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Continuum: End Times

Kagame/Future Alec: “A pebble tossed from a beach can become a Tsunami on the other side of the world.”

This was a particularly exciting and informative season ender. I much prefer these to cliffhangers. Cliffhangers don't work on me. If I like the show I'll come back. If I don't, no cliffhanger will convince me to do so.

We got some wrap up and some questions answered. We found out that the future is so terrifyingly horrible that the most important and influential man in that future wants to change it. Although lots of things pointed to this, having it verified and watching Alec's reaction was effective, particularly the encounter between Alec and Kagame, which was wonderful. Alec sure has spunk but Kagame deflated him with the knowledge that Alec was much more involved in this whole game than he realized. It will be interesting to see how that affects him.

I really like present day Alec. He went to try and save his stepbrother even though Julian had been acting like a jerk. He stood up to Kagame even while he was tied up (although his spiel about progress was a bit much) and he came clean with Kiera, even though he knew she would be angry. I've been upset that he would become overlord future Alec, but now it looks like future Alec is much cooler than I thought.

I also like some twists and surprises in my season enders. I was convinced that Julian was Kagame, but instead Julian becomes Kagame's mentor. The other twist was the death of Kagame on his 'birth' day. I'm not sure why it had to be him that blew up the building but it was a poetic juxtaposition. His death has created a leadership vacancy which Sonya has claimed Kagame wants her to fill. Sonya pulling a gun on Travis leads me to think that he won't be too keen on that arrangement. And now the Liber8 is down to Liber4. It doesn't have the same ring and I'm not sure where they go from here.

This episode did leave some new questions open. Why did future Alec send Kiera back? Who are the freelancers and why are they in the past. At least one of them, Mr. Escher (interesting name), has vouched for Kiera and had the power to convince CSIS (the Canadian version of the CIA/FBI) that Section Six existed. How did they know she needed a cover story, and why were they willing to provide it? I don't mind interesting new questions at the end of a season.

My heart went out to Kiera in this episode. Her hopes are raised by Jason's 'time machine' only to be dashed. Not only that, she goes through several soul searching moments choosing between her future and the people of the present. She sacrifices a possible return only to realize that the return was never real and her sacrifice did nothing to prevent tragedy. I think I'd also be on a luxury yacht getting drunk with a cute guy after a day like that, even if he is supposed to be the enemy. Not to mention that one of the only friends I have in the present day has just told me that he is probably responsible for the mess. I hope what Alec has to tell her will give her back some hope. Otherwise maybe it would be better for her and Kellog to just sail around the world having a non-stop party.

Generally, this episode did what the whole show has done, made us question who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, and left us not knowing which side we should land on. Is Kagame a hero or a murderer? Is Alec a Machiavellian corporate ruler or a freedom fighter? I guess we will have to wait for next season to find out.

Bits and Pieces

There are a wealth of wonderful Canadian actors in this show. Jason was played by Ian Tracey, whom some of you may know from Sanctuary.

Nicolas Lea, aka Krycek, also Canadian.

It was disconcerting for me to see Vancouver get blown up. I like the fact that they are actually referring to it as Vancouver. I would have hoped that Canada might resist the great corporate takeover, but it looks like we are the centre of it instead.

I found it particularly unfair that Julian continued to blame Alec for his father's death. He's the one who pretended to be his dad and implicated him as the leader and therefore a target. He could have exonerated his father at any time.


Jason: “Today is the day. Everything changes, everything! The day the movement is born to flood our minds with lies.”

Kagame: “Sometimes we must inspire others with a personal sacrifice.”

Kagame: "You spoke of this moment once, but that conversation won't take place for sixty years."
Alec: "Was I tied to a chair then?"
Kagame: "No, I was."

Alec: "And if I'm that pebble, then progress and innovation is the wave and it will make the world a better place and that you can't change."
Kagame: "But that's precisely my point, Alec. You're the one who convinced me I can."

Alec: “The truth is I’m the one who sent you back in time and you’re not going to believe why.”


  1. It's a totally random review to complain about this on, but I really, REALLY hate Kiera's hair. It's almost enough to ruin the show for me. It's way, way to dark for her skin tone and you can almost always seen her blonde roots. What is the purpose of dying it such an unflattering color??? Kiera Cameron couldn't be blonde? Does it really matter that much?

  2. It's funny, but I like Rachel's black hair. I think it makes her look a little strange and exotic, appropriate for a time traveler.

    This episode blew me away. It was so twisted.

    We have a couple of new players with unknown motivations. Mr. Escher, who is… Kiera's boss? And she doesn't know him? And privateers, or freelancers? And then there's Jason (Ian Tracey from Sanctuary in a fun performance) who came from the future but landed in 1992. Yes, let's set up the next season, shall we?

    The whole young Julian, old Julian, young Alec, old Alec, and Kagame and the bombing thing was confusing. Who originally did the bombing before Kagame took it over? It suggests that the bombing happened because it had to happen and always would happen. Because if Julian had done it, he'd be dead in 2077 and not talking to Kagame about Alec. I think.

    I should just remember one of my ten rules of television: never try to apply logic to time travel stories.


  3. The last few minutes of this episode set my head spinning. I was convinced that Julian was Kagame as well, so I am looking forward to what the former has to teach the latter.

    Touching scene of Sonya giving the books to the baby. I love the idea of giving the books one loves to oneself the day you are born.

    The scene with the building coming down was almost too much for me. 9/11 will haunt me forever.

    Wonderful year of reviews, Billie and Doc. Thank you both so much for taking on this wonderful show.

  4. sunbunny, it’s funny you mention her hair. I have that same hate-her-hair problem with Skye’s from Agents of Shield. It really distracts me. I like Rachel Nichols’ hair, though. It has a futuristic flavor, which is appropriate, like Billie said. Plus, I think Nichols looks even more beautiful with that color than blonde.

    This is a great episode. I love all the little seeds planted for next season. You get several questions, but to my everlasting relief this show does provide answers.

    Jason is a hoot, of course. The first time I watched this episode it took me a while to realize his machine was not a machine at all (sometimes I’m slow). Poor Kiera. I liked that she went to Kellog, their interaction gives both of them more depth as characters.

    My favorite bit of the episode was Kagame’s death taking place at his birth day. It was poetic, indeed, and I’m such a sucker for that kind of stuff. It’s a good thing this series likes being all poetic and philosophical from time to time.

  5. While you're right that Alec's speech about progress was laying it on a little thick, his enthusiasm for technological progress without much reflection on how it would be used does fit with his future as the architect of a corporate surveillance state.

    Billie, I'm also curious who blew up the building in the original timeline. I don't think it's likely to have been Julian because it doesn't seem like it would give him enough time to have been this great inspiration. Could it have been time-traveling Kagame all along in Twelve Monkeys-ish fatalism? Or did he blow himself up because he knew it was his birthday and he feared the consequences of there being two of him in the timeline.

    Finally, are people sure Kiera Cameron is a natural blonde? Her coloring is pretty similar to my sister. It's not unusual for people from Celtic backgrounds have very fair skin, freckles and dark hair.


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