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True Blood: May Be the Last Time

"Death comes for all of us, and your number's up."

This episode felt like everything was coming to a middle. There was progress in nearly every story line, but no resolutions at all. That makes sense with only three more to go, but it was frustrating. Of course, it's probably because I'm still anxious about Eric. Is it wrong of me to want to see him as his old thousand-year-old badass self before the show ends?

The Bill/Sookie romance end-game may not happen, after all. I actually enjoyed the season one callback with Sookie in a white dress running through the cemetery to throw herself into Bill's arms so that they could do it one last time, but the flashbacks to Bill's romance with Caroline back in 1855 certainly suggest that Bill is going to join her in the true death – especially when Niall showed Sookie that flashback vision of Caroline giving birth, when we all know Bill and Sookie can never have babies. I really did think that Niall's powers might be the answer for Bill, but no. And Niall doesn't want Bill for Sookie. How about that.

The flashbacks have been somewhat tiresome, but this week's were a bit better because Bill looked so dashing with long hair, and the CGI they did to make Stephen Moyer look younger was sort of fascinating. And I so much enjoyed Jessica and Bill day-sleeping together (love their attachment) and Dr. Ludwig's return from season one. The True Blood Powers That Be have been doing a fine job bringing back characters for the final season. Maybe I'm getting nostalgic.

If we're not getting a happily-ever-after romantic ending for Sookie, and it would be hard to come up with one that will satisfy most of the fans, maybe they'll just give us happily-ever-afters for the supporting cast. They're broadcasting loud and clear that Arlene will get hers with vampire Keith; that dancing scene in Bellefleur's was so sweet, and I'm sure we'll get the Hep V cure before the series ends. The Holly/Andy relationship keeps getting stronger, too; he cried in her arms.

And of course, Adilyn and Wade will be fine. I hope. The sweetness of their connection won out over that over-the-top sex toy dungeon under the watchful creepy eyes of Violet's portrait over the mantle. As we expected, it was a trap for Jessica all along. (I loved the visual of Jessica leaping out of bed when Adilyn screamed.)

I still think they intend to give us a Jessica/Hoyt happily-ever-after, too, because Jessica is going to survive whatever happens with Violet, and Hoyt has finally arrived in Bon Temps – with his impressive, gorgeous microbiologist girlfriend, Brigette. Hoyt not remembering his best friend continues to be sad, and it was kind of Jason to lie to Hoyt about how his mother died. But what was going on with Jason and Brigette? Really? Come on, Jason. Haven't you stolen enough of Hoyt's girlfriends?

(Seriously. Best photo ever.)

I didn't quite get what they were doing with Sarah imagining all of her lovers telling her she was going to die tonight and deciding she herself was the Messiah. Does the antidote make you hallucinate, or did Sarah finally lose her mind? Whatever. I was so happy to see Steve Newlin again that I honestly don't care.

Eric, Pam and Gus had better arrive in time to save Eric's life. Even if he does have to do New Blood commercials in return.

Bits and pieces:

-- Niall told Sookie that they were royalty. That wasn't new information for the series, was it? I honestly can't remember because it's in the books.

-- Dr. Ludwig said it wasn't Sookie's fae blood that was accelerating Bill's Hep V. Maybe it has something to do with Lilith? I don't know. Any theories? Is it just plot-fu?

-- Eric killing Amber didn't make much sense. Nor did Amber's new devotion to her sister.

-- Very little with Sam again. I'm starting to think they gave Merlotte's to Arlene last season so that Sam could leave Bon Temps and live happily ever after somewhere else with Nicole.

-- Pool table dream sex. That didn't look comfortable.

-- I hadn't even thought of the fact that it doesn't get dark in Alaska during the summer. No Hep V vampire problem. Just wait for winter, though.

-- Jason cleaning up Violet's rose petals with a vacuum made me laugh. I'm not sure why.

-- Nothing with Tara, but we saw Lafayette and Lettie Mae digging up their old yard. Sadly, no James, too.


Holly: "What are you doing?"
Andy: "Calling her. Even if they don't want to answer, teenagers can have a Pavlovian response to a ringing cell phone."

Pam: "You want Eric to be your fucking spokesperson for your vampire Jenny Craig commercials?"
Gus: "Now I ain't a homo, but you have to admit he is a handsome devil."
Well, yeah.

Sookie: "There's a miracle out there just waiting for Bill. I just have to go out there and find it."
But Niall said the miracles were birth, love, death and forgiveness. I don't think Bill is going to get that miracle, after all.

Hoyt: "God, what I wouldn't give for one more guilt trip."

Niall: "There's magic in the ordinary, Sook."

Holly: "You listen to me, Sheriff. This story's gonna have a happy ending for us, okay?"
Yes, I'm pretty sure it will.

I was hoping for more resolution, but I'm sure we'll get plenty of that in the final three episodes. Two out of four Pavlovian cell phones,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I sincerely hope we're not getting a "rocks fall, everyone dies"-type ending. Bill and Eric will be fine. They have to be.
    Still don't know what the deal is with Tara. Is she going to pass on from limbo or live? I have no idea.
    Was nice seeing Steve Newlin again.
    Violet can die, I really don't care about her and she's evil.
    Go, Jessica!

  2. It's weird to care a lot about 50% of the current plotlines but not at all about the others! (Oh, show.)
    Loved the Arlene storyline! And seeing Hoyt!

    Awesome review, Billie.
    I don't think I've expressed this yet but forgive me if I have... We are on the same page re: Eric Northman!

  3. Thanks, Heather. I think everyone loves Eric Northman. :)

  4. I suspect that Jessica will sacrifice herself to save Adilyn but I certainly hope that's not how it will play out. But with only three episodes left...

    Sad that we don't get 12 episodes like seasons 1-5.


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