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True Blood: Almost Home

"What are we doing now? We're doing something stupid, aren't we?"

Again, I spent most of the episode waiting for a character I care about to die. But no, and hallelujah. Eric was cured and didn't even die ironically some other way at the end of the episode. Come on, True Blood. Just keep him alive for two more episodes and make me happy, won't you?

I'm even starting to wonder if the True Blood powers that be are going to kill Bill and give us a Sookie/Eric ending, after all. They've been building up to Bill's death all season, and I was certain he would perish in a puddle of goo before Sookie got the cure to him. (Why didn't she just take some of Sarah's blood back to Bill in a handy Tupperware container or something?) Bill's inner reflections and costume flashbacks have gotten him to the point where he has acknowledged that he's sick of his un-life and ready to die. Maybe not until the final episode, though.

Eric got better, and where did he go? To tell Sookie. How about that. And I really enjoyed Sookie going to Fangtasia to read minds and figure out how to cure Bill, because it felt a lot like what she did so often in the Charlaine Harris books. Eric played along beautifully, too, by telling (mostly) the truth that he and Sookie used to be a thing and that her brother was a deputy, etc., and skilfully getting her out of danger. And the battle of Fangtasia a few episodes back came into play because Sookie knew how to get into the basement. Even though it didn't save Bill, since he didn't want to be saved.

Gus's evil plan was revealed: he wants to create a permanent flow of profits by making Hep V vampires into Nu-Blood addicts. I'm pretty sure Eric and Pam won't let that happen. They never do exactly what they're told, twenty years in a video store notwithstanding.

Violet doesn't take rejection well, does she? That was Hoyt's best entrance ever, although I knew something would happen to stop it. If Violet had done even one of the horrible tortures that she described in excruciating detail, it would have been way too much. I bet Adilyn and Wade will never run away again. And how about the symmetry? Even though he wasn't aware of it, Hoyt got revenge on the vampire who killed his mother. Very nice.

Hoyt is still strongly attracted to Jessica, even though he doesn't remember her, and it's clear that Jessica is still nuts about Hoyt. How kind and thoughtful he was, bringing Jessica some of his own blood for Bill, telling her truthfully about how Maxine's death had made him feel. There was even that romantic moment with them on either side of a closed door she couldn't open. Very Buffy and Spike. I wonder how he'll react when he finds out the truth? Will it stop their reconnection in its tracks? I hope not.

If it's a Hoyt/Jessica happy ending, where does that leave Jason? They gave Jason a couple of really nice moments in this episode. He's aware that his girlfriends don't see him as the adult he could be, and that his past choices have been poor ones. It feels like they introduced Brigette as a blonde consolation prize for Jason at the end of the series. I don't think it's enough, even though she seems pretty sweet.

I left the most moving plotline to discuss last. Tara, who was apparently just a ghost after all, made a beautiful peace with her mother. Tara revealed that she had buried the gun her father was searching for the last time he abused Lettie Mae. "No more blame, Mama. Forgive yourself, and let me go." I actually cried. How lovely that the Rev chose to experience it all with them, and that Lafayette got to say goodbye to Tara, too.

And James was right there, ready to help them all again. He is like the nicest, most uncomplicated vampire they've had on this show. What a sweetie.

Bits and pieces:

-- During the afterglow, Bill revealed to Sookie that Sophie-Anne's master plan was to capture Sookie and breed her. That sounds like Sophie-Anne.

-- There have been a lot of references to having babies this season. Bill dreamed that Sookie gave birth to his baby, and it was a black hole.

-- Sookie was driving Alcide's truck to Fangtasia.

-- Sarah Newlin wants to die as a martyr messiah. I'm okay with the martyr part.

-- Loved the set decoration in Violet's manse o' madness, as well as the choral music.


Lettie Mae: "Sometimes you gotta take a journey, even if it's a blind one."

Jason: "I gotta stop making bad decisions, Jess."

Pam: "I hate those bottles. Let's talk microwavable cans."

Hoyt: "There's just something about Jessica. I can't shake it."

Eric: "He's sick, Pam. He got it from Sookie, so he's progressing fast."
Pam: "Of course it's happening fast. It's Sookie. Everything she wants, she has to have now."

Eric: (to Sarah) "Quiet, antidote."

Another well-composed, well-written episode about our main characters, and a terrific farewell to Tara. I've been very happy with the final season so far, so let's hope the last two continue the trend.

Three out of four ruined birthday cakes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I actually hope Bill doesn't die - mainly because I think it would be hard to have a suitably touching death for a character we've spent 7 seasons with, as exploding might not have quite the right effect...

    I think it would almost be disrespectful to the character for it to happen that way but I guess we'll find out.

  2. I've really loved this season so far, I was soooo worried that Jess or Eric was going to die in this one. Maybe the producers do know who the favorite characters are and have decided not to be dicks.

    Tara's ending was well done, especially since her death was so abrupt. Maybe that's the rub, that because Vampires die so quickly and disturbingly on this show, the writers felt there wasn't a good opportunity to give Tara's death the weight it deserved. The whole v-trip/ghost thing was a bit of a stretch, but it was a nice emotional closure for the character. I don't think I've ever liked Lettie Mae more. I just wish Tara had been given a chance to say goodbye to Sookie as well.

    Violet's torture was about as bat-shit crazy evil as I thought she was capable. You were absolutely right, that if she had started any of that torture it would've been too much. Plus Hoyt got to save the day, just like he would've if his memories were intact.

    Great review, I can't wait to see what the end of this season has in store. I'm starting to think we might actually get something good.

  3. I was so hoping for Eric to die from hep-v infection but apparently there's no justice even in fiction...

  4. Perhaps Bill will dissolve gently into a tasteful puddle rather than exploding. It would be a small improvement, I guess.

    Or perhaps something extra wacky will happen if Bill dies from super half-fey hep-V - like him becoming human again.

  5. Now that Violet is a deserving pile of "goo", does this mean Jason inherits her "manse o' madness"? That would be sweet.

    Eric "Nordic Man", is back, healthy and bad ass as ever, and that makes me happy. I have to agree with Gus, "I ain't a homo, but he sure is a handsome fella". The thought of him, Pam and "the antidote", versus Gus and the Yakuza could make for a lot of fun.

    With all of Bill's recollections, he seems to be leaving Lorena out of it, I would like to see her appear once again before the series ends, she was one of my favorite characters, sexy as hell and batshit crazy at times.

    Billie's review of the Tara sequence, was spot on. I give the Reverend props for trusting Lettie Mae enough to take the journey with her and Lafayette, though I must admit, I was expecting to find some deceased sibling in the front yard and not a gun.

    Looking forward to how the rest of the season will play out, a lot of fun so far.

  6. The ShadowKnows has a point about Bill becoming human..then he and Sookie could have that baby they keep referring too right?
    Oh in the meantime at least Violet is gone. Yay!
    And Eric is cured.
    Nice end to the Tara business.

  7. Just seen the title of this week's episode via Twitter, which definitely fuels the speculation.

    I can also put a pretty firm bet on the closing credits track.

  8. Ellie,
    I love that song! (If they use the one by Warpaint)
    Oh my god, did they actually manage to secure Led Zeppelin for the finale? A girl can dream.

    Every week I'm reminded how great Nathan Barr is. People can say what they will about TB, the music has never not been on point.

    You guys what is going to happen in these last two eps?!

    Thank you, Billie, for another great review.

  9. Addendum: I forgot to add that Gary Calamar is TB's music sup and he's invaluable too!

  10. My Mum also theorised that Bill will become human and since there are no non-vampire prospects for Sookie, I think she's probably right. It did bug me that Sookie didn't just take some of Sarah's blood for Bill during the day though.


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