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Our Summer To-Doux List

May is our busiest month what with the finales and all, and then it usually gets a little quiet here at Doux. Not this summer, though. We have a lot of reviews planned for the upcoming summer months and hope that you'll stick around and keep us company.

Let's start with first run summer shows.

24: Live Another Day

ChrisB, Samantha M. Quinn and I will be taking turns covering the much anticipated 12-episode return of Jack Bauer starting (omg) tomorrow. Maybe I'd better get that 24 page up, huh? (Premieres May 5)

Orange is the New Black

I'm currently working on reviews of the first season of Netflix's original series; they'll be posted soon. And I'll be covering season two as soon as it's available. (Premieres June 6)

True Blood

Despite my lack of enchantment with the show recently, I'll be hanging in and completing the final season of True Blood, hoping for a huge blow-out of a series finale that will include a whole lot of the delectible Eric Northman. My reviews will be cross-posted on the fan site True-Blood.net, as they have been in previous seasons. (Premieres June 22)

Teen Wolf 

Panda will continue his coverage of the surprisingly good MTV werewolf drama, and I for one will definitely be watching. There's just something about this show. (Premieres June 23)

Masters of Sex

Heather will be covering the second season of the Showtime drama. I still haven't seen this one, but it's gotten such interesting press -- it's definitely on my to-do list. (Premieres July 13)


We're very excited to announce that the Agents of D.O.U.X. will be attending Comic-Con in San Diego this summer! So stay tuned for Comic-Con coverage. (This won't include me, since I just moved to the east coast in March. Twelve years in L.A., and I never got to Comic-Con. Oh, well.) (July 24-27)

Movies, movies, movies. Disney. And Shakespeare

We'll be covering quite a few of this summer's new movies, as usual. We'll also be adding retro movie reviews to our collection.

Mark Greig will be tackling the renaissance of Disney movies, from The Little Mermaid to Tarzan. The Agents of D.O.U.X. are also planning to review Shakespeare and Shakespeare-related films. How did that happen? We just got talking about the wonderful Much Ado About Nothing, and voila -- suddenly we had a whole summer schedule ranging from Hamlet and Julius Caesar to She's the Man and West Side Story.

And of course, many, many retro reviews

As we usually do during the summer, we'll be posting retro reviews of currently running shows and classic faves. In particular:

  • Chris B, who is posting reviews of Castle's sixth season right now, plans to continue posting retro reviews during the summer. She'll also be reviewing the three new Richard Castle books that will be published this summer.
  • I recently fell in love big time with the time-travel series Continuum and am currently reviewing the third season. Sometime this summer, I plan to post catch-up reviews of the first two seasons.
  • Team X-Files (Jess Lynde, ChrisB, Dr. Nana Mom, Juliette and Heather) will continue plugging away at the nine-season monster. New X-Files reviews are currently being posted every Tuesday, and will continue during the summer. We're making progress. We're actually in season three now.
  • Heather, who is currently covering the second season of Hannibal, will complete retro reviews of season one.
  • Samantha M. Quinn will return to her reviews of the classic science fiction series Farscape, a big favorite here at Doux.
  • Juliette will continue her reviews of classic faves The West Wing and Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Mark Greig will continue posting reviews of the classic Doctor Who. He's currently in the middle of the Tom Baker years.
  • And last but most certainly not least, Sunbunny will return to The Tudors; she had just begun the second season.
  • All this, and we'll also be posting our weekly Doux News column, and ChrisB's regular New Shows column.

So tell us -- what are you watching this summer? Are we covering it? If not, do you wish we would?


  1. P.S. I can't believe I forgot to wish everyone a happy Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you!

  2. I'm watching Mad Men! And I sure do wish you guys were covering it :)

  3. Happy Star Wars day, all! I'm hoping to convince the kids to watch another episode or two of The Clone Wars today. We're currently about halfway through Season 1, and having fun with it so far. Except for the episodes that feature Jar Jar. Ugh.

    Masters of Sex actually returns Sunday, July 13, not June. So you'll have a little extra time to catch up!

  4. I could swear IMdb had Masters of Sex listed for June 13. Thanks -- I'll fix it.

  5. Warehouse 13 is on its final season now..not terribly impressed sadly. Ah well, three episodes to go.

  6. No worries. I was surprised to see it was coming back in summer, because I was pretty sure it was a fall show last year, so I checked the Showtime website and it said July 13. I they are bringing it back early so they can use the Homeland lead in the fall to launch something new.

    I'm slowly watching the final episodes for Warehouse 13. We're about a week behind because it is usually one of the last shows we want to catch up on. It's like a chore we resign ourselves to. "Okay. Guess we better watch one before we get too far behind. Sigh." To the bitter end, indeed.

  7. Jess, I'm not entirely sure if you should bother at this point. But there is a chronological list of episodes that clears up much of the confusion for the run of the Clone Wars. If you're curious check it out online. It really does make things flow quite a bit better.

    May the 4th be with you all! Happy SW day!

  8. Cool! I had no idea that there was any timeline confusion. We hadn't gotten to anything confusing yet. It looks like we were just about to, though, since the episode we are about to watch appears to take place before everything we've watched thus far. So this is the perfect spot to jump back in time a little bit. Thanks, J.D.!

  9. Are we going back to the Buffy Rewatch? I miss it. :(

  10. Ah, Lamounier... the response to the Buffy Rewatch was initially so strong! But by the time we got to the end of season four, it was sooo quiet. I was planning to drop it. Anyone else want to talk me into continuing?

  11. Yay on the Shakespeare and Shakespeare-inspired movies!

    Also, please pick up the Buffy Rewatch again. I finished my first watch through of Buffy and Angel this winter while recouping from surgery. I didn't post any of my thoughts because I was waiting for the rewatch to pick up again. It's so much more fun not to comment into a vacuum. I'm hoping the timing was just tough for people this winter. We've really been spoiled for choice with new shows.

  12. Please, do continue, because this:

    "It's so much more fun not to comment into a vacuum."

  13. Even though I started well after you guys, and I'm now almost finished, I loved reading all those new comments when I was rewatching Buffy and Angel this year. I probably won't join in the discussion much, but I'm already looking forward to my next rewatch. ;)

    On another note, I've just come to the sad realization that I won't be ever be able to catch up with all the shows that are reviewed on this site. You're too successful! :P

  14. Thank you for keeping us updated, Billie!

    I'm going to do a lot of catching up once all my regular shows go on hiatus. Some of the shows I'm watching this summer are Orphan Black (both seasons), Orange is the New Black (both seasons), House of Cards (ditto) as well as the current seasons of Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, and S1 of the Originals.

    In other words, I'll be squeeing about the shows everyone and their dogs and/or cats have already watched. LOL.

    BTW, I'm going to watch True Blood. Though only because it's the final season. At this point, I'm invested in seeing a few of the characters make it to the end. Not included in that list are Sookie and Bill. #cantstandthem #gofigure

  15. Really excited about this! Sadly, I´m now in a place with no access to TV and a crappy internet connection that doesn´t allow me to watch anything online… but as an TV addict without TV, this site is my best fix. So, believe it or not, I just read through all post and imagine the series. I hope that when I retiree to live in a city again and watch all these shows, they have the same appeal to me that they have now as I read all reviews.

  16. I'm going to be watching Defiance. I'd of course love to see it covered here, although I know it wasn't much liked around here. I've enjoyed it well enough to be looking forward to a second season. I dare say I found it overall more interesting than Agents of SHIELD, even with the improvement of that show lately.

  17. Planning to see True Blood..want to know what will become of Eric, Pam, Tara and Lafayette. They'd better make it out alive.
    Also Defiance..yes. Pretty cool show. Enough to warrant a watch anyhow.
    Yay for Shakespeare-inspired movies. The Branagh Much ado? Which I feel disloyal to Joss for preferring over his Keanu or no Keanu. I just worship Emma Thompson I guess.

  18. I would also love to continue with the Buffy rewatch!

    I haven't commented since I'm doing by rewatch with my boyfriend and his watching rhythms are extremely slow..
    I have though enjoyed a lot reading all the comments and it's very likely that I'll catch up with you and manage to comment if you decide to continue!

  19. Yay for more Farscape reviews! I finally watched everything last year, enticed mostly by your reviews.

    This summer (or winter as we call it here) I'll also be watching Defiance and hopefully catching up on Revenge, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black.

  20. For those of you interested in 24, but haven't seen the whole series. Here's a fun video that details the major plot points (major spoilers of course).


  21. Great to hear you're adding 24, one of the few all- time favorites of mine that isn't covered on your site.

    Another that I would love to see reviewed though is the finest of the Trek shows, Deep Space Nine.

  22. Witches of East End season 2 premiere July 6th!



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