of things he's done. Paige certainly didn't seem phased by it, but I was shaking in my boots.

    I think Elizabeth made the right call in burning that letter. I was appalled when it looked like she was initially going to deliver it. All that would do is put the kid in terrible danger, and completely destroy his memories of his family. She decided to protect her friend's son instead of keeping her promise, and I know she feels badly about it now, but she did the right thing.

    I'm with you on the "new friend" for Paige, Lauremack. I was immediately suspicious of her thanks to the "they won't see them ... we won't see them" comments.

    I'm still having a tough time getting a read on Nina. That smile on her face while she was typing the report ... Was she pleased that Stan loves her because she has feelings for him, because it just feels nice to have someone love you, or because she achieved this goal finally? Truth be told, I like having this bit of mystery to ponder.

    The tech Phillip and Elizabeth are getting the info on may have something to do with submarines. The first guy at the plant said something about a cavitation tunnel and the military (I think), and the propeller looked like it could be for a sub. Plus, Newport News and Annapolis both have naval and shipbuilding connections. I'm guessing the Americans are developing a new kind of propeller that will make subs harder to detect with radar, and the Soviets really want to get their hands on it. But I may just be letting my love of The Hunt for Red October influence my judgment. :)

  2. Great review, LaureMack! I love these round robins--it's the best of both the reviewing world and the reading world.

    Jess, I had a totally different read on the scene between Paige and Philip; I was impressed with how unscary and relatively nice he was. He didn't even ground her or pull the "wait 'til your mother gets home" card. I expected a lot more anger (she did leave her little brother alone) and maybe some shaking.

  3. Interesting, Josie. I felt like he got scarier as he went along. His face got progressively darker and more frightening to me. His eyes got so hard! But given that Paige pretty much took it in stride, I'm fairly certain that was just me projecting what I know he's capable of, and finding the "quiet rage" scarier than I would have found yelling.

    "Wait until your mother gets home," ha! That would have been so awesome.

  4. Part of my unwillingness to worry too much about Paige might be due to my belief that all she's looking for is info about her family.

    What sort of spy stuff could she uncover that couldn't be explained away? It's all numbers and codes and pictures of random things. It's a far jump from that to "Oh, my parents must be Russian spies."

  5. This episode was tough to watch. The scene with Elizabeth and Jared brought tears to my eyes. That poor boy. I'm so glad Elizabeth didn't give him the letter; it was the more compassionate thing to do. The way Elizabeth burned the letter reminded me of a funeral pyre -- her way of honoring her friend.

    The other great scene was the one between Philip and Paige. I loved the fact that he allowed her to dig herself a hole before calling her out, but I wish what he had said had made more of a difference. Is it simple teenage rebellion or is Paige onto something of which we are not yet aware? Either way, I am afraid for her.


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