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Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead

“What the hell is so special about Scott McCall?”

This episode was jarring at first. We were thrown so far from the season’s initial narrative that it took a while for me to get used to where we were going to end up by season’s end. Meredith was nowhere to be found, the dead pool was done and things seemed eerily calm.

Of course, it wasn’t safe, and that sense of foreboding was all over ‘A Promise to the Dead,’ particularly with Lydia’s weirdly forgotten late night visit to Derek’s loft. I don’t think that puts him in a very good position this season and frankly I think his death would be appropriate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers threw us a curveball next week.

I think there’s a good chance anything could happen with Kate and Peter putting their plan into action. I’m not sure that they’re both totally loyal to each other, and what does sending Malia off to kill Kate get for Peter? Obviously Malia will be no match for her; Kate has been pretty unbeatable so far, though that might be her Berserker body guards.

Those big guys played a big part in poor little Liam’s nightmares. As much as I’m struggling with his addition to the show I like that there’s someone on the series who’s actually scared of what’s going on. With monsters running ragged around town it’s odd that nobody is struggling to get to sleep in the dark.

This episode wasn’t too big on development, and was a typical penultimate episode, but it was a good one that set the stage for next week’s finale quite nicely.



Will Kira ever do something that goes beyond her looking cool for ten seconds before being beaten to the ground?

Jordan’s eyes glowed when he was prying Chris from Peter’s trap.

He Said, She Said

Kate: “In less than a year, this great family is decimated by a teenage boy.”

Sheriff Stilinski: “Malia, what’s your favorite food?”
Malia: “Deer.”
Stiles: “Pizza. She likes pizza.”

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